3 Days Of Diving Adventures In Hawaii

Lol, so I created this blog post a couple weeks ago… but I ended up never finishing it because of all the darn video editing (the horror)! I found an easier way to crop out parts of my video, so I am now using iMovie instead of what I was using before (and it doesn’t lag my computer, scoreeee~).

Okay, are you ready?? Here goes 3 days of diving (and more) from my Hawaii trip. Yes.. I know this is way overdue.. Just bare with me now!


On the first day, we ate at Da Kitchen. I must say, this food was pretty bomb and they sure do give you a lot for the little you pay. Gosh, looking at these photos make me just wanna go back to Hawaii for the food!!!

So here goes our first dive. All three days were spent with the Lahaina Divers. I must say, one of the dive team crew members from day one looked very handsome, just like Thor!! I really wish I could have snapped a photo of him, but I was really shy.

Our day one dive was at the Molokini Crater. There we had visibility for just about as far as the eye could see. We saw tons of coral, various fish, and some white tip sharks.

Here’s a brief video from our day one dive. Please excuse the video editing… During our dive, we also heard whales making sounds, pretty cool, but I don’t think you can hear it in the video.

After diving, we tried to boogie board for a while. It was a total fail so we found this nice little Italian restaurant instead. All of the food was amazing! This concludes day one of diving.



On our way to our day two dive site, we saw several pods of dolphin! Wow, there were so many and it was a sight that I will never forget. They were everywhere around us, and even right under my feet! As we began to accelerate, a few of the dolphins kept up with our boat up until about 40+ mph (I have a video of this below).

I really, really wish we could have just jumped in the water and swam with them!

This must have been our lucky day, because we also saw whales!! There’s something about whales that both scare me and amaze me at the same time. I’ve always had weird dreams of whales since I was a kid, so this really made my day to see them so close.

There were at least two male whales chasing after the female. The female is the one with the arm flapping around.

Finally at our dive site, we went to Lanai Second Cathedral. At this dive site, there were lots of ledges and swim throughs. The “cathedrals” have ceilings that are 25-30 ft. above you. There are plenty of ambient light shinning through the openings of the cathedral, so flash lights were not necessary.

If you watch in the first video, you’ll see some of the cathedral and also the extremely rare species of albino white coral that is hanging upside down like a “chandelier.”

The second video shows fish swarming a nest of eggs. Basically, there are these male fish that guard their eggs (the purple stuff), and if you swim to close to them, the male will come charging at you in defense. However, it’s mostly a bluff to try to scare you off, and if you actually keep swimming towards them, the male will just retreat. Once he retreats, lots of fish rush in to eat the eggs.. kinda sad, but interesting to see how nature works. In fact, a lot of the times, these random fish that want to eat the eggs are so smart, that they will swim really close to a diver to disorient him or her in hopes of leading them too close to the eggs to scare of the male so that they can eat the eggs! Interesting, huh?

After our dive, we headed over to Cool Cat Cafe for some lunch. I saw another table eating this chili rice bowl and decided that I had to get one for myself! I love chili, fo reals.

Right across from the restaurant was the super large Banyan Tree. This tree is actually one of the largest in the United States and it was imported over from India in the late 1800’s. I’ve actually never seen or heard of tree’s like this before, so I was in awe when I saw it.

Can you believe that this is all one tree??? This tree spans a whole city block and has twelve major trunks.

At night, we decided to go to a comedy magic show, Warren & Annabelle’s Magic Nightclub. I’m not sure why, but it seems that we always end up at all the events that have all the old people, haha. I guess we are like an old married couple…

Anywho, the entrance to the dining area was very unique. To enter into the dining area, we were given a key and lead into a room that had only a bookshelf and four doors. Each door was labeled different titles such as prosperity, wisdom, etc. We had to use the key to figure out which door would lead us out of the room, but in the end we found out that it was not any of the doors, but a hidden keyhole in the bookshelf!

