How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular

If you haven’t noticed already, I recently updated my layout. I really hated my old blog layout header and was in dire need of a new one. I actually had this header designed months ago, but failed to ever put it up because I wanted to do a photo shoot to incorporate myself into the header.. but that never happened. *sigh* Working life doesn’t give me enough time to do things~

Anyways, this is a quick blog post on my trip to watch How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular in Anaheim, CA at the Honda Center.

You better not tell me that you haven’t seen the movie before either, because its a GREAT movie and everyone should watch it. The live show was alright, but I’ll get into that soon enough.

The day of the show, I ended up taking a half day for work. We made our way down to Orange County from our home in LA. For dinner, we were recommended to eat at Bruxie.

The food was quite delicious. Their specialty was having everything sandwiched between waffles. I got the Turkey Club, “waffle fries”, and a root beer float. The waffle fries were in quotes because they were just normal criss cross fries. The root beer float was whatevers.. oh, but the Turkey Club was pretty bomb. I would definitely go back there again for that.

After dinner we took a stroll around Orange Circle, which is basically the Old Towne District of Orange County. There were lots of interesting small shops, bars, and cupcakes!

I tried snapping some photos with the girls that I was with while we were walking.. and these were the ones that came out the least blurry…

Haha, apparently I can’t walk and take photos at the same time. I’ve never been good at multitasking. I was actually crossing streets and walking retardedly too because I was trying to snap photos.

By the time we finished walking a full loop, it was time to head over to the Honda Center for the show.

Even though I was inside of the Honda Center, I was still trying to camera whore~ How expected.

I wanted to buy some goodies!! But I restrained myself from purchasing things that I would never use again…

More photos of me (and Erick, lol). I told him to wear a dress shirt!! But he wouldn’t listen.

A guy saw us trying to take photos of us by ourselves and offered to take one for us. Too bad he took a blurry photo. Old people just aren’t good at taking photos with iPhones!

We had pretty decent seats for the price that we paid. I got the tickets half off with a promo code. We were pretty front and center, just above where all of the controls were for the show.

This photo is kinda weird because I’m sitting in the same seat, but the lighting is so different in both photos.

Flash makes my nose disappear. Where’d my nose go!? Do you spot a dragon in the picture?? How about the creeper in the back?? LOL~ JK that creeper is my friend’s boyfriend! #photobomb

Yay!! And now the show begins… Alright, now the rest of these photos are of the show, so I understand if you find it boring.. or maybe.. its more interesting than reading about my life and you will like it more than my above content! Well, whatever your answer is.. “good bye” or “lets proceed”.

The show scenery was made entirely out of visual projections and that circle disk pictured below. That disk was able to move around stage on its own and served for multiple purposes. Not bad huh? But honestly, I do wish they had some real props instead of almost ALL projections.

Not too far into the show did I realize that they were following the story line of the movie. This kind of disappointed me as I was looking forward to something new, not a storyline that I already knew the ending to.

Watch this videoif you want to see a clip of when they are in training to learn how to take on a dragon.

Here is another video of them flying on a dragon! Ugh, I wish they could fly faster!! But yea, I get why they probably shouldn’t and wouldn’t do that. If only~

These dragons were pretty incredible. I sort of understand why all of the scenery was made of projections because those dragons must have cost a fortune to make!! They were huge and the movements on them were amazingly realistic!

Yes, that is fire.

What a sexy dragon. Don’t they look so cool?? Can you believe the dragons are entirely operated by a piano keyboard and joystick?? A key for each movement.. thats nuts!

Lol, the show got more exciting the moment there were two dragons on the stage at once. Yay for dragon fights!

Kinda cool how they used lasers and smoke to create “water.”

Woohoo! More fiiiyaaa! They are flying over to the big boss dragon!

The epic concluding battle scene…

Watch part of the final battle here.. lol yes I recorded this too.

Ahh~ It makes me so happy to see so many dragons on stage at once.

If only I could take a dragon home. I am seriously very impressed by the dragons. I think thats the best part of the whole show.

Once the show ended, we went over to Tilted Kilt for some beer and snacks. Tilted Kilt is known for their female workers who have to wear slutty uniforms. Google search it if you are curious or check out their site.

Below is Irish Nachos~ It’s basically nachos with potato chips instead of tortilla chips! Not bad, just very salty for my taste. Haha, oh yea and my good ole Guiness on tap, gotta love that beer~

Alright thats all I have for you. Currently I’m on a 3-day juice cleanse and writing this post is killing me since I’m getting pretty hungry looking at the food. I’ll do a post on my juice cleanse along with recipes, photos, etc. Thanks for reading!




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  1. i love Bruxie waffle sandwich!!! yummie :))

    Have a lovely weekends girlie!!


    1. bruxie is delicious! have a great weekend yourself jalie!

  2. visiting here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

    1. thanks for visiting!

  3. Browsing around :3
    I think I would love that dragon event!!
    You have a super blog, love your layout 🙂
    x, Lara

    1. dragons are awesome!! i wish they existed and that i could have a dragons like calise in game of thrones T-T aww thanks lara for the lovely comment btw!

      1. I have an iguana, he is almost like a dragon 😉
        Hey, I followed you too. Yes I love scifi and most *obviously* Star Wars :). You are the 1st person even to notice the Jar Jar Binks thingy 😉
        I dunno if my link ever works.. it’s really strange!!

        x, Lara

        1. aww thanks for following~ i looooveeeeee star wars >.< so muchh. haha. and yes! an iguana is like a dragon! i want a bearded dragon 😀 but i already have a pet corgi and a salt water tank. both of those already take up so much of my precious time as it is =/

  4. Wow Sarah what a show about dragons!
    It looks quite spectacular c:

    Your lunch looks yummy and I love eating
    crisscross fries!

    And I didn’t know you own a DSLR! You
    should use that thing! And it’s important
    to use a UV filter as well for protection and

    Your bloglayout is reaaally cute! The blog
    header is so colorful!


    1. lololol~ i’ve had a dslr for a long while now because i used to do lots of photography back when i was in college~ ohh the life of being an art major.. i took every single photography class offered and i did love it!! although i hated printing.. anyways, yea.. maybe i’ll take out my dusty dslr and try to use it again. its kinda sad that i dont.

      yes and crisscross fries are bomb! hehe and thanks, glad you think my layout is cute <3

  5. Cool post! Seems like you enjoyed that time with friends and loved ones. 🙂
    And … Wow thanks for following me girl. Glad we can relate with each other hehe 🙂
    I can’t see if you have GFC so I just added your URL to my reading list so I can see every time you update. (^_^) I also followed you on Bloglovin 🙂

    Keep in touch dear! Will visit you often when I’m online. 🙂

    ★♡ Why I love … (^_^) ♡★
    Perfect Office-Friendly Fashion Dresses from
    … and how it’s easy to dress up at work with them!

    ❤ ~Chai

    1. aww thanks for following! yea, i dont have GFC since i’m not on blogspot. but you will definitely be seeing me around your blog when i can!

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