My Vegas Birthday Weekend

For my 24th Birthday, I went to LAS VEGAS to celebrate with a group of friends. I had an amazing time. Let me share a bit of the craziness for those of you who didn’t get to attend.


We checked into our hotel room at the Bellagio. I tried the $20 sandwich tip trick and failed… lol, I guess I could have tried asking a second time, but I’m super super shy and it was difficult enough for me to even try at all. At least I got my money back, so it was worth the effort and not having to wonder “what if.”

The room was very nice regardless since it’s in the Bellagio. The bathroom was pretty large. I still think my favorite hotel is Wynn/Encore (but then again I haven’t stayed at THAT many hotels).

This is what girls do in the bathroom when in Vegas. Get ready for a long long time! It’s even harder to get ready too when your not entirely sober 

On Friday night we went to our hotel’s club, The Bank. Our friends got a table there and thats about all I remember from the entire night. Apparently I was swigging Cîroc and Hennessy. I also heard that I threw up four times, twice on the way out of the club and twice in the hotel room. Someone also said that I was kicked out of the club and someone else said no I wasn’t? Who knows, it was all a fun blur. Well, actually I don’t even remember if it was fun. Here are some photos that I don’t remember taking too!

Somewhere after this.. I must have knocked out somewhere.. Nobody will ever know.. unless you were there of course!


Woke up wondering how I got in bed. Oh no duh, I still have my clubbing clothes on.. must have been a good night! My first thoughts, “Wtf happened last night?! Why is there yack in the sink!? siiiiickkk!!” *Epic fail noted

So I don’t know why we woke up so early, but we did. And we went to Encore Beach Club! Thank God I have a vagina. Vegas would be a lot harder on me if I had a dick. One thing I love about Vegas is how everything comes so easy if you are a girl. Everything is F-R-E-E, almost.

Me and my boyfriend take a photo infront of this waterfall at Encore almost every time we go to Vegas.

After the day club, we went out for our late lunch/dinner. Then we all KTFO from 4-7:30pm! Haha~ It was the best nap ever, ever, EVER! Totally woke up refreshed and ready to party! Well also woke up a bit hungry, so I got some room service, yum~!

So here goes Saturday night clubbing at XS. Here we are just about done getting ready and about to head over to Encore to preparty.

Now we are at Encore prepartying and of course, I’m busy taking photos. Heres my affiliated family from college. Twins forever! Lol, that sounds so retarded.

My favorite homegirls. You know, like the 818 valley girls, duh~

I covered my boyfriends eyes because I accidentally uploaded the wrong image where his eyes are not opened or closed.. haha, its the awkward in-between.

These four girls right here besides me are the best ever. Thanks for helping make my birthday special 

All of the girls minus Jiawen~

In the bathroom at the club.. haha! These mirrors are so recognizable!

Twin!! and Delo!! awww you guys are awesome 🙂

The club was packed and it was hot as heck. At least thats what the guys all said, I was perfectly fine in my tiny outfit.

We got to see Porter Robinson perform. Me and Tami tried our hardest to get to the front of the stage, but it was impossible to push through!

After the club, we stayed up talking unti we saw the sun rise. Tami and I soaked our feet in the hot tub at our hotel and talked until friggin’ 9:30 am! Haha, AND I didn’t sleep all day on sunday until about 11pm at night. Haven’t done that in a long while.



Need I say much? Today was recovery day. We packed our bags, cleaned our rooms, checked out, went out for lunch, chilled in another hotel room that a friend got, and then headed back home. The end.


 Anyways, I’d just like to thank everyone for coming out and for making this trip awesome! I really had fun and I will always remember it. I think was most valuable about this trip is that I got to build stronger bonds with the people that I care about.

  Thanks for looking at my post as always!


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  1. Omg twin this was soo cute! 🙂 <3

    1. aww yay i’m glad you liked it 😀
      i had soo much fun with you!

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