L’Oréal Superior Preference Lightest Ash Blonde Hair Dye Review

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Okay, now onto the post!

Just last week, I dyed my roots. But instead of dying it with my normal color, Champagne Blonde (you can read my review on it here), I used the lighter color – L’Oréal Superior Preference Lightest Ash Blonde.

My initial thoughts were that I wanted my hair to turn out lighter, so I should get a lighter color, right? And comparing the two colors, I thought maybe it would be okay since they were both “cooler/ash.”

Originally in the past, I opted out of picking this hair dye box because of the shade guide. The before colors were way to light in comparison to the Champagne Blonde box. I decided to ignore it this time and just test it out.

I’m not gonna go into details about what’s in the box or how to dye your hair since you can read it all in my last review. I will however talk a little bit about my thoughts from using this particular color, Lightest Ash Blonde.

So in my before photo, you can see that I have:

  • Black roots
  • Previously dyed grown out roots from the Champagne Blonde box
  • Blonde highlights

The after photo shows:

  • Black roots have been completely dyed to match the rest of my hair color
  • My Blonde highlights are brighter
  • Overall tone of hair that is not bleached is a bit too warm (orangey) for my taste

If you are dying black hair lighter, I recommend using the Champagne Blonde box instead, as it does a better job of lightening and achieving a ashy tone. However, I do think that the Light Ash Blonde could work if you dyed your hair twice, but why would you if there are better options?

My next step now should probably be to use a good toner to get my hair back to that nice cool ash color that I love.

L’Oréal Superior Preference Light Ash Blonde Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable alternative to retouching in a salon
  • Lightens black hair to a medium warm brown
  • Does not achieve a cool ash tone if you hair color is too dark prior to dying, but will if your hair is already lightened
  • I will not use this again, but instead switch back to Champagne Blonde (I’ve learned my lesson)
  • My hair feels softer and healthier

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xoxo Sarah 

26 Replies to “L’Oréal Superior Preference Lightest Ash Blonde Hair Dye Review”

  1. I’ve been wanting to try lighter shades. I tried to have my hair done at a salon for a wine red color, they chose a little darker tone because they were scared I’d have flaming hot red hair … but it turned out not too visible >.< Oh well! I will settle for ligther colors next time hehe 🙂

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    1. i think i wanna go lighter too. hahaha my hair is still too dark for my taste!

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    1. going to go check out your blog now 😉

  3. Looks nice Sarah c: XX

    1. thanks!! <3

  4. The color is nice but is too orange for me!
    For one more light color your need bleach your hair!

    1. yea i totally agree with you. its a tad bit too orange. actually when you step back and look at my entire hair as a whole, its really not that orange at all. but i would be happier with a more ash color. we’ll see what happens~

  5. Your blog is super super cute!

    Please check out my blog too: heylinni.blogspot.com
    Fashion, hauls, ulzzang, tutorials, reviews <3
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    1. thanks rachel! 🙂

  6. Hey Sarah!
    Your highlights came great practically matching the box cover. I did notice for black roots the lighter the dye, the more orange it turns out. I’m sure if you dyed it ash blonde again the roots will come out better 🙂 Maybe I’ll try L’Oreal cause it is cheaper than Palty. I’m so broke now T^T

    1. Yes! That is my conclusion as well. Black hair does turn orange first before becoming fully stripped of color. I agree that if I used the same box a second time, the results would be much better. U should try l’oreal. I think the quality is good and very affordable!

  7. I love preference dyes! Their colors always have really good results and there’s a lot of choices!

    Babe I think I’m probably going to AX!! Huhuhuhu, do you have line, whatsapp, or kakaotalk?

    1. yea it’s been my go to hair dye! i think the colors are a lot better than the other brands, and it comes out well too. yay i’ll see you at AX! i have kakaotalk 🙂

      1. Oh yay!!! Ok add me on Kakao~ “esun102” , hohoho I’m so excited!

        1. ok i just added u! lol i never really use kakaotalk, except to message one of my friends that doesn’t have text. hahaha i just made a user ID. lolll~

  8. I use Ash Blonde to dye my hair a similar color as well, but I use Nice ‘n Easy. Gotta love store brands. 😀 (I’m too broke to afford expensive dye. lol.)

    1. hey allison! lol i didnt recognize your name at first, but i recognized your photo! yea, store brand boxes are nice since they come with everything. i think i’m done with the salon scene for now~

      1. Lol, yeah, this is my “internet name.” :3 I’m done with the salon scene for now too when it comes to dying my hair.

        1. haha your internet is cute. i should have probably done that… oh well, too late, my name has already been spammed all over the internet.

  9. please upload fotd using new hair color dear <3 u must be looks so pretty 😀
    add my kakao please? ID: gitalesmana

    1. sure, i’ll post some photos the next chance i get 🙂
      also, i added you on kakaotalk!!

  10. thanks for the review! im thinking of picking up champagne blonde sometime this week. by the way, how long is your hair and did you use one box or two boxes?

    1. My hair goes just past my belly button. But it’s pretty thin. I used one box and had plenty of extra. So unless you have really thick long hair, I think one should be enough! Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

  11. Wow, your hair became a lot lighter! The result is nice but it’s a bit too orange for my taste :c I’m gonna dye my hair this summer lighter too 🙂
    Thanks for visiting my blog <3 you have a new follower! your blog seems to be lovely ^~^*

    1. yea just a bit too orange. haha~ i’ve been lazy and i really should be using a toner. but we’ll see. i think i might lighten my hair a bit more before using a toner. thanks for following my blog! i’ll be looking out for your new hair color 🙂

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