Anime Expo – Maid Cafe (Part 3 of 3)

Special Edition: AX Maid Cafe
~*Blog Entry*~

So some of you might be wondering, how do you become a maid, host or photographer at the Anime Expo Maid Cafe? It’s really not too complicated, you just have to answer some questions, send in one video and a photo of yourself.


This year, the application was as follows…

1. Your name and age
2. Email and phone number – When is the best time to call?
3. What position are you applying for? (Maid, Host, Photographer/Videographer)
4. Your location – Do you have transportation to come to the meetings near LA?
5. What are your hobbies? What are some of your talents and attributes? ie. singing, dancing, drawing, cosplaying, leadership, sewing
6. What is your schedule like at AX?
7. Do you have a maid/host cosplay? If not, are you willing to purchase or make one?
8. Are you willing to dance to choreographed j-pop songs and/or play interactive games ie. Janken-pon! (rock-paper-scissors), jenga, etc with members?
9. What is special about you that makes us want to choose you to be a maid/host/photographer? We want to know a little about yourself.
10. Attach at least two clear pictures of yourself – preferably one headshot and one full body picture
11. Attach a video or provide a link to a video of yourself. Please choose one of the following to submit. (#11 is optional for all applicants)
A. Record a video introducing yourself and telling us about yourself. (at least 30sec in length)
B. Perform a part of the Hare Hare Yukai dance, section 0:35-1:03 in this video
helpful link: slowed & mirrored (We do not expect the dance to be perfect, but please give it your best effort.)
C. If you already have a video of yourself dancing, you may provide that video instead.
D. Record a video of yourself singing or showcasing another talent that you have.
E. If you wish, you may send us multiple videos.
12. Attach or provide a link to samples of your work. (#12 is only required for those applying for photographer/videographer positions)

** For my application, I answered all of the questions and submitted video of me doing the Hare Hare Yukai dance, along with 2 or 3 photos of me. The application is completed through email.

Now, for my blog readers only… I have uploaded an unlisted video of my dance for you to watch! So I literally learned this dance in under 30 minutes because I didn’t want to spend too much time on something that I might not get chosen for…


We got the following things that made it all worth it:

  • Shared hotel room with other staffers (4 to a room)
  • Two meals/day
  • Parking pass
  • Free staff badge for all 4-days
  • Free additional 4-day badge for a friend
  • 1 ticket to any main event
  • lots of memories, souvenirs, and new friends



So I’m not really gonna tell you much about the details of our shows, what we do, and what not.. Instead I will just let you look at a bunch of photos that are not explained. Enjoy trying to figure it all out! If you really want to know though, why don’t you try applying to be a staff member for next year? 

Thanks for viewing!
xoxo Sarah

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