Cupcake Necklace x Kawaii Cute Creation Review

Hello Everyone! 

Recently I had the pleasure of doing a collaboration with Etsy shop owner Arielle from Kawaii Cute Creation.

One thing that I liked is that my package arrived fast, I think about 3 or 4 days? But that’s probably because we are both based in USA.

I’d also like to note that Arielle is the sweetest girl ever! She’s so cute, and I was really excited to work with her because I think everything in her shop is to die for!!

 I want to eat everything! *nom nom nom*

One thing important to look for in a seller is that they make sure your product is protected. Since all of her items are handmade with love, they should be protected with bubble wrap! So I was happy to see that she made a concious effort to do so.

This is something thats not necessary, but it shows that the seller cares for you and what they are selling.

Within the bubble wrap packaging was this super cute bag.

When my fiancé saw this bag he said,
wow she really lives up to her shop name, it’s so kawaii!!” LOL~

Here’s what came inside the bag: Happy short note that made me smile (especially because it’s on Rilakkuma paper, you know I’m a die hard Rilakkuma fan), some of her business cards, and another little bag containing the necklace (wow).

Also, I’m not sure if you noticed, but the bags were sealed closed with kawaii sticker tape! Guh, cuteness overload! This is the kind of attention to detail that you want to look for from a seller!! Extra props to you, Arielle!

Now looking at the cupcake necklace that I received.. ahhh! 

The cupcake necklace comes in a bunch of different colors. I got the pink one, which comes with a necklace chain that matches the cupcake’s color.

The cupcake can be easily removed from the chain in case you wanted to add it on to another existing jewelry or accessory piece.

Hehe, I love these macro shots of this adorable necklace. It’s so cute and detailed! Look at the texture on the cupcake, frosting, and sprinkles!!

Doesn’t this make you feel like a little girl?
I get really happy every time I look at it.

Here I am sporting the necklace. I find myself buying so many pastel colored clothes lately.

I think this cupcake goes really well with all of my pastel outfits. But then again, it also looks good on black.. so maybe it can match with anything. I love it!

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 Please check out Kawaii Cute Creation’s Etsy Shop: 

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 Use discount code “WELCOME10” for an instant 10% off your purchase at Kawaii Cute Creation.

If you’re not lazy, you can also get 20% off if you follow the special offer instructions on Kawaii Cute Creation’s Etsy homepage.

Anyways, check out Arielle’s shop on Etsy, Kawaii Cute Creation!
I think it’s always a great thing to support the little shops.

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xoxo Sarah 

8 Replies to “Cupcake Necklace x Kawaii Cute Creation Review”

  1. Awhh that’s such a cute necklace! Just wanted to let you know that my package also has arrived 🙂

    1. thanks for letting me know!! 🙂


    1. it is isn’t it!? gahh <3

  3. OMG it’s filled with cuteness! Lovely items! Perfect!
    Happy weekend dear!

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    1. thanks you toooooooo <3

  4. OMG theyare soooo cuteeee and tasty looking! <3

    1. i know!! i wish i could eat them alll >.<*

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