1-Day Acuvue Define Natural Shine Circle Lens Review

1 day acuvue define circle lens review

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Okay, let’s kick off this week with a look at 1-Day Acuvue Define Natural Shine Circle LensThese lenses were sponsored by KLensPop.com. Incase you haven’t heard of them, KLensPop is an online store that sells only 100% authentic Korean circle lenses at affordable prices.

A couple of months ago, I did a review on the FreshLook Illuminate 1-Day Circle Lens (read the review here). Today I will be reviewing Acuvue’s 1-Day lens and comparing it to my experiences with FreshLook.

1 day acuvue define circle lens review

Each box comes with 30 lenses (15 pairs), all with the same power. Since each of my eyes have a different prescription power, I had to get two separate boxes. The price for 1 box is $34.00.

The Acuvue box costs $9.00 more than the FreshLook box! Essentially, you are paying for the same thing, just different brands. Let’s have a look to see if Acuvue is worth paying the extra bucks for.

1 day acuvue define circle lens review

The expiration date for my Acuvue contacts is in 2017, which is similar to the expiration for FreshLook. It’s always good to take a look at when your contacts expire. Since the expiration date is more than 3 years from now, you know that the lenses that you are receiving from KLensPop.com are newer. If you lens have only a year till they expire, chances are that your lens box has been sitting on the shelf for quite a while.

1 day acuvue define circle lens review

The Acuvue box opens up similar to a box of donuts. You probably recognize this type of packaging if you have worn any other Acuvue brand products in the past, as they all have a similar style packaging. Personally, I could care less for how the lenses are packaged. I would say that the Acuvue packaging is nicer the FreshLooks, but it’s also a little more complicated to open up if it’s your first time.

Though the packaging is nicer for Acuvue, I prefer FreshLook’s packaging simply because it is more practical. With FreshLook, you can easily separate your box into 3 smaller boxes, which makes it much easier for travel and storage. The Acuvue box forces you to keep all of your contacts in the same container. I guess in the end, it’s all up to your own personal preference.

1 day acuvue define circle lens review

Inside of the Acuvue box are strips of disposable contact lens. Each box comes with 6 strips, and each strip has 5 individually packaged lens wrapped in a liquid filled plastic container.

TIP: Something to note about these Acuvue strips of contact lens is that sometimes they are difficult to separate. Because the seal, foil, lid, or whatever you want to call it, is connected all the way across the strip, it’s very easy to accidentally rip open an adjacent lenses’ fluid. I’ve done this many times before. The trick is that you gotta fold and bend at the connecting joints. This will help almost make it “snap” off from the strip of lenses without spoiling any that you may be planning to use in the future.

1 day acuvue define circle lens review

The 1-Day Acuvue lenses are available in three different designs: Natural Shine, Vivid Style, and Accent Style

I ended up getting Natural Shine because it was a mix of black and brown, where as Vivid Style is purely brown, and Define Accent is purely black. I wanted the best of both worlds.

Here’s the Korean commercial for 1-Day Acuvue incase you are interested:

Let’s now take a closer look at the actual Acuvue Define Natural Shine lens. Here they are after opening them up and dropping them in a contact case.

What do you think? I’m sure that you would agree with me that the color looks very muted or faded.

Though the diameter is 14.2mm, which is a good deal larger than FreshLook’s 13.8mm diameter, it really doesn’t make a whole lot of difference. Neither of these lens will give you that dolly eyed look that you may want. However, if you are looking for a 1-Day lens, these are probably the best that you will be able to find for now.

Although I’ve said this in the FreshLook post, I’ll say it again here:

If you want a lens that looks natural, this is for you.
If you want convenience, this is for you.
If you want the healthiest color contacts for your eyes, this is for you.
… But if you are looking for a dramatic effect for your eyes, look elsewhere.

1 day acuvue define circle lens review

Let me share with you a secret about the Acuvue & FreshLook lens. I know the Acuvue lens have a larger diameter, and you might be thinking, then shouldn’t there be a greater enlarging effect in comparison to the FreshLook lens? — Well actually, NO. You are wrong! I’ll tell you why.

Below is a close up photo of the Acuvue lens. Notice that there is a LOT of clear lens that rims the entire contact. This abnormally huge gap actually makes your true diameter smaller than 14.2mm. It’s almost like Acuvue cheated by claiming that they have a larger diameter, but in reality, the diameter size doesn’t show in your eye.

I don’t have a photo of the FreshLook lens for you to analyze on here, but trust me, the clear rim is not as thick as Acuvue’s. This is why Acuvue fails to give an enlarging effect even though their diameter is 14.2mm. Honestly, you are better off going for the cheaper box — FreshLook.

