Photo Shoot With Mr & Miss Engaged

While we were in Hawaii and sometime after the proposal,
he had pre-arranged a photo shoot  for us!

I didn’t really have clothes fit for a shoot,
so we did a little shopping and here are some of our photos.

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Meet Mister & Miss Engaged

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Okay, thats all the photos that I will show you from the shoot.
Which one is your favorite? Personally, I only liked a couple of them.

Here’s a photo of me after the shoot.
I was pretty famished by then.

We had dinner after the photo shoot at Coconut Fish Cafe.
The fish tacos were unique and tasty.

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I felt like a weirdo wearing what I wore, too.
I kept accidentally flashing people everywhere I went, lol.

After dinner and back at our beach house,
we took a few more photos.

Here’s me pretending to be surprised!! *shock*

wp-monalisa icon Let me tell you a little about this ring and why it’s special wp-monalisa icon
We are fans of quality versus size. He made sure to get the best, thank you!

If you didn’t know, diamonds are graded based on
weight, color, clarity, and cut. (see grading scale)

My favorite number is 8,
so he searched for a diamond weight that was exactly .88!!

The color grade is D (colorless), which is actually the highest on the scale.
But there is also a medium blue fluorescence, when under UV light!

The clarity grade is VVS2 (very very slightly included)
and the cut grade is excellent.

I love that the diamond size is not overwhelming on my finger,
and that the band is classic and simple.
Lately I noticed that the trend of rings are to be entirely encrusted in diamonds (like this),
but that’s really just too much!

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Thank you for knowing me and for picking the right ring for me!
Haha, time to shop for wedding bands?

We didn’t know at the time, but my ring size is 3.5!
Before he proposed, he tried measuring my finger while I was sleeping.

LOL~ is that funny or what?
I woke up half asleep and caught him! But totally forgot the next day.

These are very unattractive photos of us laying down
where our chins disappear into our necks.

Good thing my hands are there to hide it!

Okay, thats all I have to show for today.
I’ll be posting a review next (I think!).

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xoxo Sarah 

8 Replies to “Photo Shoot With Mr & Miss Engaged”

  1. Cannot believe how thoughtful your man is. He actually booked an engagement shoot?! And the story behind the ring is amazing. Truely found your prince charming by the sounds of it!

    I like the silhouette photo and the one by the sea with the sun flares between you both 🙂

    1. yea i’m surprised he booked a shoot for us! if you knew him irl, i think you would be ultra surprised. haha.

  2. Aww Sarah congrats!!! You two are such a cute and gorgeous couple. I love the silhouette photo the most but the others are also lovely especially the ones in the beach <3 and he's so thoughtful 😀 the ring looks so pretty too , congrats again Sarah ^^ you two look so adorable in the last pictures~

    1. thank you so much! your comments make me smile. hehe <3

  3. oohhh how sweet ^_^

    1. it was! i feel lucky <3

  4. so cute! congratulations! 🙂
    I found your blog through the lime crime lipstick review XD

    1. ooOo thanks for letting me know, and thanks! hope you enjoy my blog, haha 😀

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