Skinfood Fresh Aloe Pack Face Mask Review

I got this korean face mask a while ago because I felt like I was in need of a new moisturizing mask. It’s my first time using Skinfood’s Fresh Aloe Pack Face Mask (~$17), and I must say that I am impressed!

This may not be the best facial mask that I’ve come across, but it sure is convenient! You really can’t complain too much over a mask that is fairly priced, does the job, and doesn’t take very long! When I am on the run, this is my mask of choice.

Skinfood has a variety of different facial masks, but their most popular ones are the ones that come in a jar like container.

I love that the Skinfood face mask has a large screw off lid that allows for easy access to the product. There’s no problem with wasting product since the container allows you to scrape out every last bit! And that’s with any method you want – fingers, spoon, spatula, oh my!

The Skinfood Fresh Aloe Pack face mask itself looks kinda like cum white stuff, and it’s not sticky at all!

The texture of the aloe face mask is overall smooth, with bits of real aloe in it. You can see the face mask spread over the back side of my hand (above). Those little circular looking bumps or whatnot, are the aloe chunks! This face mask doesn’t have much of a scent to it, but if it did, you can say it’s sorta refreshing.

Now when you use the Skinfood Fresh Aloe Pack face mask, make sure you apply it to your freshly cleansed face and massage the mask onto the surface of your skin in a circular motion! I choose to use my middle and ring finger when I apply the face mask.

Once you’ve covered the whole area of your face, you’ll notice that there is no stinging or tingles. This mask is very mild and basic and is great for all skin types! All you’ll feel is the good old coolness of the product (unless you’ve somehow managed to keep your Skinfood face mask out in the open or under the sun).

Alright, here’s my favorite part of this mask — it only takes 6 friggin’ minutes!! OMG!! Now that is awesome. I have tons of face masks that I love so much, but they all take 15-30 minutes! That’s a lot of waiting and isn’t very convenient if you need to be somewhere fast.

Ok, so maybe your thinking, why do I even care about doing a face mask before I go out somewhere?

Uhhh… well if you didn’t know, doing a face mask right before you apply make up allows for the most beautiful foundation application! I’m not joking! Your skin will look so healthy and flawless for your night out. You must try doing this before you go clubbing or to a fancy dinner date. This is why 6 minutes is so important!!

Once the 6 minutes is up, simply wash it off with cool water! Presto! 

So above is the before and after of my skin. If you notice on the left, there are little patches of dry skin, and on the right, those patches are completely gone! Yea sure my skin still looks like sh*t because of all of my previous acne scaring, but hey! It’s actually has a nice glow now (yea you can’t tell in the photo) and my skin is moisturized. Haha, who cares about my acne scars if it can be covered up flawlessly with makeup! Score!

This is me waiting the 6 minutes before taking my face mask off. Don’t mind my damaged skin. Okay, I hope my blog post has convinced you to try using face masks before a big night out. Trust me, it makes all the difference.

What’s my verdict?

Skinfood Fresh Aloe Pack Face Mask Overall Rating: 

  • price is reasonable (~$12-17)
  • can be used for many many full face masks
  • great if your on a time crunch: only 6 minute waiting time!
  • I recommend using this before applying makeup for a flawless finish
  • easy to find online ( has it for $12)
  • very hydrating and makes your face glow
  • would purchase again, I recommend

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  1. hi, I wrote a review about another version of skinfood wash off mask, the black sugar wash off mask. Give my post a visit if you have some time ^^

    Thanks in advance.

    1. cool! yea i will definitely check it out! i’ve heard great things about the black sugar mask too 🙂

  2. When you said cum I almost died lol

    1. haha i’m glad someone read my review and caught a bit of my humor 😉

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