1 day acuvue define circle lens review

I’ve been wearing circle lens every day for about 8 years now. I know when a lens isn’t enlarging my eye enough because I will have that strange moment when I put on the contacts, look up in the mirror, and sort of scare myself because my eyes look so empty and small. This happened to me both with the FreshLook and Acuvue lenses.

One thing that I will note is that the Acuvue lens design is more closely similar to your typical circle lens. The design gives a crescent moon halo effect. Because of it’s design, though it may lack an enlarging effect, it still makes it more possible to pull off gyaru style makeup.

1 day acuvue define circle lens review

Of course, a circle lens review is not complete without showing you how they look under various lighting. As you can see, the lens are pretty similar in each environment. This is great because it means that the lens design is able to blend in with the natural eye color seamlessly.

1 day acuvue define circle lens review

Something I really dislike about Acuvue Define Natural Shine’s design is the choice of brown that was used. I find that the brown has too much red undertones, making it look like my eyes are super veiny. Take a look at the detailed close up shot below. Do you see where the crescent moon halo is? Do you see the brown there? Doesn’t it sort of look like I have lots of veins? I don’t think this look is very attractive.

1 day acuvue define circle lens review

Oh and btw, when I wear these lens, for some reason it really likes to shift around in my eyes. I wasn’t sure why until I had a look at the base curve (BC) and noticed that it was 8.5. This explains everything! I normally wear a BC of 8.6, which is what my FreshLook box was.

Girls, please make sure that you are purchasing contacts with the correct base curve! It makes all the difference in terms of comfort. This is something that you would have to do at an optometrist office, or you can also test it yourself (but don’t say that I told you to). To test it yourself, all you need to do is wear the lens and look around in different directions without moving your head. Without blinking, lens shouldn’t shift as much as they do in the photos below. Instead they should somewhat follow your eyes. But be careful, because the lens should also not stick onto your eye too tightly. It needs to move with your eyes but still have a little tiny bit of movement. No suction cup lenses!

You know, even though the BC of these lenses were too big for my eye, I still managed to wear them all day long. All I had to do to readjust the lens was to blink in the direction that I was going to look. It took a little getting used to, but was okay in the end.

1 day acuvue define circle lens review

My thoughts on the 1-Day Acuvue Define Natural Shine Circle Lens:

  • I got these for the convenience of not having to deal with solution and contact cases when I travel
  • These are much healthier for your eyes than your average circle lens
  • You can look beautiful with these lens
  • The price is okay, assuming that you don’t plan on wearing these 365 days a year
  • I wish that the black was blacker and the brown less red
  • Enlarging effect is very minimal, but the design still looks very typical for circle lens
  • These lens would have been comfortable for me if it were the correct BC
  • If I would purchase again, I would prefer FreshLook’s 1-Day lens

1-Day Acuvue Define (Natural Shine) Overall Rating: ★★★★☆ 3.5 stars
Color:  ★★★☆☆
Enlargement: ★★☆☆☆
Comfort: ★★★★☆
Natural-ness: ★★★☆ 

1 day acuvue define circle lens review

What are your current favorite lens and what diameter do you prefer?

If you are interested in shopping for disposable lenses (there are 1-day, 1-week, 2-week, etc.) available on KLensPop’s website. Have a look!
Shop disposable colored contact lenses now!

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21 Replies to “1-Day Acuvue Define Natural Shine Circle Lens Review”

  1. Congratulations on your milestone!

    1. Thanks so much! This really is something exciting for me 😀

  2. Hello, do you know another shop that has like Solution-Lens Buy 2 Get 1 Free and other free gifts also free delivery ? I like this shop but I need lenses with correction for my Mom and they don’t have 🙁 Sad, they are the cheapest where I have bought, but I can wear plano lenses and my mum cannot.

    1. Hi! I’m not sure what you mean by solution-lens… But there are some websites that offer buy 2 get 1 free for circle lens (not for 1-day boxes). I can’t really think of a website that has this special at the moment though. Most of them you just sorta have to follow and they will post when there is a special. Free delivery isn’t very common either, unless you order a lot. Almost all websites that well circle lens should offer prescription lenses as well. Hope this helps a bit… Let me know if you have other questions.

  3. These are my absolute favorite daily lens because I have dry eye syndrome. My base curve is also 8.4 so these are so much more comfortable than the freshlook dailies for me. I think these are more breathable as well. I’m a little surprised though–I was under the impression that everyone basically has the same size iris, but mine must be bigger than yours because I do not have any crescent area under the lens/sclera of my eye. It’s a very close fit to my iris so it barely makes it larger, but it’s enough that i still love these.

