Lulu Pink Circle Lens Review

4th of july independence day make up gyaru

!! H A P P Y . F O R T H . O F . J U L Y !!

Today I have a special 4th of July themed circle lens review for you.

I got the Lulu Pink circle lens sponsored from

gyaru circle lens review

Klenspop also sent me another circle lens product for review, but I won’t be posting that for another couple of weeks. Here are all of the goodies that I got from them.

gyaru circle lens review

This lens case is something new that I don’t typically get, so I was pretty excited when I saw it. I just love that it has such a huge mirror inside, and I feel that the overall quality of this case is on par.

I will most definitely be carrying this with me in my purse everywhere I go! I find it useful to carry a lens case (pre-filled with solution) and glasses with me when I go out incase I end up staying out late or sleep over at a friends place. I’m spontaneous so it’s always useful to be prepared! You don’t want to damage or dry out your eyes from long hours of wear.

gyaru circle lens review

Now onto the review for Lulu Pink!

You can buy these lens from Klenspop for $16 and it includes a bonus case!

My Lulu Pink lens came stacked in this green box. I think this is new product packaging on Klenspop’s end, which really shows that they are upping their game in the circle lens industry and taking their customer satisfaction seriously. That’s always a good sign.

gyaru circle lens review

Lens Information:

  • Brand: Polytouch
  • Diameter: 14.2mm
  • Graphic Diameter: 13.8mm
  • Water Content: 38%
  • Base Curve: 8.6mm
  • Life Span: 1 year (Max) **
  • Country of Origin: South Korea

** Though the life span states that you can wear the lens for up to 1 year. I recommend only keeping lenses for 3-4 months instead.

Originally when I first chose these lens, I picked them because of the interesting flame-like wispy design, and also because the last pink circle lens that I owned was over 2 years ago (lately I’ve been really into natural browns).

gyaru circle lens review

Taking a closer look at the lens, you’ll notice that there isn’t really a black rim on this design, it’s more of a dark reddish brown color. Moreover, the rim is pretty thin in comparison to other lens. The pink pigmentation in this lens is very light and seems to be more overwhelmed by the browns.

gyaru circle lens review

Here’s a visual comparison for you regarding enlargement. I find that 14.2mm usually gives me my ideal iris enlargement. When I wear 15mm, I tend to look like a bug or alien if I wear them with simple makeup. But 14.2mm is good for almost all scenarios, such as a casual work day or when you are getting dolled up.

4th of july independence day make up gyaru

For those who are curious about how these lens look under various lighting, here you go!

Is it just me or have circle lens really improved their overall design when it comes to blending with the natural eye color? Lately I feel that my different lighting photography is useless because it always looks good in each setting! Haha, or maybe I’ve just learned how to pick the right lens, I don’t know.

4th of july independence day make up gyaru

Okay, a little bit about my make up, it’s red on my lid and fades to blue. I have a bit of white on my inner corner and along my lower lash line. To finish it up I have drawn with black liquid liner, a line that extends from my tear duct all the way out past my eye (like a super wing!). I also lined my bottom lash line with a black eyeliner pencil, with extra emphasis on the outer corner.

Oh yea, and I don’t own red eyeshadow, so I actually used lipstick and it blended very well. I think I might like it more than my eyeshadows, lol!

4th of july independence day make up gyaru

Bottom line: I find these lens to not look very pink at all. When I order pink lens, I want them to actually show! I felt like it looked a lot more pink on the Klenspop website’s photos. Oh well, this isn’t the first time that I’ve tried pink lens and have been disappointed by the color. I’ve only had one pair of pink lens that I’ve ever loved! The color of these when worn look very brown on my eye color. Too natural in my opinion. Another huge problem that I have with these lens is that the lens for my left eye hurts every time I wear it. I have no trouble with other lenses, so it’s not my eye. I’ve also tried soaking the lens numerous times (even gently rubbed it with my fingers). I can’t seem to clean it as it feels like there’s something in my eye when I wear the lens. Because of this, I will never be ordering lenses manufactured by “Polytouch” ever again. It’s just not worth wearing a brand that has created subpar products when you can get something better like “Geo.”

Lulu Pink Circle Lens Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆
Color:  ★★☆☆☆
Enlargement: ★★★☆☆
Comfort: ★☆☆☆☆
Natural-ness: ★★★☆ 

Well with all that said, have a great weekend everyone!

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4 Replies to “Lulu Pink Circle Lens Review”

  1. Hi! Just stumbled on your cute blog and just had to leave a commengt! Yeah these ones look really natural on you. I can’t wear circle lens since I have small monolids, they look really really unnatural on me haha.

    1. hey! thanks for commenting 🙂 i always love meeting new people ^^
      aww, and i’m sure there are some smaller circle lens that you would be able to wear without them looking too strange. either that or you can create double eyelids! but i can see how that could be a pain to do regularly =P

  2. I actually think these look great on you! Gives such a nice pattern *_* I’ve never heard of Polytouch, could you ask for an exchange? Because I’ve received faulty lenses (the lens was plano eventho the bottle had my correct prescription) that I was able to get replaced for free :O

    1. idk though, the pink isn’t bright enough imo, and i feel like it makes the whites of my eye look more dull or reddish. i never heard of polytouch either…. i just saw the pattern and thought it was cool so i wanted to give it a try! i think i will pass on getting another one since i’m not fond of how it looks on my eyes, haha. but thanks for the tip on getting it exchanged, i didn’t think of that!!

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