Reddit Gifts: Secret Santa

This is my first year participating in the Reddit Secret Santa gift exchange. I was super hesitant to take part because in the past, I’ve been left giftless by both my secret santa and rematch (it was the Sailor Moon exchange for anyone whose curious).

However, RedditGifts did an excellent job of spamming my email in order to convince me to join in the festivities. They ended up getting me right at the last hour before sign ups closed… And boy am I happy that I participated!!! Out of all of the exchanges that I’ve participated in, this is by far thee best ever. 

Here I am wearing my new shirt and holding my new game. I’m cheesin’ it up to the max. This was taken right after opening up my parcel. Haha, the shirt still had the tag on it too.


Let me tell you why this gift is just too perfect for me. I LOVE Star Wars. It might very well be my favorite movie series, not only because it’s awesome, but also because I feel like it’s a part of my childhood and family. I grew up listening to the soundtracks during car rides with my dad, and remember watching the episodes on VHS over and over. It’s definitely something that I feel links me and my much older siblings together, which makes me happy.

So this gift couldn’t have gotten any better. Pairing my love for Star Wars with fashion is just brilliant.


And best of all, the shirt fits and looks good! It really is tough finding any sort of geek related shirt that has a nice cut as well as print. Most of the ones that I have are just box shaped shirts.


The second goodie that I got from my secret santa is the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collectors Edition Yahtzee game! My secret santa totally hit the mark with this gift as well. I noticed as I’m getting older, I’m getting more and more into board games each year. It’s such an excellent way to spend time with friends and family, as opposed to clubbing and what not. One of my favorite pass times is to stay in, drink, and play games.


I don’t have the game Yahtzee either, nor have I ever played it. But I’ve heard lots of good things! Can’t wait to open the present, though part of me wants to keep it in the box since I really really like Doctor Who. I think Doctor Who is one of my most enjoyed TV series. Maybe even more than Firefly. I really need to convince my husband to watch the show!! It tears my heart apart that I can’t seem to get him to start it, lol.

Here’s a few photos from my friend Hayley’s Christmas party that I recently attended and wore my new shirt too. Hehe, like the Star Wars themed tree in the background?


Bleh, here’s a few ugly photos of myself, but I like everyone else in them! So whatever~ Might as well share even though I look like a gorilla, ha!


Anyways, special thanks to my secret santa!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! You’ve truly made this the best Christmas ever. LOL, until the day someone buys me a lightsaber, I give you the title of awesome.


Merry Christmas!! 

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xoxo Sarah 

2 Replies to “Reddit Gifts: Secret Santa”

  1. Merry Christmas Sarah!!
    What a fab Secret Santa haul! I especially love the cut of the top too as I know what you mean and I too struggle to find cool/geeky prints on feminine cuts.

    Hope you’ve had a lovely festive season.

    1. Happy New Year Danielle!
      Sorry for my very late reply. Glad someone out there understands what I mean about “cut of the top.” Hehe~

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