10 New Year’s Resolutions From A 20-Something Year Old

Happy New Year! wp-monalisa icon Wow — we are now in the year 2013! *shock* This is my first blog post of the year! wp-monalisa icon

Seems like the year has come and gone by so quickly. Who would have thought that the moment that you start working in the “real world,” that the years would go by in a blink of the eye?

Well, let’s talk about some New Year’s Resolutions (since this is a popular topic for many around this time in January). wp-monalisa icon

I can’t quite remember if I made any resolutions for 2012, so I’m assuming that I probably didn’t. But if there is one thing that I was working on that I did succeed in, it was that I have finally built better relationships with my family and friends. I feel that I have given a lot more love to those who I care about and have also distanced myself from those I do not see fit in my life anymore.

The transition time between college and working life is a slight challenge. You go through many thoughts such as, who are my real friends? Do I even have any friends? Who do I want to keep in my life and who do I care about? Over the past two years since I’ve graduated from college, I have been able to separate that cluster f*ck of people I thought were good friends from those who really are, and I feel great.

Let’s see, what have I failed on achieving in 2012? The usual, I guess. I wanted of course, as every other person wants, to exercise, eat right, and look sexy. Aren’t these one of the first things to go from the list? Lol. But of course, failure over the last many resolutions does not stop this one from making it onto my list for 2013.

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I’ve thought long (30 mins) and hard (google searched), for my 2013 New Year’s Resolutions.
Here is what made the list:

  1. You’ve succeeded in creating good relationships with family and friends. Why not take it up a notch and learn how to hug people more? Stop being so awkward with your waves and high-fives, and get in there with a nice, friendly bear-hug. Oh yea, lets also try to fly to NYC to visit your brother, ok?
  2. Tell yourself no, no, NO! Just one more bite, NO! Every time you eat out or at home, learn to portion out your food before you start eating. Stop binge eating, you aren’t in college anymore.
  3. Your clothes are old and you don’t need all that useless clutter that you will maybe “one day” use. Just admit it, you are a hoarder! Start cleaning out your closet filled with clothes that you’ve had since high school and donate it. Throw out all your useless items and get your sh*t organized.
  4. Drink less cold drinks and alcohol, and more water and hot tea. Cold drinks aren’t good for your body, stick to room temperature if possible. We all know you can’t give up alcohol, but you can make a better effort to not indulge on a beer or two everyday after work. You need to hydrate yourself with more water, how are you not a rasin yet? Guh — who doesn’t like hot tea? Just drink more of it if you hate drinking water!
  5. So your company moved into a new building, and there’s a gym!! Use it you lazy a**! Get your butt moving and over to the gym. Take advantage of this free opportunity to get fit. Maybe even buy some exercising gear to get you more motivated to sweat. Did someone say Nike Free Runs?
  6. Take a class with your boyfriend. Perhaps a dance or martial arts class, or even that scuba diving certification that you’ve been thinking about! It will be fun, rewarding, and great for the memories.
  7. Volunteer, simple as that. Make an effort to give back to the community and make a small difference. In college you were VP Philanthropy for your sorority, so why stop now. Start searching for new ways to volunteer and do it.
  8. Work hard and move up in life. You’ve done a great job so far in becoming fully independent and having a full time job in a career that you love. However, 2013 is the year to get your promotion and level up! You need and want this badly. Also, why not look into getting that real estate license that you’ve been sort of thinking about?
  9. Watch yo self. Make sure you are taking all of the necessary steps in maintaining your health. You know you aren’t the healthiest of bodies, so make sure to get your regular teeth cleanings and any other physical check ups that you know you need to be getting, ASAP!
  10. Go to church every Sunday. Yes, we know this is hard for your since you like to stay out late Saturday nights and sleep in since it’s the only time you really get to, but no! You must go to church every Sunday (as best as you can), and go with a willing heart to learn more about God. Please work on yourself spiritually. This is probably the most important of your stupid resolutions list, so get serious. And why is this last on the list?

wp-monalisa icon Feel free to share some of your resolutions with me, I think it’s interesting to read what other’s have to say.

Alright, thats all of the New Year’s Resolutions that I have for 2013 and this is all I have for this blog post! I’ll do a post on what I did for new years in as soon as I get some photos together. See ya then and thanks for reading!

xoxo Sarah

14 Replies to “10 New Year’s Resolutions From A 20-Something Year Old”

  1. Hi Sawah~

    I like your post :] I think 2012 was my favorite year so far <3
    Let's see what kinds of adventures await for S&T in 2013!
    "To making it count!"

    Teewa <3

    1. lol…. it looks like my toast has stuck with everyone now. “To making it count!” we are gonna need a new one for 2013!!

  2. Happy New year 2013

    http://www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

    1. Happy New Year to you too!! Thanks for looking~

  3. I’m a bit uselñess with resolutions, but the one of throwing useless stuff could apply to me too!!


    1. haha~ it’s so hard to throw away things that you don’t need. i’m going to hopefully clean out my closet and donate my used clothes this weekend 🙂

  4. loved your resolutions! some were really funny <3 I haven't even thought of mine for 2013, but the main ones would be to do good at university and find a job as soon as possible!

    1. lol, i’m glad that you thought some were funny 🙂
      good luck to you with your university classes! i’m sure you’ll be able to find a job too. z
      just make sure you have a good resume!!

  5. Happy New Year! I love your list, especially #6 🙂

    1. thanks, you too! hehehe hopefully we can get our scuba certification. i think thats what we want to do most 🙂

  6. Happy new year hun!! 🙂
    Nice list!! i started the year on a diet.So definitely #5 is for me!!

    1. oh nice~ i want to go on a diet too, but not sure what kind.. lol so i think its just better for me to portion control. so far, so good 🙂 happy new year to you too sara!

  7. Well actually posted on my blog and my resolutions for 2013. But I am delighted to read ebargo yours is really interesting in this 2013 hope you achieve all that you propose.

    1. ebargo? lol. thanks for reading my resolutions, best of luck to you with yours! :B

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