Truth or Myth: Using Hair Conditioner Every Other Day is Better than Using it Every Day

Whether you have a busy day or idle one, you always make it a moment to take a bath. Sane people would agree that nobody wants to smell awful. Bathing includes washing your hair with shampoo and sometimes with conditioner. However, some people say that conditioning your hair every day is harmful to your hair. This is why they prefer and suggest hair conditioning only every other day. What’s the truth in this? In this article, we will discuss which is better: conditioning your hair every day or every other day.

When is Hair Conditioner Used?

Hair conditioner is typically used by people, both men and women, whose hair has a lot of frizz. What the chemicals in hair conditioner do is eliminate the frizz in your hair shaft. Hence, after you apply hair conditioner, your hair must feel smooth and look shiny.

Hair conditioner is also used by people who stay in air conditioned rooms or stay under the sun for long hours. Humid atmosphere contribute to excessive dryness of hair. Hair conditioner works to restore moisture on your hair, making it look less unkempt.

In essence, the hair conditioner is a wonderful product that everyone should use. It makes the hair healthier appearing more vibrant.

Hair Conditioner vs. Shampoo

According to Paradi Mirmirani, MD, a Vallejo, Calif., dermatologist and specialist in hair research, how often you use shampoo depends on your scalp and hair type. Hair too thin may be damaged with everyday shampooing because of its harsh components that wash away moisture in the hair and scalp. Those with scalps that get easily irritated with chemicals are also not suggested to use shampoo more than four times in a week.

In contrast, he advises people to use hair conditioner every day. Unlike shampoos, hair conditioner conditions the hair. Thus treatment of hair with conditioners is better if done more regularly. And unlike shampoo, hair conditioner is applied to the hair only and not the roots. It is supposed to cover the bottom third part of the hair (ear level) to retain its good shape and volume.

There are exemptions to his words though. People with oily hair are not encouraged to use hair conditioners every day but every other day. This is because putting on hair conditioner whether in gel form, spray, mousses or creams will make your hair greasier.

In addition, people with virgin hair (not colored, not curled, not straightened with chemicals) may not use hair conditioners all the time. Their hair can be naturally fine and silky without this hair care add-on. But using hair conditioners will not affect their hair negatively either.

The use of hair conditioner should mostly be present in your regime. Containing glossers, thermal protectors, oils, moisturizers and acidifiers, this hair product will condition your hair to look its best. So if your hair is normal, make it a habit to apply hair conditioner after shampoo and see a noticeable good change in your hair.

Author bio:
+Rachel Martins is a Make up Artist and a freelance Hair Care Specialist. She is also as passionate advocate of preserving mother earth.

10 Replies to “Truth or Myth: Using Hair Conditioner Every Other Day is Better than Using it Every Day”

  1. good useful information on hair conditioner….

    1. Glad you found it informative!

  2. I am a black female that wash my hair everyday and I can’t help it so I stop using shampoo and start conditions my hair everyday

    1. that’s good. but just remember that it also depends on the type of hair that you have. i have fine, dyed hair that gets oily after 3 days of not washing. so i typically wash my hair every 2-3 days shampooing the roots only, and conditioning the bottom 2/3.

      1. I have transition hair going from relaxed hair to natural hair

  3. i wash my hair everyday b.c the style after sleep on it look bad i don’t shampoo every but i use conditoner everyday not on my scalp i know it is bad but i do it b,c i don’t want to dry out my hair with shampoo everyday it work fine for my hair is course so it will not feel sliky soft unless i use oil honey mask before shampoo my hair is natualy oil after the first day of washing but i got use to it

    1. have you tried a satin pillow, tying up your hair, or wearing a beanie when you sleep? i’ve heard that those work well if you have trouble with how your hair looks after you sleep. thats good that you don’t use shampoo everyday, and even better that you’ve gotten accustomed to having naturally oily hair. it’s really not a bad thing! when my hair gets oily, i usually just tie it up 😀

  4. I’m still in the middle of an experiment on what works best on my hair. I use shampoo and double amount of conditioner everyday because my hair is long and oily. I guess I should reduce the amount of conditioner in my hair to prevent it from being oily. Thanks for this info! 🙂

    1. generally i only wash my hair about 3 times a week! i tend to use a lot of conditioner too since my hair is also long, but i never apply it to my scalp! just the tips and work my way up to around my jawline. the shampoo only stays around my scalp area and i try to massage my scalp with my fingertips and not fingernails.

      1. Yes ive been commiting all those mistakes, using my fingers and applying conditioner all the way to the scalp. This pretty much explains why it’s oily. Thanks for the tip!

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