L.A. Skinny (by L.A. Medical) Cellulite Treatment with Bronzer Review Shorts

la skinny la medical cellulite treatment

I’m here today with another review shorts! The quick product review that I’ll be doing today will be on L.A. Skinny (by L.A. Medical) Cellulite Treatment with Bronzer.

I got this product from the Sephora Corporate office up here in San Francisco. I don’t think this product made the cut to be sold on Sephora store shelves probably because it sucks! But I’m here today to log this product into the internet records to warn others who may be curious.

la skinny la medical cellulite treatment

The tag line for this product is, “a cutting edge cellulite treatment, without the cutting.” Wow, so much promise and absolutely no delivery.

Something I hate about this product is the fact that it’s called L.A. Skinny. I’m from Los Angeles. Why?? It makes no sense to me. I really feel like everything about this product is horribly gimmicky and expensive. They sell each jar for about $60-75 depending on where you purchase them. I truly believe that it’s priced high to make you think that you’ve got something that works, when in fact you’ve bought crap.

The inside of the jar contains a creamy, peanut butter like formula. Too bad it smells horrible. The smell of the formula alone gives me the feeling that this product was not created with healthful ingredients.

Upon application of the product and after having worked it into the skin (primarily my legs), I found that it rubbed off like eraser shavings. Why would I pay money for a product that doesn’t absorb properly into the skin? My one hope for this product was “so what if the cellulite treatment doesn’t work, at least it’s a bronzer.” But no, it fails at that too.

Bottom line: Stay away from L.A. Skinny, and say F*CKU!

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