Cruise To Mexico (Part 1 of 3)

So as you all probably know, I recently went on a 7-day cruise to Mexico! There are sooooo many photos! OMG these 3 posts on my trip are taking just about the same amount of time as the length of my trip! Haha~

Alright, I am going to break up my cruise into 3 separate parts. Part one will consist mostly of life aboard the Zaandam ShipPart two will be about Puerto VallartaPart three will consist of Cabo San Lucas and the remaining cruise days.

With that said, let’s get started~!


wp-monalisa icon Day 0: Set Sail at 5pm

We arrived at the San Diego Port at around 1 o’clock in the afternoon. After finally parking our car, we made our way to the ship! Once we checked in our bags and boarded the ship, we of course went straight to the Buffet. Before the ship set sail, I tried to make the most use of my internet and phone before all was lost at sea. The internet on the ship cost me 75 cents per minute!! The crew on the ship were super friendly (and all asian, lol). They were also very safe and forced everyone to attend a emergency evacuation drill. It was annoying to be at, but did make me feel better that we wouldn’t ever be in the same situation as the Titanic.

Isn’t the view of the ocean just beautiful? It gives me a calming, yet uneasy feeling when I stare off into the ocean. It’s just so big and so deep.. Makes me want to see what’s under the water. I kind of wish it was transparent so I can see where all the whales are!

I must say, the first time I picked up the ping pong paddle… I did not think that I would be playing it every single day on the cruise. Seriously, this was one of our go to spots. We also went from complete amateurs playing to being pretty pro at it. You should try playing ping pong on a rocking ship, it’s quite interesting.

Here’s our food from that night’s sit down. The left column is what I ate and the right column is what my boyfriend ate. All of the dishes were quite yummy. The way dinner works is you can either eat at the buffet or you can go to their sit down restaurant and get served. If you go to the restaurant, you can choose to sit with other people or sit by yourselves. The first night we decided to sit with other people to make friends, but we soon realized that it was a bit awkward since everyone on the cruise were elderly. We ended up getting stuck at our dinner table making conversation with another couple for an hour or so. It was awkward and too much effort to talk to these people.

On the cruise ship, you are allowed to bring as much wine and champagne as you would like, but no hard alcohol. We actually managed to sneak on 2 bottles of vodka in an “unsealed” gallon of water. You can see the photo of that on my instagram. The only thing is that vodka alone gets boring. I think we spent a good amount of money on alcohol during our trip – oh well.

This is my outfit from earlier in the day (before I did my full makeup).

Outside of my favorite bar on the cruise, the crows nest, is this pretty cool lighting. It looks really nice, and also very fun to take photos in!

Okay, I was pretty excited on the first day of our cruise that I took a bajillion photos of me. Haha, it gets to be a lot less as the days go on, but here are a few of them.


wp-monalisa icon Day 2: On the Sea

Sunday morning, we woke up to breakfast in bed. Every night before you sleep, there is a paper that you can fill out if you want to have breakfast brought to your room in the morning. We were feeling lazy and wanted to order. The food was great as always. Whats also awesome about the cruise is that you can order food anytime of the day and get it sent to your room! What a dream come true!

Lol, so I went into the elevator and noticed that they changed the floor mat to “Sunday.” This turned out to be one of the most useful things ever! Who would have known that being on a cruise causes you to loose track of the days? Thank God for elevator mats!

Right outside of our room is this nice deck. It’s totally empty all the time since everyone seems to like the deck above it. I like this one because it’s closer to the water and also more peaceful. What a nice and beautiful day~

Here are two of the pools on our ship. The pools kinda suck to be honest. They aren’t pools that you can really swim in. They are more like pools to chill or dance in with your drinks. I love how on a cruise, there is constantly something going on. One of my favorites were the HALCats and Consuela. Boy can Consuela sing, she has such a beautiful voice.

This tennis court was a joke. Well, I mean, I guess it wasn’t that bad and maybe I was being a bit spoiled… But the court size was smaller than usual so I felt semi restricted.

We discovered this neat little area at the top of the ship. It’s supposed to be a getaway place for teens only. They even had a sign that was marked “No Adults.” Hahaha, yea right, like we would listen to that sign. This place was awesome! I mean, common, hammocks! I did fall over once though. This was another one of our “spots” on the ship that we liked to chill at. We came here on several nights to stargaze. The sky is amazing out at sea.

On the ship, every night is a semi-formal night. But there are two nights that are formal dinners. This is what I wore:

The bottom for dishes is everything that I ate.

After dinner we went to get some more drinks at our favorite bar, the crows nest.

We went to watch a musical show… it was pretty horrible and we didn’t watch more than 3-4 songs. After watching part of this show, we decided to never go to another musical for the rest of the cruise. I think this was probably the worst out of all the events on the ship.

Here we are gambling. We lost our money… We should have actually stopped here, but I think in a few more days, we will loose 100x’s more money >.<*


wp-monalisa icon Day 3: Almost There

Today we decided to wake up early and be productive. Yesterday after eating breakfast in our rooms, we went back to sleep until 12 noon! So today we got up to get our own breakfast at the buffet. After breakfast, we took a class on how to tango. Once our class was over, we headed over to the top deck to do some tanning.

This is my lunch that I ate and the very first time they served mexican food on the ship! I think they had mexican food available somewhere on the ship for the rest of the trip to get us prepped for Mexico, lol. I loved it!

After we went to get some more drinks and took a class on how to cha cha. Once our class was over, we headed back to our room to play some drinking games.

Here is our dinner. We were pretty chocolate wasted by then and drunk as well. We each got two entree’s each since we worked up ourselves an appetite from all of our dancing and drinking.

Of couse after dinner, we did the usual… drinking, ping pong, drinking, ping pong.. and then of course a show here and there. This show was kind of interesting because you have to vote which of the 3 on stage is telling the truth.

After was another show.. a comedy show! I liked this chick, she’s pretty funny and also quite the singer!

Here is a beautiful shot of our beloved bar, the crows nest. You can usually find us here at one point late in the night.


Well thats it for now! Come back again in a couple of days to see my next post on this trip, part 2. It gets much better since we will be on land! 

Hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into my vacation!

Read Part 2 here and Part 3 here.


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  1. Ah! Looks like you had a lot of fun! Now I want to go on a cruise! Now I’m hungry! -___-

    1. Haha the food was BOMB! You would have loved it, especially the creme brulee!

  2. This blog post made me laugh because of those photos and your descriptions are entertaining. I like the Sunday Mat idea! Brilliant!

    1. haha thanks mary. it makes me happy that you read my blog post and enjoyed it 🙂
      more to come soon…!

  3. I am jealous of your cruise. Next time, you should take me with you 😛 Also, you spelled ‘filter’ on your photo ‘fliter’. Payback.

    1. LOL~ alright you GOT ME!!! ahahahahah dang it. i always try to double check for spelling mistakes… but i guess yea… i and l tricked me. they are almost like twins!

  4. Honey thanks for following!!
    I follow back you on Blglovin (#44) and also like your FB page!

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