Wedding Dress Colors For The Bride To Be color wedding dresses

Maybe your like me, and you never thought about what you wanted to wear on your wedding day. There’s really no rush however, as wedding dress fashion is always changing with the seasons. color wedding dresses

But if there’s one thing that you can think about ahead of time, it’s color! Not sure if you knew this or not, but you don’t have to wear a white wedding dress! That’s right, you read correctly. Wedding dresses actually come in many different colors such as red, champagne, grey, and even purple!

You can get them in many different styles, depending on how bold you want to be. color wedding dresses

The beautiful thing about wearing a wedding dress that isn’t white, is that it’s memorable and unique. If you are looking to make an impression or want to be fashionable on your wedding day, try out a different color!

If bold colors aren’t your thing, you can try wearing an ivory or off-white wedding dress instead of paper white. There are actually 100+ shades of white, so depending on your skin tone, one will look better than the other. If you have fair skin, try an ivory colored dress. For medium skin, wear off-white or champagne. And for dark skin, white will look stunning on you!

Of course, the best way to test out what color works best for you is to go in store and try on different color wedding dresses to find your shade if you aren’t sure. Then you can shop online for similar styles if you wanna save money *wink wink*. color wedding dresses

My absolute favorite wedding dress color is champagne. It’s not tacky, but instead glamorous. Whenever I see them, I think of lavish weddings (or an album cover to a music band, lol). On the flip side, all of these dresses are highly affordable.

For instance, the dress pictured below can be bought for $233.99 from Retail price on this dress is actually more than double that! Talk about a bargain. color wedding dresses

If you want to see more wedding dress colors, check out Dress V’s website:

They offer a wide selection of styles and colors for very reasonable prices.
Never hurts to shop around!

Would wedding dress color would you wear?

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4 Replies to “Wedding Dress Colors For The Bride To Be”

  1. Antiquatedlace says: Reply

    I just binge-read your entire blog on a rainy day (i think i got here from googling a nail polish??) and I thought i’d leave a comment before trying to paint the nails on my right hand ★彡 lol.
    Mm, as for a wedding dress… Not that i’ll ever get married or anything, but as long as it were cocered in chiffon and lace appliques, i’d be happy haha

    1. hahaha binge read, wow. i am honored that you were kept entertained! how did your nails turn out?

  2. my favourite colour is the red!

    1. ooOo you are a risky one! red is beautiful!

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