    1. So happy to hear that these lens work out for you! I do agree that acuvues lens is probably more breathable, and its also a much more respected and known company too. Haha yea my iris is small. But actually, the only reason I probably had the little halo effect was because the base curve doesn’t fit me, which causes the lens no not fit properly centered over my eye! Anyways, this is not the lens for me only because of the fit, but it’s totally an excellent option for those who do fit it!

  4. Where can I purchase these?

    1. I got mine from here: http://klenspop.com/en/116-define-natural-shine-30ea.html (black and brown color, same as my review)

      There are also two other colors you can choose from. Here’s the direct links to them:
      http://klenspop.com/en/117-define-vivid-style30ea.html (all brown)
      http://klenspop.com/en/118-define-accent-style30ea.html (all black)

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

  5. Awwww, your reviews have always been so useful, thanks you so much for such a detailed review. love u….. xoxoxox

    1. glad that my reviews have been of use to you!! sending you love back 😉

      1. I love the acuvue defines besides the fact that it would shift with a side glance on my right eye. Clalen Alicia Brown contacts are the same diameter, even more natural color than these, and most of all don’t shift around! Definitely should try them out they’re my favorite daily circle contacts 😀

        1. I also have the freshlook illuminates, but I like a slightly more enlarging effect like the acuvue defines. The freshlook illuminates were too small and the rich brown color was slightly too fake looking for me. You should really review the Clalen Alicia Brown’s they’re amazing!! I’ve tried the other Clalen Rhapsody lens and those are too dolly, unnatural looking and big for me.

        2. Agreed, no one likes it when the lens move around. How uncomfortable. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Did they give your eyes a more ‘shiny’ effect ?

    1. no… i wouldn’t say that it made my eyes shiny. it was quite dull and unnoticeable. very very natural with minimal enlargement.

  7. Love your Review <3 (Kindly share me the next review about Daily Lens Bausch & Lomb Naturelle Black. Thank You So Much. :-*

    1. glad you enjoyed! 🙂

  8. do you know any other contact lenses or brands like these?; v 😉
    im a first time user for circle lenses and ive been looking around, I admit im abit scared to try the real thing so ive been trying to search for ones like these for daily wear / with a prescription! could you recommend any lenses or brands for me please? or if you have any suggestions or tips for first time users id really appreciate it <33 id love to hear of good first time circle lenses to use too //

    congratulations on your follower support!! <33 i just found your blog today and im in love!! i cant wait to see more great posts! //

    1. hey Justine! welcome to the world of contact lens! i was just thinking the other day… what a world we live in! that we can stick these little things IN OUR EYES to help us SEE!! lol so crazy. anyways, if you are a first time user, it’s *usually a good idea to go to the doctor first to get fitted*, but you probably already know that don’t you 😉

      with the ease of buying prescription contacts online now a days without a doctors note, i can imagine that most have never been properly fitted. so the least i can do is give some tips as a contact lens user for almost 15 years now.

      – make sure you wash your hands before fitting
      – dont sleep with the lens on
      – try not to wear them for more than 8 hours a day (i’m guilty and used to wear them for 18+ hours)
      – first time poking your eye can be scary and difficult, practice putting it in your eye and taking it out (as many times as you need) until you are comfortable
      – you can probably watch some youtube videos on how to put them in and take them out
      – the first time you ever wear them, try them for just 2 hours the first day, then 4 hours the next, 6 hours, then 8 hours the 4th day (you need to get used to wearing them)
      – use a clean lens case (you’re supposed to use a new case every month… i don’t but it’s good practice to)
      – use new contact solution every time you put your lens back into the case

      if you’re using daily lens, you won’t need to deal with lens cases or contact solution, which is nice and great for travel! as a first time wearer, i would advise you to start with a smaller diameter lens, so NO larger than 14mm. anything bigger will probably be too much for you to start with (+ drying on the eye, harder to adjust to, and harder to put in your eye!!).

      For brands, i tend to trust the ones sold in america because that’s what im most comfortable with. Acuvue is probably the best, freshlook is okay too. but of course, these aren’t cheap… so i often use the ones from Asia as well. i’ll be reviewing 1-day lens called “select fairy street brown” from taiwan… we’ll see how those go.

      anyways i think i’ve just ranted on forever. hope this makes sense to you! let me know if you have other questions.

  9. Hey girl! if I wear daily disposal (1 day) circle lenses, do I still have to clean them with contact solution and soak them for 8 hours before wearing them?

    1. Nope! You get to wear the lens straight out of the container. No need to purchase any contact solution for 1 day lenses!

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