Are You Hungry For Change?

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for some change in my life. Yes, I know this could just be the “new years resolution me” talking… but hey, I really DO want change!

Just this past Wednesday, the gym at my company officially opened. I decided to go in for a lunch time work out. I ended up running 2.32 miles in 30 minutes. In addition, I did some stretches and played around with some of the weights. Also, this whole week I have been waking up earlier to walk my dog in the morning before work, and of course again after work.

It honestly feels great getting back into shape. I haven’t seriously exercised or ran in over a year! And the last time I did run, was probably just a couple of times a year for the past 3-4 years! I’m not sure how I got to be this way since I used to be super active and dance everyday when I was in high school. I guess sometime during college I just got lazy~

Anyways, so I watched this documentary on Netflix called Hungry For Change. It’s really a great movie and I kind of want to watch it at least once a week to keep reminding me to eat better. I learned a lot from watching this documentary and it put things in perspective for me. I highly recommend you to check out this movie if you haven’t already.

Here are also some tips to help change your life for the better. I wouldn’t at all say that this is a summary for the documentary, so please don’t read this thinking that you can’t get anything more out from watching Hungry For Change. You really should watch the documentary and use the 10 Step Action Plan as a supplement to all that you’ve learned.

Anyways, I really hope you guys check out the documentary as it was an awesome wake up call for me to get into shape!! Let’s work together and help each other get healthy again!

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The hardest part to exercising is getting started. Often times, we want to start getting in shape, but we end up saying things like, “… maybe not today, I’ll make time for it tomorrow – for sure!!” But we all know that this is not the right attitude to have. Getting fit should START NOW! Stop putting these important things off!

A great motivator for a lot of us (sad to say), is buying new exercising equipment!! What better way to get you started on your journey to achieving that sexy body you’ve always dreamed?

Below are items that I’ve picked out from to help us get in shape.

If you don’t know much about Brantano Footwear, they are located in the UK and currently have 145 stores. They aim to provide costumers with a unique shopping experience, good quality products at suitable prices, and also stock up on many well known brands such as Clarks, Hush Puppies, Sketchers, Rocket Dog, and Nike.

What I’ve done below is I’ve picked out two water bottles, two running shoes, and two bags. I think each of these items are essential for exercising and getting fit. Having a new water bottle might make you want to drink more water daily. And we all know how important drinking water is in helping with weight loss! As for running shoes, that would totally make me want to run! That reminds me, I better order a pair… Ahh, and I don’t know about you, but I need an exercising bag for the gym and when I go out.

Now here is the fun part.

As you have noticed, I’ve picked out two of each item. I’m just curious which one you prefer! I’ve marked my selection for each, so now it’s your turn!

Adidas Adidas Classic Water Bottle Flasks ($6.40)
 Puma Puma Water Bottle Flasks ($6.40)

Nike Revolution Active Trainer ($67.15)
Adidas Duramo 4 Active Trainer ($67.15)

Adidas Essential Backpacks Sports Bags School Bags ($28.78)
Adidas Power 2 Backpacks Sports Bags ($36.77)

Anyways, that’s all I have for now!

If you liked any of the items above, you can find it on Brantano Footwear’s website.
Just search the names that I’ve dropped under the photos of each item.

Thanks for reading, and happy running!
xoxo Sarah

4 Replies to “Are You Hungry For Change?”

  1. Really interestingand healthy post!

    Thanks sweetie! ^o^)/

    1. no, thank you for visiting 🙂
      glad you enjoyed~

  2. after reading this blog post of your i get sooo motivated! better run my sass right now and change the sweet tooth to be more veg and salad hehe

    1. haha yea! lets try to help each other get in check and be healthy for 2013! i’m trying to improve myself since i’m getting older and i need to start taking care of myself :3

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