My Bridal Shower

bridal shower diary

I’m finally getting the chance to blog about my Bridal Shower! It seems that much time has passed since it all happened, but I’d still like to make a post to remember. I’ll also be doing a part 1 and 2 post for my bachelorette party.

This is the bridal shower invitation that I created. I blurred out the address and contact information for safety reasons. My maid of honor, Teewa, chose the design and I modified it on photoshop.

bridal shower invite

The day of my bridal shower was a bit hectic at first. To be honest, much of it was done last minute and tons of things were going wrong before the day even started.

With the wedding only 2 weeks away (at that time), I was more focused on the big event rather than on the bridal shower. I really didn’t want to bother my bridesmaids too much because I know they are busy girls. So I tried to take most of the work upon myself in planning. It was difficult to get my priorities straight.

First off, I ordered a ton of mason jars to be used as part of my bridal shower favors, but they didn’t arrive on time! Shame on you Amazon! Secondly, I had family coming from out of town to join in on my celebration (thanks Penny & Jennifer, it was great having you both!). Of course, with family visiting, it means less time to plan. Fortunately, they were both a big help and less of a burden. You can always count on family!

As a replacement to the mason jar bridal shower favors, I ended up getting a ton of really fancy soap! A huge thank you goes out to my cousin for helping me buy and assemble these beauties.

The sign reads: – Thank you – From my shower to your shower! =)
Yea.. that quote was a rip off of Pinterest.

bridal shower diary

The morning of my bridal shower, there was a ton of scrambling around. We had no food prepared for the event! Originally, my mom said that she would help get food, but she caught a cold and couldn’t.

After getting dressed and ready for my own bridal shower, my cousin and I made a quick run to our local market and picked up a bunch of healthy goodies. We mostly served healthy foods, such as fresh fruits, salad, pastas, humus, potato salad, and a ton of snacks. Our main course was lasagna and enchiladas. Teewa crafted delicious Oreo cheesecakes and we had Chinese desserts, too!

bridal shower diary

The only bit of my party that I actually had prepared ahead of time was the mimosas, lol. This added the perfect touch to my bridal shower party. For those who wanted a little extra buzz, we also had vodka!

Thanks Jen for the new outfit and for letting me borrow your beautiful geometric necklace! Love all of it.


The funny thing about my bridal shower was that everyone had arrived before me. The party was scheduled to start at 11AM, but I got there probably 30 minutes late. To my surprise, everyone was helping each other out despite the fact that they didn’t know each other!

We all worked together to help prepare the foods that I had just bought. Guests had already helped set up the mimosa station and add decorations to the room.

In the end, there wasn’t too much left for me to stress about. The party had already started, so I let myself relax, have fun, and take some photos.

bridal shower diary

Balloons are fun! Thanks Michelle for handling the balloons that I wanted. I can’t believe I was going to use my ugly blue and yellow balloons. Guess I’ll have to save those for if and when I have a baby boy *wink wink*.

bridal shower diary

After all of the food preparations were done, we had a little ice breaker and went around the room saying your name, what city you’re from, and how you know the bride-to-be. It was a great way to see how everyone was linked.

Once everyone had their fill of food, we went on to play our first game, 2 Truths and a Lie. However, this game is a little different than the one you typically play. All of the truths and lies had to be centered around the bride-to-be! I really enjoyed this game and hearing what people had to say. Some were really funny, while others really touched my heart.

The second game we played was Toilet Paper Bride, thanks Bori for handling! All of our guests who wanted to participate were broken up into 3 teams. Each team had to pick one member to be the “bride”, while the other team members wrapped and designed them a custom toilet paper dress. I was the judge.

Here are the 3 models and what each team came up with after 8 minutes. Who do you think won? It was honestly a really tough call for me…

bridal shower diary

Team 1’s dress almost fell entirely apart after I made them do a dance. But I did love the bow on her head!

bridal shower diary

I chose Team 2 as the winners simply because their dress was the only one that did not fall apart!!

bridal shower diary

Team 3’s dress also fell part, just like the first team’s. Oh well, nice try guys!

bridal shower diary

This was a really fun game, and I think everyone enjoyed it, both young and old. It’s funny because the guests who didn’t want to participate ended up pitching in ideas anyways because.. why not have a good time?

