Corgi Corner: My Halloween Costume

Yay, today is Halloween. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I was planning on posting some pictures from my own Halloween weekend (I’ll do this next post), but I decided to do something a little more fun and cute. What’s cuter than our fury little friend, Dumpling the Corgi!!

We weren’t planning on doing anything this year for Halloween (even though we ended up partying all weekend long, lol), so all of our costumes including Dumpling’s is very improvised and randomly put together. Dumplings costume is simple yet cute ~ an arrow shot through her neck!

The arrow is basically a headband that has both ends of the arrow on each side. I tried placing the headband costume on Dumpling’s head but she hated it and kept taking it off with her paws.

She didn’t however, take off the headband arrow when we put it around her neck! It’s so perfect!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Here’s a fun gif of Dumpling 

Happy Halloween everyone! Have a safe one tonight if you are going out to party!

 Do you have any pets? Did you dress them up for Halloween? If so, what?


4 Replies to “Corgi Corner: My Halloween Costume”

  1. We have pet, but it’s a bit odd to dress up a turtle.. 😛

    1. lolll… you should have dressed up your turtle!! that would have been super cute!
      look at this turtle!!

  2. hahaha she is soo cute! i love that arrow shot headband!

    1. loolll.. u know where i got that headband from? one of my co-workers bought it for me randomly cuz she wanted me to wear it at work -.-; hahaha i didn’t wanna wear it. but i’m glad it fits well on my dog!

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