Bioré Perfect Oil Makeup Cleanser Review Shorts

biore perfect oil eye makeup remover

Eye makeup is difficult to remove and can really cause damage to the skin around your eyes if done improperly. I’ve found that the best way to remove eye makeup gently is to use oil makeup remover. Bioré Perfect Oil is excellent at getting the job done.

biore perfect oil eye makeup remover

If I only have eyeliner and eyeshadow on, I’ll just resort to a cotton pad soaked with liquid eye makeup remover. But if I have waterproof mascara on, I’ll use Bioré Perfect Oil instead.

The best way to use the oil cleanser is to:

  1. Pump the oil into the palm of your hand
  2. Use the pad of your ring finger to massage the oil in a circular motion on and around your eyelid
  3. After massaging the oil in for a couple of minutes, your face should look somewhat muddy
  4. Continue cleansing with your routine face wash (if you have none, just rinse with lukewarm water)

This oil makeup remover has lasted me quite a while. A little oil goes a long way, and most likely you won’t need to use it more than once a day, everyday of the week. I was able to use the same bottle for about a year and just finally finished it.

The oil is a little on the thicker side, which is fine for if you are just removing makeup around the eye. However, if you are trying to spread the oil around your face to remove foundation, you may have to wet your face a little bit to make it easier to spread. That’s my one little nitpick on the product.

Oh, and careful not to sting your eye! It could burn a little… I’ve tried other oils that don’t really do that… But regardless, I still like the product and would buy it again.

Bottom line: Does the job, and would recommend the product

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