Ibiza, Spain

Oh gosh, where to begin. Our trip to Ibiza is definitely one for the books.

I found out that a friend from college was coming to Europe, so we decided to meet her and her friends up for a weekend trip in Ibiza. Personally, I had no clue what to expect, and then quickly realized while I was there that the sky’s the limit —there was none in Ibiza.

Therefore, I have very little photos to share with you this post, and I’m going to keep a lot of things brief. Sometimes it’s better to leave things unsaid. But if you really want to see a better idea of the trip, check out my IG story for the details!!

Erick and I arrived in Ibiza late Friday afternoon, on August 23, 2019. We hung around at a cafe across from our hotel as we waited for our friends to arrive.

While we were there, we saw Gipsy, who wanted to buy us drinks and gave me mint leaves. That was weird, but nice guy.

Eventually our friends arrived. All of us were staying at the same hotel for the weekend, AxelBeach Ibiza.

For the first night, we took a stroll around the pier by where we were staying. The coast was gorgeous as the sun began to set on the horizon.

There was an air of nightlife swirling around, but also mixed with families where were there for vacation. That’s pretty much how I would describe the Sant Antoni de Portmany area.

For dinner, we ended up going for some Paella. I think I had paella at least 5 times during this trip, no joke.

Up until now, we had a few pre-dinner drinks and some sangria to go with our meal. The plan was to keep it casual since it was our first night. But honestly, one thing led to the next, and quickly escalated very quickly.

I felt like I was in a scene from a movie where things were happening and you just couldn’t stop it. Before we knew it, we were in a taxi on our way to the other side of the island to go to Hï Ibiza nightclub.

No reason for me to indulge on the details for the rest of the night. We just did the usual — enjoyed music, danced, and paid for overpriced drinks. It’s pretty much like a high-end Vegas club on an island. Oh, and I’m guessing this is where someone at the bar gave us a fake 20 Euro note. You’ll hear more about this probably in a future post.



For the next day, we had planned to set sail on an AYCD party boat. By now, I was just so worried by how the previous night turned out that I wanted to just take the day easy.

I was still tired from the night before, considering that we slept so late and now had to wake up so early to do the last thing that I wanted to do again from the top.

The good news is, we had enough time to eat some stale pizza that we found just outside the dock.

It wasn’t so bad though. I love being out on the water, especially with good company. Here’s the only group photo that I have of all of us!

The boat had two levels, the bottom one with tables and a bar to fill up on drinks, and the second floor with the dj. It’s really an interesting sight when you add a bunch of drunk people together on a swaying boat with one bathroom.

At what seemed like the perfect time, the boat stopped and allowed everyone to  jump into the water. There was even a slide!! Perfect time to pee and not have to wait in line. Unfortunately for me, I can never seem to pee on command in any bodies of water.

Concluding our party boat, we walked by the ocean side in search for some food to eat. We never really found food though, instead we found a nice beach to hang out at. I think we swam and soaked up the sun for at least a couple of hours.

Eventually it got cold. That’s when we cleaned up and got ready to continue our search for food. We found a nice spot just up the street called Retrò Gusto. The food was ok, mostly looked better than it tasted.

Afterwards, we made our way back home. The rest of the night we took it a little easier. Being out on the water all day really takes a toll on your body.



Sunday morning, we were supposed to go out somewhere to venture the island. I just wanted to be lazy and not do anything, so a few of us stayed behind to chill.

We had some drinks on the balcony and then made our way to the hotel pool. The weather was perfect, and I couldn’t imagine a nicer way to just relax on Sunday.

Well, until it was time for the day club at O Beach Ibiza.

Champagne pool party and everything. We were debating if we should go and then ended up getting a table. Two bottles of Patron in, the rest is history.

I had a lot of fun this trip in Ibiza, but was also glad that it was coming to an end. That entire weekend had to have taken off at least a couple years of my life.

I’m thankful for the memories and the new friends we made along the way!!

Can’t wait to get out there and travel again once we overcome this pandemic. Hoping to see everyone again someday for another adventure!

x Sarah

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