Catching Up On Life, Again

Yes, yes, another diary post. Not like anyone cares about my diary posts anyways though, right? I’m just writing this for myself because I’m too lazy to keep a real diary, and I don’t really have any deep dark secrets that I have to hide from anyone. My life is an open book.

I got some news for you. wp-monalisa iconO-M-G! My flight to NYC got cancelled!! wp-monalisa icon I’m so pissed. 

Let me tell you the story:

The day before my trip to New York, I get a phone call from the airline saying that my flight has been cancelled. I call the airline to find out more information and find that our departure flight has been pushed out three days due to the new stormy conditions in NYC. The problem is that they pushed out our flight to go there, but they didn’t change my return flight so my vacation was basically cut in half. We were given a fee wavier to switch our flights to another date before December 20th, but the problem is you have to pay the difference in your ticket cost! The prices for flights before Dec. 20th were ridiculously expensive!

So we called the airline again and were told that our flight was no longer cancelled. wp-monalisa icon This got me super excited again for the trip.. But I knew something was up because I couldn’t check-in for my flight on the website. We end up calling the airline again and actually get the same lady who told us that our flight wasn’t cancelled. She recognized us and told us that she has no idea what happened because our flight disappeared from the system! WTF?! By this point, we just want a full refund for our tickets.

I’m not sure how this happened, but I originally booked my flight through U.S. Airway, but my actual flight is on United. Uhhh, why did you guys do this? We called U.S. Airway demanding a refund, eventually after being put on hold for a long time, they tell us that they will give us a refund, but that we have to call the other airline (United) to have them request a refund from U.S. Airway. Ughh, how frustrating! So now we call the other airline and they won’t give us a refund. We end up being on the phone for a couple of hours, put on hold numerous times, asked for the manager, put on hold again, and finally we got our refund.

Lol, now the question is… will the refund go through? *dun dun dun*

Haha, ok, on a happier note! I’m going on a 7-day cruise to Mexico!! Screw cold, stormy, snowy New York ~ and hello sunny, all you can eat, tanning Mexico! The only thing I’m a bit sad about is that I really really really wanted to go to New York to visit some of my friends and my brother & family. Oh well, I’m guessing this is all for the better wp-monalisa icon

~*~*~wp-monalisa icon~*~*~

Okay, now let me recap some stuff thats happened. Dear diary, I…

Went to my friend Jason’s birthday party at Icon LA. Haha, whats funny is that I don’t have a photo of the birthday boy here. But it was a very good night because I got to see lots of old friends that I haven’t seen in a long time, and actually wasn’t planning on seeing either! It just so happened that everyone I know from all corners of California happened to be at the same place. From San Diego to San Francisco, everyone was in LA.

I also went to Reef-A-Palooza. Can anyone say, exciting?! Lol, probably not.. I think I’m the only gyaru beauty blogger that I know of who is into fish.. hmm… well I guess it doesn’t hurt to be the first? Alright, so Reef-A-Palooza comes once every year and is a salt water fish convention. I basically go there to buy corals, but you can get basically everything from there (almost). I ended up spending about $200-300, not too bad. Put a big hole in my pocket, but it made me and my tank happy.

We also celebrated my brother’s birthday. In the picture below, my sister-in-law, niece, and bf are missing because they were sitting pretty close to me and I’m a jerk… I cut them out. The food was bomb, ya-da ya-da, me and my bf were late to dinner by 1-hr (oops), and we bounced right when it was over to go clubbing.

Ahhh, and who doesn’t like looking at pictures of other people’s foods? Haha, I’m just kidding.. you must hate it, cause I do! But don’t we all just love sitting at the table instagraming everything we eat? Have you heard of the instagram diet? Feast your eyes on this!

KK, that’s all I have for now. But I will tell you that there are sooOo many product reviews and other stuff-a-roo coming up fo you!! loll.

wp-monalisa icon Where do you want to travel to the most if you could go anywhere??? Haha, I have no clue where I would go >.<* Can I count all of Europe as one trip?


6 Replies to “Catching Up On Life, Again”

  1. Space. I would go to space.

    1. space would be awesome. too bad i dont myself going to space anytime soon 🙁

  2. nice!

    p.s. check out my ray ban giveaway! xx

    1. Thanks! I will when I get back from my vacation!! 🙂

  3. OMG the food!!!

    1. haha yes!! lots and lots of foooooooood

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