Dolly Wink Eyebrow Powder (Honey Brown) Review

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I know this product isn’t anything new, but I’m still discovering and trying out all of the Dolly Wink products.

Just think of it as, you are following me on my journey to obtain gyaru eyebrows. If you have any eyebrow tips, feel free to leave me a comment. Don’t worry, I don’t get butt hurt by criticism, I just like to improve myself.

Today I’ll be reviewing Tsubasa Masuwaka’s Dolly Wink Eyebrow Powder in Honey Brown.

My pledge mom from my sorority was way too nice and she bought me this. We got it from one of my go to make up shops in Little Tokyo for about ~$16.

The eyebrow powder comes in 3 different shades: Honey Brown, Choco Brown, and Dark Brown

I got the lightest color, Honey Brown!!

After opening up the package, you get this cheap little piece of ____. What did you think I was gonna say?? wp-monalisa icon? Wrong. Plastic!

Anyways, the packaging feels super cheap, almost like it is made for kids. I would say that it looks and feels like makeup that you would get at the dollar store, that’s how cheap it is! And it wouldn’t even be worth a dollar for one because it would come in a pack of two!

So once you get over the fact of how cheap the product feels and wipe away your tears from spending so much money on this cheap little piece of… plastic

You can open up the makeup and  find that there are two shades and a tiny wack a** brush (don’t worry, I’m sure you got the a** correct).

The two shades that the eyebrow powder comes with are complimentary with each other. They are meant for you to use and blend together to create the most natural look for your eyebrows. I use the lighter shade for the inner and mid-section of my eyebrow and the darker shade for my arch and beyond.

The brush is tiny and hard to pick up. Instead of picking it out, I would recommend just flipping over the case and letting it fall out into your hand.

Pros: One thing that I do like about the brush is that it picks up a lot of powder. Since the botton of it is flat, you get a fully loaded brush to work with. I find that it is great for using to fill in the inner and mid-section of your eyebrows. If you are looking for nice, full and youthful looking brows, this helps create them nicely.

Cons: However, the downside of the brush is that it isn’t very pointed or stiff, so it is a bit hard to create a nice tip to your eyebrows or really control your shape. I would recommend using something else for the rest of your brows.

Here are swatches of the two colors.

Each are highly pigmented and pick up fairly easily. They also have a super soft looking matte finish, which I absolutely love.

Here’s my before and after of using the eyebrow powder.

This product is very easy to use for filling in. One thing that I found useful in filling them in, is brush on the powder in the opposite direction of how your hairs grow to create full looking eyebrows.

Hehehe, don’t mind my eyes. I think this may be your first time seeing my eyes without circle lens on!! I’m shywp-monalisa icon

Here’s a close up of one of my eyebrows. As you can see, the eyebrow powder isn’t very harsh at all, but looks very soft. I think this is the first step to achieving the type of eyebrows that I am going for. The next step is for me to probably find a good eyebrow mascara.

Eyebrow Powder vs. Eye Shadow
I’ve actually never bought eyebrow powder before. I usually use eye shadow for my eyebrows because I always thought that they were the same? I have learned that eyebrow powder really helps you have better control over filling in your eyebrows. With eye shadow, I tend to make certain parts of my eyebrow too dark and it forces me to have to try rubbing some off or blending it in. Ends up being a hassle sometimes. With the eyebrow powder, I don’t have to worry about applying slowly, little by little, I can just do it quickly without worrying like I used to.

Eyebrow Powder vs. Eyebrow Pencil
I am still a fan of eyebrow pencils as you have the most amount of control with them. But some things that are difficult to do with pencil, such as the inner eyebrow area, can be easily done with a powder. Also sometimes it is hard to fill in little spaces with a pencil because the hair is in the way. I would say the best way to do your eyebrows is actually a combination of both; eyebrow powder for the inner and mid-section of your eyebrow and pencil to draw in the arch.

