Americana Manhasset + Nail Design


So my older brother has a “BV” keychain for his new Ferrari…

me: ooOo fancy keychain you got there, and it only has one key on it! that’s gangstaaaaa~
bro: It’s BV.
me: WTF is BV?
bro: Bottega Veneta? You’ve never heard of BV??!
me: Uhhh, no…

Moments later, he brings over this book of the Americana Manhasset Spring 2013 collection and tells me, You need to learn all the names of the high end brands in here. 

Oh puhleezeee, like I can even afford any of these brands (I thought to myself).

Well I began looking through this book and realized that these are very, very gorgeous spreads!! Wow, I am in love with the photography in this book and I do think it’s interesting to see how each brand is portrayed.

To tell you a little bit about this campaign, the theme was IN THE MOOD FOR VIETNAM. The book was released as an oversized, full color 60-page spread of some of the most luxurious brands in the world. The two models used throughout the entire book was Arizona Muse and Zhao Lei.

Apparently this spring book was directly mailed to only 130,000 targeted households. Haha, made me kind of happy to know that I was holding something that not everyone can look at, thanks to my brother’s outrageous spending habits.

Alright, now lets take a look at all of the photographs in the book. I’m posting them in order of how they were originally printed. I think it’s interesting to see the order they were presented in the book, because I’m assuming the ones towards the beginning paid more for better placement…

You can find the name of the brand located somewhere on each photograph, so I don’t need to retype. There were also two brands who had 2-full page spreads, Louis Vuitton & Ralph Lauren.

louis vuitton

bottega veneta


tom ford




ralph lauren



van cleef & arpels


j. mendel

salvatore ferragamo

kaufman franco at hirshleifers

brunello cucinelli at hirshleifers

st. john

giorgio armani

oscar de la renta

michael kors

tiffany & co.

burberry prorsum

donna karan new york

max mara

ch carolina herrera

david yurman

rolex at london jewelers


jimmy choo

ermenegildo zegna

hugo boss

bulgari at london jewelers


the mens market at hirshleifers

oliver peoples at ilori


tory burch

alice + olivia


juicy couture


brooks brothers

vince camuto


anne fontaine

morgenthal frederics



cole haan

I loved looking at all of the different make up styles used for each brand. Also, the colors are so vibrant and the locations are gorgeous. Some of my favorite outfits were the jacket from Burberry, dress from Oscar De La Renta, formal wear from Alice + Olivia, and also… Gucci Watches from EJ.

There’s a couple of photos that I kinda question, such as Donna Karan… What are they trying to imply by juxtaposing a white female next to the obviously shorter asian man?

Ok, on a lighter note, before I start ranting on all the asian stereotypes that I see, check out my nails that I did. Haha, extremely simple. Did it so fast that you would think I had the ability to freeze time.

What are your thoughts on Americana Manhasset’s Spring 2013 book? Do you have any favorites photos, outfits, or things you wanna point out? Let me know!

Okay, thats all I have for now.. I’ll see you guys again next week. Can be you believe we are half way through 2013!? Eeek, it scares me how time flies.

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xoxo Sarah 

8 Replies to “Americana Manhasset + Nail Design”

  1. love your nail design! ^^

    1. thanks so much! πŸ™‚

  2. I have heard of this Bottega Veneta somewhere
    before but didn’t know it was a brand πŸ˜›
    This photobook is amazing! Mood in Vietnam?
    Yes please ;P and thanks for sharing them with
    Also, glad your green onions grew ;P I hope your
    mum enjoyed it!!


    1. glad you enjoyed the photos! they are all so pretty >.< haha and yes im sure my mom enjoyed the green onions for her cooking πŸ™‚

  3. You’d think all those expensive brands would want better photoshopping…

    1. Seriously! Horrible photoshopping.

      1. stop jumping on the bandwagon with hayley! can you design better? i think these are great!

    2. lol i dont think the photoshopping is that bad though! i think thats they look they are going for =___=

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