My Life Up To Speed (well, most of it)

Life has been busy. What suuucccks is that it took me so long to get all of these photos together and to write about them… that now my life has moved on and you are all no longer “caught up.”  Gah~ it’s so hard! I need more time in my life to blog AND do all the things that I want to do in life, like finish playing FFXIII-2 and Borderlands 2, updating my portfolio or getting a real estate license or do something useful (lol).

Anyways~ heres goes my life in snippets.

I went to John Williams’ concert, “Maestro of the Movies” at the Hollywood Bowl. Honestly, I went there solely to hear some songs from Star Wars. I  Star Wars sooooo much that I don’t know what to do. lol. This was one of those concerts that I just had had HAD to go to. It was awesome, especially when John Williams played Star Wars music because everyone would start waving around their light sabers and it was beautiful. He also played the ending of E.T. Did you know that E.T. was filmed at a park right next to my home in the San Fernando Valley? Haha, I guess thats why that park is called E.T. park. 

There was also a three day weekend sometime in September.. one of the days I went to the beach with my family. It was a nice, but short trip. We basically went to the beach so that my little 5-year-old niece could have a good 3-day weekend since her parents are away in China and she’s alone. Good family time..

Seems like I’m around the age when people are starting to get married. My boyfriend and I didn’t get the chance to go to China for one of his friends weddings, but we had the chance to celebrate with them at a wedding dinner in the states. They gave out little house shaped wedding favors with M&M’s inside. What’s funny is that no one made the connection between the M&M’s and both the bride and the groom’s last names starting with an “M” ~ fail.

I’m not sure if you know this. But I am a super big fan of spicy food. My boyfriend once asked me what I would do if the doctor told me that I would die if I continued to eat spicy food. I think I would continue to eat spicy food and just die  Thats so sad to say.. but so true. So.. to the point of why I brought all of this up.. Since I like spicy food, you can only imagine how much I would love Taiwanese hot pot (the spicy side, duh)! I had the pleasure of eating this 3-days in one week. It was h-e-a-v-e-n.

I went clubbing at some newly remodeled club in Hollywood. I can’t remember the name because that’s now new it was and it was opening night. I had a lot of fun, although I can’t remember anything after I bought a round of shots for me and some friends. Hmm.. I really hate blacking out. I wish there was a way to record everything that happens. Let me tell you a funny story. So I heard that one of my guy friends was really drunk (he was one of the ppl I bought a shot for, lol) and he was peeing in the corner of the club. A big buff security guard came up to him and told him that he can’t do that. So my friend sat down and started banging his head on a table over and over again. The guard tried stopping my friend, but then my friend started throwing up on the floor. For some reason, the guard never kicked him out! Weird huh? Usually they would escort you out of the club and not baby sit you. What a nice security guard.

So some of you may have read in one of my posts a while back or have seen on twitter that I have started a salt water fish tank. It’s a really small nano reef tank, only 8 gallons. So far in my tank, I have 3 hermit crabs, 3 snails, 1 sea urchin, 1 cleaner shrimp, 1 yasha goby, and 1 pistole shrimp. I also apparently have an odd assortment of random other creatures that hitch hiked into my tank via the live rocks. I’m slowly getting more and more stuff.. As for corals I have a candy cane coral, sunburst coral, shelf coral, and a few other things.. Okay, I don’t want to bore you because you probably don’t know what I’m talking about. Maybe I’ll do a post in the future on the progress of my fish tank if you are interested. I went to the Corals Farmers Market in Ontario, CA. It was really small and some of the vendors were quite expensive, but I managed to snag a few deals.

I dyed my hair lighter recently. I couldn’t stand my roots, so I had it dyed slightly lighter and my highlights redone lighter than before. I think the next time I dye my hair, I am going to go medium blonde. We’ll see~ My excuse is, gotta do it while I’m in my 20’s. I’m not sure yet if I would want to be a blonde in my 30’s, lol.

At work one day, we got to enjoy an acoustic performance by Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown while enjoying breakfast burritos and orange juice. The food was great and the group was quite good and passionate with their music. It was a nice little surprise at work.

A seemingly popular happening on September 21st at work was the arrival of the Space Shuttle Endeavor. A whole lot of us from work climbed up a ladder to the top of our building to watch as the space shuttle passed by us. It flew quite low to the ground and we were all able to get an awesome view of it. Fun little moment in U.S. history.

About mid-September, it was my best friend Teewa’s birthday. I planned a surprise birthday party for her at a sushi restaurant. It was nice since she apparently really didn’t suspect anything. The turn out was great and it was a good night. Har har har, I bought her a gift from Anthropologie. I really suck at buying gifts, but I tried really hard this time! I think I may have failed… But I got this super cute apron, matching kitchen ware, and cook book. My gift had a theme! lol. I wonder if she ended up returning all of it in the end..

I got to see Aziz Ansari live at the Orpheum Theatre. He was hilarious, and so was the opening act before him… some girl that I don’t know the name of.. but she was goooood. Ahahaha, I can’t stop giggling when I think back to all the funny things that they said. I love comedy shows~

My first time successfully making Kimchi Jiggae. It was b-b-bomb! I think I’ve been eating so much kimchi everyday that my stomach is starting to turn from mexican to korean. That ain’t good~ well, maybe it is since it’s healthier.

