Fynale J01 Honoo Blue Circle Lens Review

Here’s the circle lens review that I promised that I would publish this week!

These lens were sponsored by Love Shoppingholics for my cosplay character Sailor Venus that I will be wearing on Saturday at Anime Expo in Los Angeles.

Since Sailor Venus has blue eyes, I choose to wear the Fynale J01 Honoo Blue (~$22).

I was actually sponsored two lens, since I have two different cosplays that I will be doing… but I’m going to review each lens separately. However, here’s how everything was packaged!

Inside the cute bag were contact cases for each lens pair, a thank you card, and the circle lens securely bubble wrapped.

Inside the bubble wrap were two boxes, each containing the circle lens.

Origin: Korea
Diameter: 15.00mm
Water Content: 55%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year disposal*

*I don’t recommend keeping any circle lens for
more than 4 months (which is already realllyyyy pushing it imo)

Available in many different colors: Black, pink, violet, brown, gray, blue, green, and red.

My thoughts on the color:

What I love about these circle lens is that the color is very noticeable! That’s the main reason why I choose these lens for my cosplay, because I wanted you to be able to really tell that my eyes were blue.

The color is so vibrant that it does make it look unreal. I actually hate the way these lens look on me if I don’t wear much makeup. It stands out too much and I look kinda weird. But I do have to say that with some make up on, these lens have the complete opposite effect, and are actually very stunning!

Let’s take a closer look at the design:

Looking more closely at the lens, it has black rim that makes your eyes look bigger. But unlike some other black rims that have an even thickness around the lens, this black rim looks more natural as it varies all around. This helps create more depth to your eyes and also makes it appear more natural.

The blue area has different transparencies, some that are almost empty pockets, while others contain very strong hues of blue. This gives a nice punch of blue on darker eyes, while also integrating some of the natural eye color as well. This really helps make the blue stand out more.

On the inner part of the circle lens (where the blue ends), there are tiny dots of black, which creates a circle. I really don’t think this adds much to the design, but I guess it may if you have naturally lighter colored eyes.

Below is a close up of me wearing the Fynale J01 Honoo Blue lens.

Also, here’s me with and without the lens, as well as indoor and camera flash lighting.

Overall, I think these lens are great if you are in the mood for something a little crazier and fun. Since its sunnier now, I think it’s the best time to be wearing blue circle lens! And with this particular lens, it lights up beautifully in bright lights.

What do you think of these circle lens?

Here are some camera whoring photos that I took of myself.

I’ve been working on trying to improve my gyaru makeup techniques. I think I’ve come a long way since I first started. Maybe I’ll do a blog post with photos of my journey.

Fynale J01 Honoo Blue Circle Lens Overall Rating: ★★★★★
Color:  ★★★★★
Enlargement: ★★★★★
Comfort: ★★★★★
Natural-ness: ★★☆ (this is sorta biased since it’s blue)

And this concludes my circle lens review!

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xoxo Sarah 


22 Replies to “Fynale J01 Honoo Blue Circle Lens Review”

  1. how cool love the color! and it looks great on you

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    No Bake Cake Pops Giveaway

    1. yea the color is fun~ thankkkss <3

  2. The bear packaging is really cute <3 and awww sailor Venus!!! My favorite sailor all time haha post many pics of your cosplay ^^ and I really love how the blue lenses look so pretty and not fake looking. And I definitely love your eyes so much Sarah! So beautiful with the lashes too~~~


    1. awww thanks so much! that makes me happy to hear that you like my eyes and lashes ^3^
      and dont worry, i’ll be posting a lot of cosplay photos later on once the convention comes around in a few weeks!!

  3. Those are really pretty on you 🙂 Actually I love brown eyes more than anything so your real eye color is prettier tho 😀

    1. ahhh but brown is so normal. hahaha, we always like what we don’t have =P

  4. Oh you’re cosplaying?? *___* I should go find you while you’re in costume!!! I was stupid and forgot my camera battery for Fanime so I didn’t get to take too many pictures of people.. I shall be prepared for AX!

    I keep forgetting to message you on kakao.. I shall do so tonight!

    1. lollll yea i am cosplaying. its actually my first time doing a REAL cosplay. ooii >.< photos. i dont know how well any of my cosplays will turn out, haha so i am terrified of being photographed! but i can't wait to see you 🙂

  5. I basically loved the design of the contacts because it’s simple. The outer black ring’s design is unique as many contact lenses have a simple black ring.

    1. yea the design is nice! a little more thought out than maybe some other circle lens~

  6. Oh really lovely and cute lens swetie!


    1. thanks so much <3

  7. Wow, they look so cool! Need them too ^^
    Thanks for the review, honey!

    1. yea you should definitely check them out!

  8. The packaging is ridiculously cute!! ^u^ The color and design is very eye-popping! Are those the lenses you wore for your Sailor Venus cosplay?

    <2 Sachiko

    1. Yes yes! I wore these for my sailor Venus cosplay 🙂

  9. i bought this because of your review! just waiting to arrive <3 thank u so much! i was curious to see you as Venus! i did Moon once! big kisses from Brazil! =3

    ps:you are super pretty and love the blog too!

    1. ahh thats great to hear! i hope you like them as much as i do!

  10. where can i order one?

    1. you can get it from where i got it:

      they are a very trust worthy circle lens site and i highly recommend them!

  11. GReat review! Thank you for sharing!


    1. why thank you for reading!

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