Cruise To Mexico (Part 2 of 3)

How have you guys been? Gosh, editing all of these photos and putting together these blog posts for my cruise trip have proved to be so much work!! Lol, it makes me not want to go on vacation anymore and take so many photos >.<* too bad that will never happen~ hehe

I’m writing all of this right now while watching Rurouni Kenshin. I will be going to the live action showing in a couple of weeks! That’ll be exciting wp-monalisa icon

Alright, now on to part 2 of my trip!


wp-monalisa icon Day 4: Porto Vallerta, Mexico

Our cruise ship arrived at Porto Vallerta, Mexico around 8 o’clock in the morning. Imagine being on the ship for the last several days.. we were pretty excited to finally step foot on land.

On land we wanted to do one of the on shore excursions. There were many different options such as jeep safari, scuba diving, swimming with dolphins, etc. But what we really wanted to do was the 6 hour Outdoor Challenge. We could have signed up for it on our ship, but I remember my mom telling me to sign up for activities on shore since it was a lot cheaper.. oh and it was!! We saved about $50 per person!!

So now beginnings the start to our Outdoor Challenge Adventure!!!

We first take a panga boat ride over to a different area in Porto Vallerta about 20-30 minutes away.

At first the boat ride was nice and peaceful.. but as soon as we got out to open water, we sped off quickly. Actually this boat moved a lot faster than I expected it to! So fast that we were skipping across the water. Along the coastline, there were countless beautiful homes. I imagine that the homes must be super expensive. I wish I could explore all of them!! lolll

Here is where we arrived. Such a beautiful area, away from all of the tourist. Did you know that there are water taxis? Well, I guess that makes sense if there are areas separated by water..

Once we got on land, we were led to take another ride on a type of truck called a Unimog. Haha, I sort of felt like we were cattle shoved into the back of this truck. But it’s all part of the experience, right?

After another 20 minute ride on the unimog, we arrived at our final destination where the real fun begins! The first thing I noticed after getting off the unimog were these horribly huge spiders! I am deathly afraid of spiders, especially after watching the movie Arachnophobia as a kid. Do you remember that movie? Anyways, there were a bunch of these spiders basically the size of your face.. TERRIFIED THE LIVING SH*T OUT OF ME. Oh and another interesting note is that their web is really strong.. you can seriously pluck it and pull it and it wont break! Amazing! Haha, but that didn’t make me feel any better about passing by so closely or under these spiders. I was even too scared to take a photo of it! I think my boyfriend took this one for me, hehe.

Oh and look at these cute little baby goats!! Chivos?? Is that what they are called in Spanish? They were head butting each other, lol.. too cute.

Here we are at the base of our camp. They gave us special shirts to wear, bandanas, harness, helmets, and gloves. They made us leave behind all of our belongings in a giant bag. This means that I couldn’t bring my camera.. But it’s a good thing that I didn’t since we jumped into natural pools and hiked through streams… ughhh, but that also meant that I had to buy the photos that they took for us as well. More money wasted~

The unimog again! We didn’t ride in it, but they brought it back out for us to take a picture with. Lol they had professional photographers follow us around the entire trip to capture our moments. You know, I didn’t realize how fat my thighs are until I started looking at these photos.. damn, I need to exercise.. oh and yes, I am wearing toms on this crazy adventure.

I had a lot of fun riding the mule. I’ve rode a mule once before at the grand canyon, and I loved it! I’m not sure what it is about sitting on an animal that can carry me around everywhere, but I love it! Lol, our guide told us that we have to blow kisses at our mule to get him to move faster. He said that in Mexico, they are romantic. That made me laugh. During our ride on the mule, a lot of them would just start pooping and peeing on the trail. It was a really weird feeling to see the mule in front of me just poor tons of fluid out of it’s behind. Wow, they can hold a lot. Haha, gross much? Ok, I’ll stop. Besides that~ my mule in particular seemed to be really hungry and kept on trying to eat random plants along the path instead of walking!! Bad mule!! I’m jk, I loved my mule.. There’s actually a video of me petting my mule the whole time. I gave him tons of love!

This is the first of many zip lines that we went on. I still remember the last time I went on a zip line, it was at a church retreat. So much fun!! The view is beautiful as well. I just wish there was a little more thrill, or that it was steeper or something. I want to feel fear! Actually one of them was a little scary, there was a zip line that dropped almost straight down. Now that was taking a leap of faith.

