DIY Kawaii Rilakkuma Keychain

<( hello loves~! )

I was away in San Diego for the past 3 days,
and my old Macbook didn’t work properly.
Result: I got no work done and also never got to do a blog post!!

Today I am going to share with you my new keychain!

This is what it looked like before… ughh~ so nasty looking.

My old keys from left to right:
Darth Vader Lego (one of his hands fell off T-T)
Sapporo bottle opener
PetSmart Membership
old apartment key (don’t know why I still have this one)
Corgi key (I don’t know what key this is!)
home key
recreation center key
car key (vroom vroom)

And it’s all held together with my mini silver carabiner!

Things I bought:
Purple carabiner with three loops on the bottom (Amazon ~$5)
Rilakkuma Key Covers (Ebay ~$3 each)

So you probably noticed, I have a thing for carabiners. I just love how convenient they are and how I can hook them to my purse or belt loop.

This carabiner that I bought off of Amazon is PERFECT! ★★★★★

Overall, I would recommend this key cover that I bought off Ebay.

The seller that I linked above isn’t the same one that I bought from though. And actually the prices went up a tiny bit since I bought these last year!

Quality wise, I think they feel sturdy and solid. Also unlike a lot of key covers that don’t fit my average key shape, this one seemed to fit well. The only thing that I’m a bit upset with is that on one of them, after shoving my key in, the opening started to rip a bit. But of course, this is easily fixed with some super glue!

Alright, so originally, I was going to paint my extra keys that I didn’t have key cover for, but it looks like I don’t have any extra keys that I’m going to keep. So I decided to paint my Sapporo bottle opener to give it a fresh look.

I scraped off the Sapporo label off of the bottle opener and began painting with my old NYC 105A Starry Silver Glitter nail polish (one of my all time favorites!!!).

You can of course paint your keys any color of your choice and even paint on designs or add glitter to them! But this is just what was convenient for me.

Here’s the final result of what my new keychain looks like!
I love it~ it’s so much cuter than before!

As you can see, I placed each Rilakkuma key on its own loop,
and the beer bottle opener in the middle.

You may wonder why my car key is not in any of the loops, but the reason for this is because I like to be able to freely remove it from my keychain with ease. I find this most important for when I valet my car. I don’t want to give them all of my keys, so I just unhook my car key from my carabiner and hand that over.

Also, you might be thinking, why don’t you deco your car key? I totally would, but I realized that I’m probably gonna end up selling my car, so I should keep the key in its most original condition.

Do you like my new keys?

Haha, it’s so much cuter than my old ones!! And I like that it’s more minimal.


Okay, now that I’m done talking about my keys…
Miss Rhea requested that I post new photos of myself after I dyed my hair.
Here’s some photos of me without any photo filters!!

Sorry for the mess, these were taken in our hotel room in San Diego.

I would say that this photo below best portrays my hair color in real life.

And this concludes my post for today.
Coming up next: Circle lens review.

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xoxo Sarah 

18 Replies to “DIY Kawaii Rilakkuma Keychain”

  1. omg i love rilakkuma! so cute 😀 and hehe looking forward to CL review 🙂
    Hope youre enjouing the summer bb~

    1. lol yes rilakkuma ftw!! i love rilakkuma everything <3
      hope you are enjoying your summer as well!

    2. This is me. 👱‍♀️ 💙 Rilakuma!!

  2. I love your fresh dyed hair!
    And the (unknown) corgi key is just
    too cute 😛 Love the updating keychain
    rescue! Xx

    1. thanks!! <333
      hahaha im so curious what door that corgi key opens >.< i didn't throw it away just incase...

  3. super cute!!! thanks for sharing ^_^

    1. glad you think its cute! 😀

  4. I love the way you transformed your “geek-boyish” keys into “sweet girly” ones! And I love your new haircolour! (secretly because it’s so similar to mine ^_^)

    1. haha geek-boyish keys. i guess it does look sorta like that huh? happy that you like my new keeeeyyyyzzzz. and cheers to having the same hair color!

  5. Eeee, the Rilakkuma keys are so cute! ^__^ Definitely want something like this <3
    – A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

    1. thanks! i love my new keys so far 🙂

  6. You have a penchant for cute things. Me too! Haha! Those key rings are awesome! 🙂
    Lovely look too in that maxi dress dear! Amazing showcase of your new hair color 🙂
    Keep in touch dear!
    Happy weekend! (^_~)v

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    1. haha yes i do like all things cute. well especially rilakkuma items. thanks for the compliments!! happy monday~

  7. Cute keychain;)
    Check out my:
    My Jewelry Shop
    My Blog

    1. thanks <3

  8. I loved the key, is so Kawaii!

    The photos are great, do not worry.

    I have been very good hair, I love side ponytails.

    And the beautiful dress!

    Thanks for making us reach 300 followers!

    A greeting!

    1. yay congrats on reaching 300! i’m happy to be one of your followers 🙂
      hehehe i love side ponytails too!

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