Kose Softymo White Makeup Remover Sheet Review Shorts

softymo makeup remover sheet

This past weekend I went down to LA to visit for my mother’s birthday, which just happens to be on pi day! But anyways, while visiting, I went to my local asian market and ended up picking out a new makeup remover to try.

Typically for my hard to remove waterproof eye makeup, I use a combination of liquid eye remover + cotton pad and face wash. That usually does the trick, but it sure is a pain to do on those late nights where you come home and just want to crawl into bed. That’s why I ended up buying makeup wipes!

Today we will be looking at a review shorts on Kose Softymo White Makeup Remover Sheets. I got these for ~$12, but I’m sure you can find them cheaper online.

softymo makeup remover sheet

Straight out of the store, the product is completely plastic wrapped. Once you rip off the plastic, there is a cardboard that encases the product vertically. This cardboard has information on the product both on the outside and inside. I read through the information and didn’t find anything of value for those who can’t understand Japanese. I’ll get a little more into this later.

The product itself comes in this beautiful jewel shaped white box. The top of the box has a hinged lid that opens up. You can also remove the entire cover as well, which would provide an even larger opening than the lid. I imagine that once you finish this product, this box would serve as a nice box for storage or some sort of DIY.

To begin using the product, you simply lift off the entire box’s cover. Inside there is your typical cleansing sheet pouch that is sealed. You need to tare off the plastic cover so that you can access the wet wipes. Then you can place the box’s cover back on and the product works similarly to a tissue box.

How to Use: Take a rectangular shaped sheet out, press it gently over your eye to moisten your makeup, and then wipe from the inner part of your eye outwards. The sheets aren’t as moist as I would like them to be however, so it may help to moisten your face a little first, which sort of defeats the purpose have makeup remover sheets in my opinion.

The sheets did a good job in removing my foundation, but I had a lot of trouble removing my waterproof mascara. Even my waterproof liquid eyeliner wasn’t budging. I don’t like to pull at my eyes too much in fear of causing wrinkles, so I’m not a big fan of this makeup removing sheets. In the end I had to still use my liquid eye makeup remover + cotton pad to full remove my mascara.

The Softymo White Makeup Remover Sheets comes with 52 sheets, which isn’t the worse deal. It also comes with a nice box container. But if it’s not going to fully remove my makeup without the aid of another product, then it’s not worth it for me. I’ll still use up this entire product, but I won’t be repurchasing.

Bottom line: Not worth it if you wear waterproof eye makeup


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2 Replies to “Kose Softymo White Makeup Remover Sheet Review Shorts”

  1. Have you tried oil cleansers to remove your makeup? I use my DHC Deep Cleansing Oil and it is the best makeup remover I’ve ever used. It takes off even the most stubborn eyeliner and waterproof mascara.

    1. yea! i actually use biore oil cleanser (the japanese one) and massage my face with it to remove eyeliner and mascara. works like a charm! i only bought makeup removing sheets for those nights that i’m too drunk or tired to properly wash up, haha. but thanks for sharing! i’m going to run out of my current oil cleanser soon enough, maybe i’ll give yours a try.

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