Now it was time to open presents!! I’m so thankful for all of the wonderful gifts that I received that day. I can’t express how excited I am to use everything. I promise that it will all be put to good use in our new home, or bed.

bridal shower diary

My awesome buddy Jennie put together this neat rehearsal wedding bouquet for me. I had no idea that this was a tradition!

She also put together a list of things that I might say on my wedding night. The list is compiled of things that I said while opening up presents. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Stick it in there
  • Yay I’m going to use this all day everyday!
  • It looks like a fun thing!
  • Ohh oh my God!
  • My noodle maker!
  • Uirggjjhh
  • Hold on hold on hold on
  • Omg, too much fluffy stuff

Thanks to all of my high school buddies who came out to support me, hehe. Did you catch my pun?

bridal shower diary

We finished off my bridal shower with one last game, Bride Hot Seat. The week before my bridal shower, Teewa conducted an interview with the groom and asked him a series of questions related to both our relationship and as individuals. During the game, she asked me the same questions and I had to guess what he said! Every time that I guessed wrong, I had to eat a bubble gum. And oh my goodness, Teewa brought Bubble-Yum Gum, fantastic =____=;; (yes, that’s sarcasm).

This game was pretty funny at times, encouraging at others, and also a little embarrassing. I loved it nonetheless, thanks Teewa!

I did pretty horrible at the beginning of the game. Totally forgot where we went on our first date, too. I got the date right for when we started dating, but Erick got the year wrong!

Here’s another funny and embarrassing one since my Mom and her church friends were there listening.

When did you and Erick share your first kiss?
In his room? Oh wait no, on his bed??
No, no, no~ Think month and year, “when.”
Oops *embarrassed, slaps myself in the face*

Haha, yes mom, your daughter made herself sound like a big slut just now in front of all your friends. Sorry! At least we got married.

Another favorite was…

How many kids do you guys want?
Three (I blurted out quickly)
Wait, no I meant two!!

I really don’t know where 3 came from! I promise I don’t want to handle 3, lol. Not enough arms for that!

A couple of the questions that I surprisingly got right were, What can Erick eat everyday for the rest of his life, and what’s Erick’s favorite dish that you cook? How’d I do that?

Anyways, I can’t remember the rest of the questions since I don’t have them in front of me, but you get the gist of the game. By the end, I had so much gum in my mouth that I thought I might die!! It was seriously trying to ooze its way down my throat and choke me. And I’m dumb enough to just sit there and keep playing like nothings wrong.

Here’s a picture of me with a balloon in my mouth. I tried to blow a bubble with the gum, but there was simply too much, so we faked it.

bridal shower diary

Thanks to all of my family and family friends who came out for my bridal shower!

bridal shower diary

And of course, thanks to my friends for coming out as well!

bridal shower diary

It was a memorable and fun experience. I am happy to have all of you as the better part of my life. These will be memories that I’ll hold onto and remember forever. I can’t wait till it’s someone else’s turn to get married!

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Thanks for reading!
xoxo Sarah


10 Replies to “My Bridal Shower”

  1. Long time no comment but couldn’t not tell you how awesome this all is! The invitation is stunning, the photos are fab and you look awesome!
    It sounds like so much fun and for a few things being organized last minute I think it all turned out perfect.
    Congrats Sarah! Can’t wait to see Wedding snaps! <3

    1. oh wow, it has been a long time!! happy to see a familiar blogger from so long ago 🙂
      hehehe, and yes it turned out very well for last minute planning!! can’t wait to post wedding pics. just gotta wait for the photographer to finish up!

  2. Twas fun and memorable [:

    1. I see you saw my post! Thanks again teewa! especially for the whole questions thing 🙂

  3. Awwwwww sounds like an amazing time!!!! Friends and Family are the best, and you can rely on them for anything. Glad everything turned out to be good in the end. Must be horrible not having the jars delivered on time AND no food… :X So happy for you Sarah! You look gorgeous as always. Looking forward to more wedding related posts. Xoxo

    1. yes friends and family really are the best. i’ve always loved friends, but i’ve really learned over the last 5 years about how important family is too. thanks so much for your lovely comments! i’m always really touched when people take the time to write. hehehe, and i’ll try my best to get another wedding post up soon!

  4. gorgeous shower!!! congrats on being engaged! 😀

    1. haha thank you! this was actually a late post, so i’m already married ^^

  5. Omg your bridal shower is so cute and creative!! Late congratulations on getting married! :’)

    1. thanks so much!! haha we tried to be as creative as we could. i think it turned out well 🙂

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