Chemin au Royaume de la Perle Emeraude Swiss Hiking Trail

Looking through my past travel photos, I’ve stumbled across lots that I really love. Here’s some shots from the Chemin au Royaume de la Perle Emeraude (Les Mosses to Les Mosses) hiking trail that we went on back in mid-September of 2019.

You can either take the train to Col-des-Mosses or park your car here, if you’re interested in going on this hike.

The hike is roughly 5 hours long, with a medium grade mountain hiking trail, recommended for high fitness level. My favorite thing about the hike is that it’s a loop!

I can’t believe how pretty it is…

The lake is super small, but filled with lots of life. I even saw frogs!

There were also lots of colorful mushrooms along the way.

It’s not the easiest hike. You’ll definitely work up a sweat.

But it will all be worth it for the views.

I need to go on more hikes in Switzerland. I’ve never been disappointed.

Hope you enjoyed the photos and are inspired to go on your own hike!

x Sarah

2 Replies to “Chemin au Royaume de la Perle Emeraude Swiss Hiking Trail”

  1. Wow those pictures are absolutely breath-taking and unreal. I’ve been to Switzerland when I was young to visit my family. Hopefully next time I will be able to go on a hike!

    1. Oh what?? You have family here? That’s so cool. I’d love to keep coming back to Switzerland in the future. I’ll probably end up back in the US again.

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