Vassen Color’s Cloud Nine Blue Circle Lens Review

vassen color cloud nine blue circle lens cosplay

Happy Thursday~ Just one more day until the weekend!

Today I am happy to share another circle lens review with you gals. I know many of the recent reviews that I’ve been doing have all been for brown lenses (since I’ve been going through a more natural looking circle lens phase due to my past wedding and current working life). But today’s is different — we are going to have a look at Vassen Color’s Cloud Nine BLUE circle lens.

These lens were sponsored to me from for a cosplay that I was supposed to do for AX 2014. Unfortunately, my cosplay wasn’t up to my standards and I didn’t want to wear it just yet. You’ll get a quick preview of my outfit if you scroll to the bottom of this post. 

vassen color cloud nine blue circle lens cosplay

As always, Love Shoppingholics packaged my lens in a very cute secured parcel. It came with a blue circle lens case, thank you note, bubble wrapped gift box — all placed neatly inside of a kawaii clear plastic bag.

Cloud Nine Blue circle lens can be bought here for $22

About the lens:

  • Available Colors: pinkpurplebrown/orangeblue, and grey
  • Origin: Korea
  • Brand: Vassen Color
  • Diameter: 14.5mm
  • Water Content: 38%
  • Base Curve: 8.6mm
  • Life Span: 1 year disposal**

**I don’t recommend keeping circle lens for a full year, but instead you should aim to switch after 3-4 months

vassen color cloud nine blue circle lens cosplay

The design of Vassen’s Cloud Nine Blue is quite unique in the sense that it looks like watercolor markings. Popular with many circle lens, the Cloud Nine featured a (much thickerblack rim. A unique addition to the black rim (that you rarely see on other lens) is that there are little comb lines following the circumference of the rim design. Now focusing on the watercolor-like markings, you may notice that they somewhat resemble flower petals. The design is both beautiful and elegant. Having print marks that are not uniform also helps create a more natural feel to the lens.

vassen color cloud nine blue circle lens cosplay

When wearing the Cloud Nine lens, I find that the design is complex and intricate. There are so many beautiful little details. Your typical halo effect has been transformed by the black comb lines, while the blue watercolor-like petals appear to be painting itself towards the center. Color-wise, we have a brilliant bright blue near the halo, and as we move towards the center the color seems to attempt to blend into my natural eye color while still maintaining the blue essence.

vassen color cloud nine blue circle lens cosplay

Here’s a couple of eye shots that seem to better capture the look of these lens on natural brown eyes. I’d say that it’s even more beautiful in person~

vassen color cloud nine blue circle lens cosplay

How’s this for enlargement? I think these do a miraculous job at enlarging my eyes, and it doesn’t look too creepy with less makeup which is always a plus!

But I guess if you are an Asian wearing blue contacts, that’s already weird enough. Haha, which reminds me that I used to wear blue contacts in high school and people would think that it was my natural eyes since colored contacts were unheard of to most people. 

vassen color cloud nine blue circle lens cosplay

Now to show how these lens look under different lightings. I think most of this is pretty self explanatory… but I would like to note that these lens seem to glow and reflect light in a very beautiful way. If you are somewhere where there is natural or bright lighting, I think these lens will sparkle. Otherwise, if it’s not as bright, these lens will still be beautiful, but won’t have that same punch that it could have.

vassen color cloud nine blue circle lens cosplay

I’ve tried many different blue circle lens and contact lens in my lifetime, and I have to say that these are my all time favorite!! If you ever need to cosplay with blue colored eyes, THESE ARE THE LENS TO BUY!

In addition, these lens are very comfortable, especially when considering the larger diameter size. I can wear these for long hours without any problems. Also, I’ve never had any complaints with any Vassen brand lens that I’ve owned.

That’s a win, win!

EOS Max Pure Brown Overall Rating: ★★★★★
Color:  ★★★★★
Enlargement: ★★★★★
Comfort: ★★★★★

vassen color cloud nine blue circle lens cosplay

What do you think about these lens?

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4 Replies to “Vassen Color’s Cloud Nine Blue Circle Lens Review”

  1. They make you look like an android. Sign me up.

    1. hahaha~ yea it has that sorta futuristic look, its kinda cool actually xD

  2. This is the kind of solid blue lens I would like for myself since I’m usually so into the two or tri colored lenses. It is still pretty dynamic looking. Great review thanks for sharing!

    1. thanks you for commenting! i agree, this lens really has a more dynamic look considering that its just blue on it’s own. actually, i think these lens would look fabulous on you!

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