Girls Night Out + Before/After Clubbing Makeup

I love girls night out! I don’t really get the chance to have one too often because I am always so busy.. but I am going to make an effort to try to help plan a girls night out at least once a month with my lovely girlfriends. Let’s do this!

Haha, vegas anyone??? *ahem* Teewa~~ hehehe ^^

Alright, so the night started at my apartment with these two beautiful ladies, Jiawen and Grace.

pose, pose, pose *smile*

We were running a little late, haha probably shouldn’t have been snapping these last minute photos. Look! There’s Dumpling the corgi on our apartment wall.

Here’s a closer look at my clubbing make. I also decided to curl my hair tonight. Ekkk, my roots are showing. Two days after going clubbing I finally touched up my roots, but my hair as a whole is now darker than it was before. I’m kinda sad that its darker…

And also here is my outfit of the night! Top from Guess, necklace borrowed from Jiawen from F21, skirt is borrowed from Grace from F21, heels are Jeffrey Campbell, and bracelets are from Guess/H&M/others…

I love these heels btw. And it was my first time wearing them out, I’m surprised by how comfortable they were and that I was able to survive the night in them!

After we finally got to the club, we met up with Teewa and Bori. Sorry for keeping your girls waiting!! But you two were gorgeous and most definitely were the hottest girls in the club!!

Ahh and thank God we got into the club for free, haha, I would have been so sad if I failed you guys.

The first thing we did when we got inside was go to the bathroom and we took a bunch of failed bathroom pictures before deciding on getting trashed.

I didn’t drink much this night, but check out Bori double fisting it, haha she cray cray. I just got my usual Jack&Coke.

My cheersto making it count” somehow followed us into 2013 thanks to Teewa. You really like it don’t you? Haha, good, cuz I do too!

After dancing our feet off we ended up back around the bar, but managed to slip in a few nice photos.

Awww, you girls are down for coming out. Love that <3

The night that we went was the night that Emma Hewitt performed. She’s so beautiful!! Ahhh!!! If you want to see more photos from the event, click here.

A photo that I stole from the club’s website, hehe. It’s so clear compared to our cell phones.

Right before Jiawen had one drink too many. Oh poor Jiawen. I can’t believe that by drinking a sip of warm water, you came back to life.

Yay Jiawen is alive!! She’s alive!! and panty shots, haha please excuse me.

Agepoyoooo~! Lol. Let’s all go back to the dance floor, cuz thats what we did.

Alright so the night was great and I can’t wait till we get to go out again soon~ Let’s go~!

Oh yea, heres a photo for your guys to see my face without make up and with. What do you think?? Do I look funny? Haha~ I don’t like showing myself so bare.. but I thought this would be a fun photo to share with you all. Hope you enjoy!!

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12 Replies to “Girls Night Out + Before/After Clubbing Makeup”

  1. You and your friends all look stunning! Glad to see you had a great night.
    As for the before and after photo – I think you look as pretty as ever with or without make up 😛

    1. Thanks so much! You are truly too sweet *^^*

  2. Agree with Danielle about your before & after pictures!!


    and what the heck..i looked soo crappy. i did a last second outfit change. all you girlies were HOTT! and i love your shoes!!!!!!!!!

    1. Haha u looked stunning Teewa! Don’t be silly. And I seriously can’t wait for Vegas!! Woohoo!

  3. You girls look great! LOL at the blooper shots haha. You guys know how to really have fun! 🙂

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    1. Lol thanks girl!! 😀

  4. You look gorgeous girl! I’m so envious of your body haha!

    1. Really? Haha I think I can use a lot more toning up, but thanks!!! 🙂

  5. I think you look good with and without the
    I don’t go out alot, and its not really my
    scene really. The only thing that I like
    are my friends around me 😛 So nice that
    you guys got a free entrance!


    1. thanks! thats nice of you. and yes free entrance is always a must for me. i hate paying to club since there is always a club somewhere that will let you in for free.

  6. That looks like Exchange! LOL I remember trying to rush the guestlist times before =___= so hectic. I heard Colony is good on Fridays, but I’m not really a clubbing a person! I did go quite often when I was in LA because it was ALWAYS someone’s birthday.. But oh Exchange and their LA waters…

    1. lolll.. why yes that is exchange! i have been to colony on fridays, but its not really my favorite. actually i dont like it when theres sooooo many asians everywhere. it drives me a little crazy. haha and you’re right. its ALWAYS someones birthday. thats basically the only time that i go clubbing these days.. but yea, trying to start up a monthly girls night out!! 😀

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