Missha M Signature Glam Art Rouge Lipstick Review

missha m signature glam art rogue lipstick review

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Today I’ll be reviewing a lipstick from the Korean brand, Missha.

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Okay, now enough about my ramblings, I obviously just have too much love for this company… Let’s move onto the product review!



This is the Missha’s M Signature Glam Art Rouge SPF15/PA+. It can be purchased from Cosmetic Love’s website for less than $20 shipped!

missha m signature glam art rogue lipstick review

The design and details of this lipstick is quite impressive. It sports a beautiful gold chrome finish. Two panels of the lipstick cap are transparent allowing you to see through to the lipstick inside and out through the other side. While the two parallel panels are transparent, the adjacent ones are not.

The width and length of the lipstick cap are not equal, so you may have to rotate the cap once to lock it in place correctly. This is great as it also protects the lipstick from accidentally being tampered with. You don’t need to worry about smashing your lipstick into the top of your cap (unless you cap it like that).

missha m signature glam art rogue lipstick review

Now taking a look at the lipstick itself, we can see that it has a beautiful geometric shape. Though the design of it is marvelous, it is not the most practical for application. After several usages, the edges become quite dull making it difficult to draw clean crisp lines.

missha m signature glam art rogue lipstick review

All of the photos in this review are of the lipstick shadeSOR401, which is actually a coral orangey color.

missha m signature glam art rogue lipstick review

Below are all of the different shades that the M Signature Glam Art Rouge lipstick comes in. Highlighted in yellow is the color that I got, so that you can see how it was advertised as.

The color in my photos aren’t quite exact to the color of the SOR401 lipstick in real life. However, I would also like to mention that it doesn’t really look like the highlighted color below either. If there were any colors on this review that best match the actual color of the lipstick I have in hand, it would be the lipstick markings above that were drawn on white paper. This color, is very close to what SOR401 really is.

missha m signature glam art rogue lipstick reviewOkay, with all that said, let’s look at how the lipstick looks on my lips! Below, you can find first how my lips look without anything, then with 1 full coat, and finally with 2 full coats.

Please excuse my fat un-model like lips. I wish they looked sexier (like the photos above), haha I realized by the 3rd photo that it looks better the more I smile.

Anyways, these colors are very true to real life, so feel free to judge the color SOR401 based off of the photo below.

missha m signature glam art rogue lipstick review

With 1 full coat of lipstick, you get a look that is still pigmented and easily wearable with almost any outfit. Do 2 full coats if you are looking to be daring and bold. One thing to remember about this color is that it is quite pigmented, especially with 2 coats. Since the color is orange, it pops a lot more than your typical pinks and reds. Keep that in mind!

When applying this lipstick, you don’t need to prime your lips with foundation or chapstick, unless you are trying to create a specific look. The lipstick by itself is already very moisturizing and creamy. Personally, I have very dry lips and this lipstick does a good job of hiding it.

The lipstick is soft and easy to apply. The color stays on for quite a good amount of time. According to Missha, it can last up to 12 hours (though it might not be as bright as first application).

Missha M Signature Glam Art Rouge Lipstick Overall Rating: ★★★★★

  • High-pigmented lipstick
  • Creamy and soft application
  • Stays on for 12 hours
  • Moisturizing and hides dry lips well
  • Beautiful packaging and design
  • Comes in many different colors
  • Can be bought and shipped for less than $20 from Cosmetic Love


Don’t forget to check out
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What’s your favorite lipstick and which color are you in love with currently?

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4 Replies to “Missha M Signature Glam Art Rouge Lipstick Review”

  1. The color is very pretty the packaging is very cute top, the shade is perfect for summer~ I love it read reveiws about Korean Cosmetics

    1. yay i have more korean product reviews coming up for you. and yes i agree, it’s a perfect shade for summer. the good thing for me is that california has seemed to have skipped winter!

  2. lipsticks are the best! i have so many & i still want moreeee 😀 i like this colour on you!

    1. yea lipsticks are fun! i’m so horrible at touching them up though.

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