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sarah and erick wedding

Ah, the late twenties. The time when most of you friends are either getting engaged or about to get married. Luckily, I got my wedding done and over with before the wedding rush, so now I don’t have to stress anymore over decisions, decisions, decisions.

Though my wedding is long past, I can’t help but still think “oh that’s so cute” when I see other people’s wedding photos. Besides, I’ve been watching a lot of Friends on Netflix lately, and there’s a ton of weddings on that show.

When I got married, the colors I chose for my wedding were champagne, plum, and peach, with lots of white and some black. Here’s a photo of me and my husband with all of our bridesmaids and groomsmen. I think that year, purple was a very popular color of choice.

sarah and erick wedding

But now there are new colors that are popular picks. Here’s my choice of bridesmaid dresses from Besides selling lots of bridesmaid dresses, also has evening, prom, cocktail, formal, and homecoming dresses.

bridesmaid dresses

Scoop Neck Chiffon Pale Yellow Empire Waist Shop Evening Dress Online, available for ~$131.99. Yellow is one of the new hot colors for wedding bridesmaid dresses. Even better, chiffon material is in!

bridesmaid dresses

Cute Timeless One Shoulder Chiffon Pink Floor Length Couture Evening Dress Uk, available for ~$150.99. Usually I would find this sort of dress to have “too much” on it. But for some reason, I feel like these florals work well, especially for a wedding. Oh but God, please do not ever wear this dress if you aren’t part of a wedding party.

Both the pale yellow and pink dresses work great for spring and summer weddings.

bridesmaid dresses

Cute Timeless V Neck Chiffon Dark Blue Ankle Length Backless Sleeveless Fairytale Evening Dress, available for ~$116.99. The cut of this dress is fabulous, elegant, and simple. I love the classic look paired with a bold royal blue color.

bridesmaid dresses

Modest Unique One Shoulder Silver Half Sleeve Designer Evening Dress On Sale, available for ~$125.99. This is another can’t go wrong color dress. If you don’t know what color to choose, silver is back. Plus this dress has a gorgeous one shoulder half sleeve that has classy written all over it.

Both the royal blue and silver dresses would look stunning in a fall or winter wedding.

Which dress is your favorite?

Shop more bridesmaid dresses here

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