First Class (J-Drama), Army of Two & Final Fantasy IX (PS3), Cosplay Idea, & My New Job

princess garnet

This is basically a D i a r y P o s t, mostly because I don’t have anything prepared and I feel that I should publish a blog post for this week! My goal as of late has been to do one post a week. This week I’m a bit behind as I’m still trying to adjust to my new work schedule.

If you aren’t interested in Japanese Dramas, games, cosplay, or graphic design… This post is probably not for you and you can move along (or just look at the photos, haha).

first class jdrama

So recently I came across this Japanese Drama called First Class ファースト・クラス.

I was kinda skeptical about watching this since I haven’t heard much about it, but it has turned out to be somewhat interesting! If you like girl drama, fashion, beauty, and have an interest in the industry.. this is the perfect drama for you. There aren’t really any cute guys in this show, so don’t watch it for that.

first class jdrama

Every episode, the show does a ranking system with all of the “main” characters and it shuffles around a little each time you watch. According to the show, all working women like to gauge whether or not they are better than their peers. This process is called “mounting.”

It’s a very catty world that these women live in, but also quite interesting. What’s fun is that they all work together for a fashion magazine. In different episodes we get to see photo shoots, magazine layouts, models (one of which is an ex-gal in the show), and lots more.

first class jdrama

I find the character “Remie” to be the prettiest in the show. She’s pretty evil and talks so fast, but I love looking at all of her outfit coords, hair, make up, etc.

You should check out this show if you’re looking for something to watch and you think this may suit you! It’s not the best show out there, but it can be if you like fashion related stuff.

Doing a quite Google search, you can find a lot of different sites who stream this show and regularly post new episodes with english subs. Here’s episode one.

army of two the devils cartel

Recently my husband and I finished the game Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel for PS3. We played the first one together when we were in college since it’s a good two player game. I really recommend playing if you are into FPS games and want to play with a buddy! Overall the game isn’t too hard to beat as long as you don’t try rushing into things and get yourself surrounded, haha.

final fantasy 9

Since we beat Army of Two, I started playing Final Fantasy IX. Believe it or not, I’ve never played any Final Fantasy games before X! I’ve watched all of the animation scenes however and know all of the music, lol. I think FFIX might be the easiest game that I’ve played out of the series because I’ve only been playing for a week and I’m about half way through the game. It’s really enjoyable though because theres a lot of story and it keeps moving quickly.

princess garnet

I can’t believe it’s already half way through 2014. It sort of makes me sad because I have that feeling of, where did the year go? I guess I get this feeling every single year…

So Anime Expo 2014 is happening in exactly one month from now! I’ll be there this year for anyone who wants to meet up. Already got my airplane tickets booked.

I’m kind of bummed out that I don’t have a cosplay for this year. I had so much fun cosplaying last year! I’ve been considering doing a last minute cosplay as Princess Garnet in her outfit that she wore at the beginning of the game when we first meet her. It seems *not as hard* to do (ahahahaha I know this comment is gonna bite me in the butt later on if I do end up doing this cosplay). We’ll see though, I feel like I’m running out of time and that I have even less time now that I’m working full time and doing an hour commute each way!


I’ve just about completed my first week at my new job. If you didn’t see on my Instagram @xlicious, it’s the first time I announced where I’m working. I’ll be working as a UX Designer for Cisco. I’m really excited as I feel that this position will open up lots of new opportunities for me up here in the Bay Area. Only downside (or upside?!?) is that they gave me a new laptop to lug around everywhere. I’m not used to bringing my work home, or bringing my computer to work (lol).

Well Happy Friday everyone, and I hope you all have a great weekend.

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6 Replies to “First Class (J-Drama), Army of Two & Final Fantasy IX (PS3), Cosplay Idea, & My New Job”

  1. Final Fantasy IX is my favorite Final Fantasy 😛 Gets a bit weird after disc 3…But the first parts yeeeeah. Best.

    Also that show sounds terrible.


    1. Haha is this one of the weird alien ones? I guess ill have to find out when I get to disc 3. Lol and u would think that show is terrible. Oh well, I think ppl who read my blog would be interested. And thanks! I like the job so far 🙂 miss u.

  2. I needd a new drama recommendation! Not that I don’t have enough to watch.. haha but I think this sounds interesting so I’ll check it out 😀 And congrats for completing your first week(by now it’d be second right?)!

    1. yes! i just finished my second week. so far i am enjoying it and have been working on lots of fun website redesigns. check out the drama! i just watched episode.. 7 i think? it’s not amazing, but it’s entertaining enough. haha~

  3. OMG dear congrats on the new Job, being with an IT background I know what this means to you

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    1. aww thanks so much for your sweet note! sorry i missed your comment T-T

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