During dinner, we were entertained by a “ghost” who took piano song requests.

When it finally came time for the magic show, we were asked if we wanted to sit in the front and be one of the four “volunteers.” We figured, ehh, why notttt. Although we were picked on (though not as much as the others, hehehe), we had a great view.

Omg, and the magic tricks were amazing! I seriously can’t figure out any of them… Like how he changed the time of a person’s watch without ever touching the watch. I highly recommend this show if you are ever in Maui. If you’re curious, you can watch videos that people recorded and uploaded to youtube.



We started off the day with some delicious breakfast. Yum, I got some bomb eggs benedict.

Isn’t the view gorgeous? Makes me feel like I’m in another world.

Dive one of day three, we got to explore a sunken ship. This is also the deepest that I’ve ever dived, 97 feet!

In the video below, you get to see the ship, some frog spawn, and also at the very end.. theres a little octopus surprise!

The second dive of the day was our night dive. During our night dive, we saw things such as the spanish dancer, octopus, and squid. I also saw a 7+ foot white tip shark, but there’s no video of it because I was really scared and ran away.

The spanish dancer is the colorful slug looking thing thats on the floor that got tickled up off the surface and you can watch it “dance.” Also, the squid is pretty cute. If you are wondering what everyone is doing with their hands to the squid, they are trying to “mate” with the squid. If the squid likes your hand and tries to mate with it, it will go thru a series of colors!! But too bad, the squid didn’t like any of our hands, lol.

This concludes our diving trip in Hawaii!! I’ll hopefully (finally) be posting photos from our photoshoot in Hawaii sometime in the coming week. I also have a few reviews as well!!

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Thanks for reading as always.
xoxo Sarah 

8 Replies to “3 Days Of Diving Adventures In Hawaii”

  1. I’ve enjoyed this post alot, the videos of you underwater is
    lovely! Really nice camera and it made me feel I was in
    the ocean! Is it hard to scuba dive? And the view, wow
    gorgeous!! And watching food pictures at 1 AM in the
    morning is not good really 😛 Xx

    1. i’m glad you enjoyed the videos 🙂
      scuba diving isn’t really that hard actually.
      but it is very different being completely submersed in water!
      what you gotta do is just, not panic!
      haha hope you didnt go to the kitchen at 1am 😉

  2. Your dives look amazing! Almost makes me want to go if I wasn’t so scared of fish haha >< I love your pictures of the dolphins and the whales! And that video of the other fish swarming the eggs haha really interesting but a bit sad for the poor father fish lol
    Is it hard to swim in scuba diving because of all the equipment you have to wear?

    p.s. that deep fried masubi in your 2nd pic *o*

    1. thanks tiff! awww you really should go diving sometime >.< it's so awesome! hahaha and yes, very sad for the father fish.. but then again, they aren't gonna go extinct. its actually not hard to swim with all the gear. on land, it can be pretty heavy, but underwater, you are almost weightless 🙂

  3. Awesome experience Sarah! Gosh! I wish to dive too! I’m a bit scared haha but hmmm, will try! Haha 🙂

    Been busy lately with my work lah~ Sorry I just visited again now.
    Missed reading your posts dear! (^_^) Anyway I keep up via Instagram too somehow haha!

    Anyway, hope you can join / support my ongoing giveaway from a new sponsor. Would really appreciate your support and participation! (^_^)

    Keep in touch dear!

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    1. ahh no worries. ive been super busy as well. i feel so bad that i haven’t had much time to visit other blogs. only sorta reply to comments when i have the chance. hahaha, but i am on instagram still! not even posting, just sorta browsing when i have time in between things. hehe. and of course i’d support you! heading over there now 🙂

  4. The place looks amazing. Especially the food! *_* Gaaah, I would be SUCH a fatty if i lived there. haha

    1. haha yea i’d be a super fatty too! but then again, we’d also be very tan which will help us look skinnier 😉

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