Alright, now I must admit. It was my first time ever rappelling a waterfall. Ugh, and it was hard! The main reason is because in order to not fall.. you kind of have to hold onto one of the ropes tightly and slowly let yourself down. But the gloves that I had were way too big for my tiny hands and I seriously couldn’t get a good grip on the rope. Every now and then, my hands would slip and I would start free falling until I could regain control of the rope. I was happy when I got to the bottom.

I think this is my favorite photo from our adventure~ After me and Erick made it down the waterfall. This was our first taste of water since we had to land right in it. My poor toms are ruined from this adventure.

This is the group that we went with. All of the folks with the red helmets were our guides.

Another fun zip line that we had to do. You land straight into water. I really didn’t want to do this one because I was wearing kind of thick eyeliner. Hey! But it didn’t come off! Good job Stella!

Going down another waterfall.. But this one wasn’t as hard.. Didn’t have to scale the slippery walls of the waterfall this time. Just went straight down and this time the guides helped me more since I couldn’t grip the rope.

And now the last zip line for the trip!! All of the other zip lines only allowed us to go one person at a time, so it was pretty nie that we were able to do two at a time on this one. I got to race Erick.. guess who won!!

DUH~ I won of course!!!

Basically that was the end of our adventure. After this last zip line… we hiked the rest of the way down through streams, hanging bridges, etc. Once we got back to the base camp, we changed out of our gear and got all our stuff back. That’s when they proceeded to sell us our photos that they took and give us some snacks. On our ride back in the unimog, my Tom Ford sunglasses fell off my head!! Luckily we got the driver to stop (he doesn’t speak English), and I got my sunglasses back. I would have been soooo sad if I lost them.

Before heading back to shore, we stopped at a tequila factory. They gave us shots of all their different types of tequilas. I had about 4 or 5 of them back to back. I was pretty buzzed on the rest of the trip home.

Finally back to shore to go onto the boat. The beach is kind of pretty and I wish we had some free time to explore the area, but we didn’t.

After we returned to our rooms on the cruise ship, we washed up and headed back out in search for dinner. We found a taxi cab and asked him to bring us to a nice mexican restaurant. He brought us to La Langosta Feliz.

There were these guys with guitars going around tables playing for people who were willing to pay them. Erick wanted to hear them and asked them to play a song for me.

Since we started drinking earlier, we continued our drinking at this restaurant with margaritas, beer, and lots of tequila! For our appetizer, we ordered this shrimp avocado thing. For our main dinner we got a dinner for two that included shrimp, lobster, different kinds of fish and… I can’t remember, but it was BOMB. Oh and we got this pineapple dessert thing too. I think I was buzzing too much to remember what that tasted like, haha.

Omg, and so we also ordered a Mexican coffee. The guy we ordered from was so excited. Little did we know we were ordering a show too. The waiter pushed out a cart full of alcohol and the lights went off and before you knew it.. He was doing all sorts of crazy tricks with fire such as pouring it. WTF, I’ve never seen fire poured like that. Definitely a very memorable happening. Too bad it didn’t taste as good as it was to watch make.

We also met a very nice filipino family. The old grandpa was super nice and took a liking to us. He actually sent me the photos below through email. While he was talking to us at our table, he kept encouraging our relationship and winking at us. So cute.

Soo… There are no more photos for the rest of the night. But after our dinner, we drunkenly got into a taxi in search of a bar to go to thats near the ship. The taxi brought us to a closed bar… But it was close to our ship so we just walked back. Omg and when we got back to our room, apparently I downed two cups of vodka all by myself. Lol, the rest is history. I’m sure you can guess what happened.. you know, the usual. I got lost… Erick found me in a bathroom almost an hour later. I was unable to figure out how to open the bathroom door because it was a sliding door.. you don’t push or pull! DUH~ too bad drunk sarah can’t figure out things like that.


wp-monalisa icon Day 5: Half Land Half Sea

So after everything from the day before, we were pretty tired. We slept in a bit too long.. But we did manage to find our way to the beach! The only thing is that we were so hungry and we couldn’t find any restaurants near the beach. The beach is pretty though, no?

We only had until 2:30 pm to wander around before our ship set sail again. So until the ship set sail, we decided to go swimming and tanning on the ship deck while facing Mexico.