Dolly Wink Eyebrow Powder in Honey Brown Overall Rating: ★★★★

  • I actually really love this product and feel that it does a great job
  • I can see how this eyebrow powder is different from using eye shadow
  • It’s a bit pricey, but I would say that it’s fairly easy to find online or in asian stores
  • I’m not really over the quality of the packaging however, if you drop it, I would say that it’s done-zo
  • For eyebrows, I feel that eyebrow powder is the best option for filling them in
  • Very easy to use and quick!
  • Comes with two colors so that you can customize your look with ease
  • The brush isn’t the best, but I like that it comes with one
  • This color matches my current hair color perfectly, great for blondes or those with light brown hair
  • Great for carrying around in your purse and travel
  • No fall out and the color stays on all day long

wp-monalisa icon HELP! Question: I’m looking for an eyebrow mascara the really really lighten my eyebrows (a lot!!), do you gals have any suggestions? Right now I’m debating between Dolly Wink’s eyebrow mascara and Heavy Rotation’s eyebrow mascara. What do you think?

xoxo Sarah


17 Replies to “Dolly Wink Eyebrow Powder (Honey Brown) Review”

  1. I haven’t personally tried Dolly Wink’s mascara but I’ve heard good things from it. When I met gyaru, Kayo Goto, she said that girls use Dolly Winks: mascara, eyebrow pencil, and eyebrow powder. It’s bit much to achieve gyaru eyebrows. I’m still trying to improve my look.

    1. ahhh thank you thank you thank you for your comment. i can see how they would use all 3. haha well i guess i’ll start with the eyebrow mascara!! time to go shoopppinngggg <3 39 sachi~

  2. I’ve been sticking to KATE eyebrow & nose powder because i can’t find a eyebrow pencil that is light enough for blonde 🙁 I find eyebrow/nose powder takes forever to define. BUT, the best things are eyebrow mascaras! I heard great things about both dollywink and heavy rotation, I’d go for the cheaper one 😛 And I also recommend eyebrow mascaras from Kose Cosmagic and KATE! Tested and approved by me 😀

    1. omg thanks so much!! ahh and yes, i find this to be a horrible problem.. finding eyebrow pencils or powders that are light enough for blonde hair. eeekk, i’ll really have to check out your recommendations. so many new options to explore!! i really appreciate your comment, thanks catherine! <3

  3. Yeah, I can see the hairs on the brush spreading out. Then again most brushes that come with the product aren’t that great… hehe~ This looks great on you! 🙂

    1. loll yeaa.. stupid brush with stupid little hairs going ever which way. oh well, it gets the job done if you don’t have anything else to use 😀

  4. It looks good on you! I used to draw my eyebrows with eyebrow pencils but I’m more into powder and gels. Does Dolly Wink also have darker shadows?

    1. yes! dolly wink has two darker shades, choco brown and dark brown. im sure one of them should be able to suit you 🙂
      eyebrow gel!? they have that?? is that kinda like… eyebrow mascara? lol idk why i think of gel eyeliner type thing but for eyebrows. haha~

  5. I usually use a Liole eyebrow pencil but I’ve always been intrigued by brow powders. Thanks for the review!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. i think brow powders, or eye shadows are awesome. u should give it a try!!

  6. love it!! need to try <3 btw I have the Heavy Rotation’s eyebrow mascara and it's great I really suggest it

    1. ahhh yes i’ll have to test it out.. or maybe just buy it. im getting ppl who are saying to get dolly and other ppl who say heavy rotation! idk which one to go with >.<

  7. I’ve heard a lot about this brand babe, of course they’re not available in SA or cruelty free so I can’t use it, but their stuff always looks amazing 🙂 x x

    1. aww thats too bad :C thats amazing that you use 100% cruelty free products!! i applaud your efforts. lol i feel so guilty now..

  8. I don´t try this product before but looks really interesting I reallly need this because my eyeborws are more dark than my hair.
    Many thanks for share sweetie.
    If you don´t read my comment in your last post I want repeat that lens looks georgeus on you.


    1. loll i just responded to your last comment. thanks for telling me again! it makes me even happier. you should try an eyebrow mascara!! and do a review! lol i need to buy one 😀

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