Be Wicked Warrior Princess Review + $75 Halloween Costume Giveaway (Expired)

once upon a time mulan halloween inspired costume

Hello gals! I’m super duper excited to share today’s post with you.

I’ve been given the opportunity to review one of many costumes. I Love Sexy is one of the best online lingerie shops that I’ve found with more than 165,000 products in stock. They are definitely a go to store for all of your sexy costumes, clubwear, lingerie, ravewear, accessories and more! You won’t regret your shopping experience with them, I’m sure of it.

After browsing their selection, I decided to do a review and “how to wear/style” on the Warrior Princess sexy halloween costume by Be Wicked. This costume was sponsored, however I reserve my rights to write a truthful review on this product.

once upon a time mulan halloween inspired costume

Originally when I chose this halloween costume, I thought Xena and Game of Thrones. Nothing sexier than a girl who isn’t trying too hard to be sexy, but just is sexy. You get my drift? But then I started watching Season 2 of Once Upon a Time and saw Mulan. That’s when I thought, OMG, I need to make a “Once Upon a Time” Mulan inspired Halloween costume!

So before we get into my Mulan inspired costume, let’s have a look at the product itself. Each Be Wicked costume comes packaged in one of these typical hanging plastic bags.

bewicked warrior princess halloween costume

Inside the bag we have the fur lined cape, warrior princess dress, and a plastic bag of accessories which contain a necklace, 3 arm bands, and belt.

bewicked warrior princess halloween costume

Now lets have a closer look at each of these.

The dress can be described as a corset with a skirt attached to it. The corset has about half a dozen bone strips inside to keep it from slouching. It also laces up from the front. If you lace it up loosely, then you will expose your skin.

bewicked warrior princess halloween costume

The material is smooth and soft. The quality seems pretty good as it doesn’t cause your body to over heat or feel sticky from wearing the costume.

bewicked warrior princess halloween costume

Each panel that creates the skirt has 3 buttons lined up vertically. They are very secure, so you don’t have to worry about them falling out on you!

bewicked warrior princess halloween costume

Although each panel of the skirt is separate and can be lifted up, there is a lining on the inside, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally exposing anything. But of course, it’s probably a good idea to wear some booty shorts underneath!

bewicked warrior princess halloween costume

The cape is my favorite part of the costume. It feels pretty fancy with the fur and steel chains. Also, it has hook on straps similar to bra straps that you can probably use to hook onto whatever bra you would like to wear with this costume. It is somewhat necessary to use the cape’s strap because without it, the cape would be hanging off your neck by the chains. That won’t feel or look good.

once upon a time mulan halloween inspired costume

Now that we’ve finished the main elements of the halloween costume, let’s look at the accessories!!

First we have the necklace. The necklace does add to the costume and looks nice, but I sort of wish it wasn’t on this elastic band. The elastic band is very flimsy, and you can tell when you wear it.

bewicked warrior princess halloween costume

Here are the wrist cuffs. These match perfectly with the warrior princess dress, as it has the gold trimmings. It also laces up from the sides as well. Cool as they might appear in photos, these are my least favorite accessories of them all. The wrist cuffs are a little large for my forearm size, so I find myself constantly adjusting them. I think they would have been a lot better if there had been a built in elastic band at the top of each cuff.

bewicked warrior princess halloween costume

The arm band is a comfortable accessory to wear. You don’t really even notice it on your arm. If it had been slightly bigger, I don’t think it would have fit around my upper arm! I think this is a simple piece that adds a lot to the costume.

bewicked warrior princess halloween costume

The belt fits nicely around the waist, but I wish it had more velcro area to make the belt tighter. But of course, there are plenty of easy fixes to this type of problem such as a safety pin!

bewicked warrior princess halloween costume

Now that we’ve had a look at each element of this costume. I’d like to talk a little bit  about the sizing.

The Warrior Princess costume was actually large on me. I couldn’t keep the dress up (chest too small? lol). The costume comes in either a size small/medium or medium/large. I ordered size S/M.

I consider myself a size small, so I had no doubts that this costume would fit me. But I was wrong! What I discovered after doing more research is that size S/M meant dress sizes 4-8, bust 32-36, waist 23-27, and hips 34-38. Okay, so I wear dress size 0-2, so that is completely off already. But what puzzles me is that I am bust size 32 (with bra on), waist 25, and hips 37, so shouldn’t I fit this just fine? Haha I’m not sure about the measurements and the dress sizes since I match one and not the other. Just something a little strange to point out on sizing.

Anyways, no big deal, lets move on! Here’s what the costume looks like worn all together, along with my hair styled, makeup, and heels! What do you think? Do you like it?

I apologize as I didn’t have a strapless bra with me, so you can see my black bra peeping out, but I kinda like it. I feel like it adds character.

once upon a time mulan halloween inspired costume

The makeup I did was pretty simple. I tried to keep it some what natural to make it feel more like a warrior’s face. I’ve pointed out all of the products that I’ve used to do my make up in the photo below. Let me know if you have any questions!

once upon a time mulan halloween inspired costume

As for the hair, I tried to copy my favorite style that Mulan had in the TV show. I wish I had some hair spray with me, but I didn’t since I was on vacation while I prepared for this blog post. This was the best that I could do with water, lol!

But you get the gist of it. Supposed to be a huge a** hair poof at the top, then slicked back sides, and tie your hair again towards the base of your neck making it look sort of like a mohawk. It’s a pretty sick do for a warrior princess, no?

once upon a time mulan halloween inspired costume

This is what it would look like if you put your braid to the front. Kinda looks nice with the costume. Oh and can you see what I mean about the necklace? It looks flimsy! Oh and I don’t have my cape’s “bra strap” hooked onto anything in this photo, thats why it’s just hanging there. That must also mean that I’m probably braless in this photo, lololol~

once upon a time mulan halloween inspired costume

Be Wicked Warrior Princess Overall Rating: ★★★★★

  • Despite the fact that this costume didn’t fit me, it’s not the costumes fault since it’s for sizes 4-8
  • The quality of this costume is excellent
  • I love how the costume really comes together when you wear it all
  • Doesn’t look like one of those really “cheap” halloween costumes
  • Has great detailing
  • Feels good when you wear it, doesn’t make you feel hot or sticky
  • Most of all, it’s for sure a sexy halloween costume!!
  • Only downside is probably how much it costs
  • I recommend Be Wicked costumes and 100%

xoxo Sarah

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