Went to a lounge called Elevate to meet up with some friends. We were supposed to pay a $20 cover fee to get in, but some how managed to sneak past the guy and out of the line and into the club. Not sure how we managed to pull that one off, but we each saved ourselves $20! After we made our way over to Busby’s East. Lol my boyfriend tried to sneak in and failed. It was actually my fault though because he was waiting for me since I was outside still talking to a friend. We didn’t wanna go in so we just ditched the sports bar and headed home “early.”

Isn’t the sunset so pretty? This was a good day because my boyfriend surprised me with a cute date. We got sushi to go and headed over to a drive in theater. What a pleasant night.

The last time I went to my hair stylist, she gave me a curling iron as a birthday gift! How sweet of her. She knew that I didn’t own one so she got one for me! I can’t wait to try it out, hopefully sometime soon and I can write a review on it. Too bad I suck at anything to do with the words “hair” and “styling” together.

I’ve been using face masks again and it seems like my skin is once again healthy. Face masks are magical. No joke.

I went to the beach with a bunch of friends and we brought our dogs. I rarely ever go to the beach, especially in my bikini, but I did this time! It was actually quite pleasant and I am looking forward to doing it again. Too bad summer just ended.. At the beach we played with the sand, caught a bunch of little sand crabs (and one super HUGE one), hiked/climbed rocks and cliffs in search of caves, and of course.. splashed around in the waves. I felt like I was gonna die at one point when I was hugging the side of a cliff, but thank goodness I didn’t plunge to a sea sunken rocky death.

Another birthday.. Actually this one was a while back now that I think of it. It was a good friends birthday. We celebrated Jiawen’s birthday at Gaam, in Ktown. As expected, she got drunk. Made our job very easy.

Did I ever tell you… that I like white cats? This cate was so cute, but it was an outdoor cat. It came over and sat next time me as I ate a sandwich during my lunch break. My mini fish tank on my work desk needs a fish! My last beta fish died in this tank, I think because of the cold water. It gets quite cold in the office.

I went to a delicious Japanese restaurant with some friends and got chicken katsu and a bunch of other delicious stuff. Afterwards, we went to カラオケ(karaoke) and I sung like an idiot.

Another day I had the pleasure of eating at Simpang Asia. This place has quickly become one of my favorite little joints on the westside because of their price and taste. The food is also something different to me (Indonesian), but not too different. It also seems to be pretty healthy and they have a free drink offer on FourSquare for every other check in. I usually get a free young coconut every other time I go there!

My bff Teewa made me Tom Yum soup. Omg, I think I am going to troll around her kitchen more often so I can get more bomb thai food! There were so many different types of mushrooms in the soup, some chicken and shrimp too. Soo good.

As for my fish tank, I recently got a yasha goby. But guess what… it died  Apparently it jumped out of my fish tank one day and I didn’t notice.. So my boyfriend ended up finding it shriveled up on the floor. There goes another $40 down the drain, literally. At least reefapalooza is coming up in two weeks! Gotta be excited for that!

Last weekend I went to The Standard in downtown LA to see my old friend Takuma who was visiting from Japan for a few days. I’ve known him since high school and consider him a very good friend. It sucks because he moved to Japan, why? Anyways, this night was such a crazy night of fail. This might very well have been the ultimate fail in all history of partying nights. It was supposed to be a good night because I was going to get to see all my old friends.. but I guess we got to the place a little too late and they told us that we needed to wait about an hour to get in because they were at max capacity. Me and my friends decided to be useless and not wait in line. By the time we decided to go wait in line, the line had grown so long. We waited in line when the line was moving.. after waiting for so long already, another guy came by to tell us all that they had reached max capacity again and that the wait would be another hour! They even told us that there was a big chance that we wouldn’t get in for the rest of the night. I really wanted to just leave, but we couldn’t because the whole purpose of this event was to see our friend Takuma who was already inside the lounge. So we kept waiting in line and eventually when we got to the front they told us “that’s it.” They weren’t letting anymore people into the club. After waiting around longer for our friends inside to come out, we lingered in the parking lot for a long while. Everyone decided to go drinking at my friend Yuta’s apartment. I didn’t want to stay because they were starting to drink at 2pm (possibly later). I was sad because I didn’t get to drink the entire night  I wanted to get wasted! Lol especially because I don’t get to see my japanese friends very often anymore. Oh well.. next time. (Side note: what made this night even worse was that I had to see my exbf and also I felt super ugly  lol)

AYCE SUSHI! Who doesn’t love sushi? Especially when its so cheap and when there is alcohol involved? I love hot sake!

This past sunday I went to Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights. We bought tickets through my friend’s university and got $25 off. Not a bad deal. It wasn’t as scary as I had hoped for it to be. I actually wanted to somewhat die in the maze from fear, but it didn’t happen. In fact, I was barely afraid. I remember my cousin bringing me to six flags for fright fest when I was in 5th grade and I was so scared that I wanted to cry. I think I ran all the way through the maze without stopping. I just wanted to get out of there! Lol, such a different experience now that I’m older.


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  1. WOW that was a long yet interesting entry! Ahh, it’s so much fun hanging out and partying with you! Let’s do another amusement park later..dineyland..yeah? Hahaha! Come over to my house anytime and I’ll cook you food. Imma make use of the cook book and apron you got me! Haha, I love how I got a bunch of cooking stuff…I can see my future as a teacher/house wife. <3

    1. awww i’m glad you have fun hanging out with me, cause i love hanging out with you 🙂 yay lets go to disneyland! I am ready to go, pick a date! and yes yes cook for me please! i love your food so much. hahaha. you need to try MY cooking next time. ooOo so you do have my present still. your going to be the cutest teacher and wife EVER!

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