Why Women Cut Their Hair After A Break Up

wp-monalisa icon Why does a woman cut her hair when broken hearted?

Relationships for women always leads to only two paths, one leads to 30 ft. of free flowing hair and the other one leads to… well a very short one. The cutting of hair post-breakups is a long founded tradition among women. But why exactly do they do this? Does it make things easier to bear? Ease the stress or perhaps to portray a new beginning? Well, let’s dig in a little deeper and find out why exactly this cutting deed is done!

A simple Google search will give you thousands and thousands of answers. I have stumbled upon a great number of reasons from women of different ages, nations and dialect, but despite all the barriers of culture and language, they all agree on the ultimate reason as to why the need to cut hair after having hearts broken. With that I present to you the reasons why a woman cuts her hair after a shattered love affair.

wp-monalisa icon Signifies Moving On
Being in the middle of a break up is, needless to say, extremely difficult. Questions as to what the next step is, what should be done and why did this happen are bound bombard your brain. However, that is merely the beginning of the hardships. Accepting your fate and moving on to a new life is the real test. This is why women cut their hair. It symbolizes a new beginning and of moving on. A new hairstyle envelops a woman with feelings of having a fresh new look as well as a fresh start.

wp-monalisa icon Reflects Feelings From Within
Anger and depression, if left unchecked, will inevitably give you an ugly appearance. Women cut their hair after having their heart torn apart to show everybody that she is changing from feelings deep within. It is a reflection of a sad soul, through a new appearance and an appealing one at that. It is also to prove that a torn heart will not destroy a woman; she can move on and be beautiful even while in pain.

wp-monalisa icon Cutting Hair Is All About Change
Change is what cutting hair is ultimately all about. A woman, after breaking up with a life that she has lived with for a very long time, goes through a bulldozer of emotions that she has to overcome if she were ever to move on. Cutting her hair sort of provides a burst of confidence, a little nudge into the right direction. Thinking about life just after a break up is nearly impossible, a new hairstyle helps women come to terms with the way things turned out and accept that change may not be all that bad after all.

There you have it, the reasons why women the hair they worked hard to grow for years.  At the end of the day this may be something impossible for men to really understand but ironically that’s probably how it really should be. Of course every woman is individually different and will have different ways to cope up with break ups, different reasons as to why cut her hair. Ultimately though, a woman cutting her hair demonstrates the power of her will to change and be beautiful about it.



Axel Collins is a freelance Hair Consultant and Stylist. Reading books, writing and listening to alternative rock music are her hobbies. She’s also fond of pet animals especially dogs.

16 Replies to “Why Women Cut Their Hair After A Break Up”

  1. Yeah most women do cut their hair after a break up. It does show a “moving on” aura … more like “a new me” kind of thing! More power to girls who win these trials! 🙂

    Happy weekend my dear!

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    ❤ ~Chai

    1. Yes, nicely said!! Have a good weekend yourself! 🙂

  2. yes.. so sad but keep moving!!

    1. it is sad :C
      but i really do agree that this is a great way to move on after a relationship!

  3. what should i do to completely move on?
    pls…give me some advice…i’m really feeling miserable right now…='(

    1. Aww I’m sorry to hear that. Dont feel down!! Even though I dont know you, I’m confident to say that this isn’t the end and that you will find someone much better suited for you. In the future you will look back to this moment and think on how much you have grown and learned from this experience, but also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are in a better place. Just keep all of this in mind. You may not know what the future holds for you and it is scary.. But you will be just fine!! For now, if I were you, I would give yourself a day, or even a week at most to let yourself cry and let all you sadness out. Then after this time has passed, tell yourself that you need to move on and try your best to think positive and be happy. Surround yourself with friends that you care about, or take this time to make new ones!! You can even talk to me anytime you want. Also to boost your confident, go give yourself a make over or buy some new clothes that you’ve always likes but never dared to try wearing. Do something new, as change to yourself really does help you feel like you are starting fresh. Take this time to reflect on yourself and how you can better who you are. Hope this helps~ keep your chin up, I wanna see you smiling <3

      1. thank you so much for such an inspiring advice…
        i am really trying my best to keep my chin up and smile even though i am feeling sad…
        i know in due time i’ll be a better person and he will regret that he let go of a person like me…
        thank you again, God Bless and keep on inspiring other girls…
        even though i don’t know you personally, i still want to be friends with you if that is okay?

        1. of course we can be friends! and i’m happy that you found my words inspring 🙂 hehehe. you can feel free to talk to me here on my blog, email me (sarahruthyim@gmail.com), or add me on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/sarahruthyim).

          anyways you dont need to try to hide your sadness all the time. sometimes you really cant help it and it comes out. which is why i think its good to give yourself that time that you need to just cry as much of it out as you can.

          the best way to move on though is exactly what you said. to better yourself and sort of make that person regret loosing you. haha, its kind of weird to say, but totally normal and everyone does it! just dont let yourself get too carried away with trying to be better infront of this person, but just try to make yourself better as a whole 🙂

          stay strong and feel free to message me ANYtime.

  4. After 3 year of trying to grow my hair today i cutt it ,,i really wanna be another new of me and forget all my pains and hard times …

    1. aww, well i hope you find the new you! it’s quite refreshing to cut off the old 🙂 best of luck!

  5. Your posts made my day ladies thanks☺☺

    1. Happy to hear! 😀

  6. I lop u

    1. thanks for visiting! 🙂

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