Later that night we found ourselves at a marriage game show. This game show was so much fun!! Basically it was too see how well you knew your significant other. There were 3 married couples, the first one was a newly wed, second one was about 15 years married, and the third was 30+ years. It was really so fun to watch, especially because the third couple were so old and senile.

After the marriage game show, there was another comedy show done by a ventriloquist. It was aiight, the woman from a night or two earlier was much funnier. I think after this we might have gone to the bar or ate some more. But an early nights sleep was necessary because we had to wake up early for the next mornings adventure in Cabo!!!


And thats the end of part 3!! If you haven’t read part 1, you can read it here. Part 3 will be posted next week is now up and can be found here! Have a great weekend everyone!!

xoxo Sarah

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  1. Aww look at you, jumpin’ off stuff and repelling down waterfalls 😀 Lil miss outdoorsy.

    Also “I have him tons of love!”

    1. hahahaha.. ok you win again. sheesh~

    1. it was great! thanks for reading 🙂

  2. we did ziplining in mexico too !


    1. yea!! zip lining!! i really wanted to go paragliding as well, but it was so darn expensive!! >.<

  3. WOW! IT looks like you guys had so much fun! Such action packed holiday!


    1. haha yes! it was lots of fun and totally action packed!! 😀
      lol.. next trip for this month, back to vegas!!

  4. Looks like a good time! ^_^ Ziplining looks a bit scary but fun! congrats to winning keke

    Joyce @

    1. zip lining could be a little scary at first, but its really not that bad at all. but then again.. i dont have a fear of heights of free falling. lol. thanks joyce!

  5. I love your travel write up. I totally understand what you mean by it takes so much time editing the photos and putting them together (inclusive of words) into a blog post. It can get quite time-consuming. I tend to do photo-story write ups too and I appreciate you describing your trip to your readers to complement the photos. It makes it so much more fun to read more about the trip on top of looking at photos.

    I would love to connect with you and had wanted to follow you on blogger friends connect but I couldn’t find the button.

    1. hey jo!! i dont have GFC since i’m not on blogger. if you would like you can follow via email, bloglovin’, idk… google reader? haha or you can like my facebook page 😀

      awww and its great to hear that you like my blog post! haha sometimes i wonder if i am wasting time with my blog posts. but if there is one person out there that truly enjoyes it, then its worth it! <3 thanks sooo much for reading 🙂

  6. Great photos, but Erick smiled like he tried very hard to do it. haha btw how was the tequila in that factory?

    1. haha ericks just not the best at showing his smiles in photos.. let alone taking photos. ahahahaa. tequila at the factory was sooo good!! no joke.. we had no chasers, no limes, no salt, nothing.

  7. haha no…sadly I did not make the cool art piece… but it was a display in a cafe in the art center. Pretty cool huh?


    1. yea!! i loved it 🙂 do you make any art yourself? i was an art major in college, so i loooooveee everything related to art. haha~

  8. This looks amazing ^-^ plus I really love the way you lay out your posts with all the gifs and edits, makes it even more interesting. Gah i’m so jealous of your talent haha xx

    1. lollll. thanks so much kirstie! that makes me happy 🙂
      i wouldn’t say its really talent though since it’s all so simple to do.. almost mindless actually. just tons of time T-T

      but i’m happy with the turn out in comments that i’ve gotten so far! guess hard work pays off since everyone seems to have enjoyed my diary post! yesssssss~~~

  9. WOAH . I couldn’t stop scrolling down your posts , it was so fun to see al the pics and reading adventures 🙂 And how hard was to edit tons of pics? OMG *_*
    Lol , I never heard of a romantic Mule , they’re always rude -_- You did repelling ? that’s amazing , I haven’t don it myself but I know it’s pretty hard 😀

    I wish to stay with you on your great journey 😀

    1. lololol! yes a romantic mule! ahaha that made me laugh so much when our guide was blowing kisses to his mule. oh and repelling isn’t too bad! i’m sure its harder if you do it all on your own, but of course we had spotters incase we screw up. haha, so it was fail safe.

      anyways, thanks for your comment and for reading, noor!

  10. Wow your blog is georgeus and your travel is so exciting I hope travel to Mexico the new year!

    Oh God I´m your new follower of your Blog!


    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement Sakuranko!! I hope you will also post about your travel to Mexico when you do visit 🙂

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