July & August Shopping Buys

I’m back from my vacation in New York & Florida!!
I’ll have to take a week or two to get together a post~

For now, let’s have a quick look at my July & August purchases.

D.I.A. Belt (~$150)
This was a bit expensive since it’s new without tags, but I’ve been dying to have this belt so I decided to just fork out the money. So happy to say that I finally have this D.I.A. Belt!!

BOSCIA Luminizing Black Mask (~$35)
This mask is amazing. You spread it on and wait about 30 minutes and peel it off!! Yes you read correctly, you peel it off! WTF?! I need to do a review on this one.

CLINIQUE Even Better Dark Spot Corrector (~$50)
I have lots of acne scars from my old birth control (IUD), so now I’m trying to get rid of them! Hopefully after I finish up this product, I’ll see some difference.

Amore Pacific Color Control Cushion Compact (~$60)
I really like this brand overall. Oh and this product is pretty amazing, but I’m not sure about the packaging. I am planning to do a review for this in the future.

Victoria’s Secret Love Pink Shirt (~$10)
I got this shirt on sale with an additional 50% off since it was a sale item.

Victoria’s Secret Pink Water bottle, Plush, and Scratcher (Free)
With any Pink purchase, you can get this water bottle for free! Inside was the Victoria’s Secret mascot along with a scratcher.

Skin Food Fresh Aloe Pack (~$20)
I just did a review on this product earlier this week, you can read my review on Skin Food Fresh Aloe Pack here.


Deux Lux Wristlet Purse (~$45)
I got this bright neon yellow and royal blue wristlet as a fun accessory since my Samsung Galaxy 4s won’t fit into my old Coach wristlet. I love the rose gold diamond/gem cut of the lock for the wristlet too.

BCBG Girls Amor Bracelet (~$10)
This is a bright coral bracelet with rose gold letterings that say “AMOR♥”. I think its perfect for any outfit and makes for very cute arm candy.

Floral Shirt (~$15)
I call this shirt a Jiawen shirt, because I have a friend who has shirts like this and it reminds me of her. Haha, its a lace crop top with a split back. I think its cute paired with your favorite jeans and statement necklace.

Orange Bandeau (~$5)
I got this bandeau because it was cheap and I think bright colors are fun to wear underneath shirts.

Victoria’s Secret Pink Shirt (Free)
So if you remember reading earlier in this post, I got a scratcher inside of my free water bottle. On that scratcher it said that I can pick any shirt valued at $20 or less with any Pink purchase. I ended up buying a $30 sweater, but didn’t like it so I returned it… ahh, so that means I got this shirt for free.

Victoria’s Secret Pink Panty (Free)
I keep getting these free panty offers in the mail, so this is the one that I picked!

Reef Women’s Sandy Flip-flops (~$20)
Did you see that I retired my old flip flop? Here’s my new pair. I don’t really like it too much because it looks really wide, but I think it will be great to wear around the pool. It is comfortable btw, and doesn’t need any breaking in like Rainbow flip flops. I’m still in search for a better flip flop that has good arch support and looks nice on my feet.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2 (~$15)
I bought mine from Sephora, but I linked it above to Amazon. I actually am just about finished with my 6.7 Fl. Oz. bottle of the Clarifying Lotion, and just bought the 13.5 Fl. Oz. size from Macy’s for about ~$25. I love this product so much!!! I had a horrible experience with the Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3 (oily combination), which you can read in my review. But this particular product, the one for “dry combination” is amazing.


Hair Clips 12-set (~$1.50)
I always tend to loose these hair clips and this is one of the cheapest prices that I’ve seen for so many so I decided why not.

Traveling Tube Type 2-set (~$1.50)
This has been great for my travels. I used one of the tubes to carry my Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2 onto the airplane. I’m not sure what I should use the other bottle for yet.

Traveling Tube with Air Suction Tube x2 (~$1.50 each)
I bought two of these, right now I’m using one of them for my conditioner. Haven’t thought of what to use the other one for yet either! I’ll think of something. It’s pretty great for the price though, it really works as advertised!

Traveling Medium Jar 2-set (~$1.50)
Currently I have in these jars my face lotion and face mask. Works perfectly without any leaks.

Traveling Small Jar 2-set (~$1.50)
I tried to put my Amore Pacific Enzyme Peel (its a powder) into one of these jars and it was a horrible idea. Never doing that again! I’ll just stick to filling these little jars with lotions, creams, serums, etc.

Boots Keeper (~$1.50)
This works great, I wish I had purchased more! Daiso had a few different options. I thought this one came with 2 pairs, but I guess I read the Japanese wrong and it only comes with 1 pair, boo.

Whitmor Chrome Supreme 50 Pair Shoe Rack (~$50)
I first saw this shoe rack while I was shopping at The Container Store in Las Vegas. It was advertised there for about $60 on sale. I tried to buy it from their website but it was expensive with shipping! Then I found the same shoe rack on Amazon for cheaper and with free shipping. What a deal, this shoe rack is amazing and is really good quality! I highly recommend you buy one! I’m sorry, I know this photo of the shoe rack is very unattractive, haha! My parents loved the rack and stole it for themselves, funny.

Timbuk2 “Q” Laptop Backpack (~$50)
This backpack has an amazing design and is great for traveling with my new macbook pro and all of my accessories. The only problem is that I don’t think its the best fit for my size! I feel like its the perfect backpack for someone whose larger, as I am very petite and it hurts my back more than other backpacks that I’ve had in the past.

Body Wash Cloth Scrub (~$2)
Got this wash cloth from my local Korean market. My old one was getting a little too old so it was time for an upgrade!!

Okay, thats all of my buys from the last two months.
I’m already collection a lot of new things within the past couple of days!
Ahhh~ I really need to change my shopping habits…
I need more money coming in than going out, HA!
But it’s so hard…

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Thanks for reading!
xoxo Sarah

6 Replies to “July & August Shopping Buys”

  1. Nice buys!!! I love Daiso 😀 Always go crazy in there. I need some new skin care.. I should give Clinique a try. 😛

    I want a VS bottle! I wish they had those deals here. o_o

    1. it was my first time going to daiso! so much stuff, hahaha. im an organizing freak. clinique overall is pretty good, and affordable! oh and you should get a VS bottle! i wouldnt drink water if i didnt have one.

  2. Nice haaaaaul 😛 Man I love Daiso and I miss it loads :c
    Victoria Secret sure comes with alot of things nowadays!

    1. all of the daiso’s around where i live are kinda far. that was my first shopping experience there! i think its pretty good, but i kinda also overhyped it in my mind.

  3. Nice haul! I especially love the belt and the floral lace crop top <3 I could really use a shoe rack like that ^^'

    1. thanks! yes i love that belt and top. haha well of course i guess since i bought them =P

      xoxo Sarah (xlicious girl)
      Japanese Gyaru Makeup Blog

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