Reddit Rilakkuma Gift Exchange

rilakkuma gift exchange reddit gifts

Recently I participated in a Reddit Gift Exchange. The theme for this gift exchange was all things Rilakkuma!

… and how can I not participate? I LOVE RILAKKUMA!!

Here’s what I got from my Secret Santa.

rilakkuma gift exchange reddit gifts

So much Rilakkuma goodness, huh?

I am having a mini-heart attack from the kawaii overload from looking at the photo above. It hurts my heart, lol.

When I first opened up my package, I found this cute pink and blue Rilakkuma bag with a note and two pens taped onto it. Inside the bag were a ton of other goodies!

rilakkuma gift exchange reddit gifts

Here’s a front view of the bag, since this is probably my favorite part out of the entire gift.

rilakkuma gift exchange reddit gifts

Most of the items that I got from this exchange are all stationary related. You can really never have enough stationary~ I’ll probably be using all of these things for the little notes that I write to the winners of my blog giveaways, hehe.

This is a booklet that has lots of cute papers and sticky notes!

rilakkuma gift exchange reddit gifts

I also got two stickers and a roll of Rilakkuma print tape. Gotta figure out where I’m gonna stick these stickers!!

rilakkuma gift exchange reddit gifts

These are all of the writing utensils that I got. Two Rilakkuma pens, Rilakkuma purple highlighter, and vitamin ballpen.

This is enough for me to write a book! Haha

rilakkuma gift exchange reddit gifts

And here’s a ton of loose sheet paper. These are the small sheets meant for cute little notes. I go through these quickly, so I’m happy to get these!

rilakkuma gift exchange reddit gifts

As an added bonus, my Secret Santa gave me these cute nail art stickers. I’ll definitely use these the next time I paint my nails!

rilakkuma gift exchange reddit gifts

What made this gift even more special was that I could tell that my Secret Santa really took the time and effort to put this gift together. I could tell by all the little hand written notes scattered throughout.

Also loved reading this little folded up note. It made me feel like I was back in middle school when I used to write these sorts of notes to my girlfriends.

rilakkuma gift exchange reddit gifts

Thanks so much Secret Santa for your lovely gift!! I will make sure to use all of it. I’ll also email you soon.

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4 Replies to “Reddit Rilakkuma Gift Exchange”

  1. Beni Komninidou says: Reply

    These are so cuteee!!

    1. I know right??? Cuteness overload!

  2. omg sentimental circussss <3

    1. lol i actually didn’t know what that was…. so i had to google it to make sure. but ahh yes sentimental circus is cute! haha now i know~

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