Laser Hair Removal

For the past couple of months, I’ve been doing laser hair removal. I am doing my upper lip, underarms, and brazilian. So far I love my results and am planning on getting other parts of my body lasered as well. As for the pain factor, depending on the location of the body, some hurt more than others. But overall, I would describe the feeling as a rubber band being shot at you. I would say my underarms hurt the least, it may be because I usually pluck my underarm hairs, but I’m not sure. My upper lip seemed to be the most sensitive to the laser and hurt more than I would have expected. The brazilian I expected to hurt a lot. I was both right and wrong. Some parts hurt more than other parts. Below is a simple explanation of what laser hair remval is, my tips, and about the locations that I went to.


Laser Hair Removal Simplified:
The hair doesn’t go away after one visit. Each visit usually gets rid of anywhere from 10-20% of the unwanted hairs. The reason for this is because the laser only targets a specific stage in the hair’s growth. Also, since it only targets a specific stage, you cannot go back for another session for at least 3-6 weeks depending on the location of your body that you are treating. Usually after 6 sessions, most individuals are satisfied with their results. But varying on the individual, it could take up to 9 sessions to rid of the hair. Another thing you should know is that although the hair removal is “permanent,” it may come back after pregnancy or any hormonal changes in your body. But if it does grow back, it will be a lot finer and still a lot less hair.


Glenoaks Laser Center (Glendale):
Clean, friendly staff, very small location and parking lot, hard to reach by phone, very booked appointments, no numbing cream needed, good results


Dr. Midas Medical Group (Rowland Heights):
Staff doesn’t speak english very well, easy to find, fairly large location, clean, each session varied a bit, good results, numbing cream is needed for sure, a bit pushy in trying to sell you things


Tips & Questions to Ask:

  • shave your hair! do not pluck, wax, or bleach hairs
  • make sure you do not cancel the appointment that they make for you (this might off set with your hair growth cycle, thus giving your results that aren’t as good)
  • find out what laser they use and research about it!
  • don’t tan, results work best on light skin and darker hairs.
  • laser hair removal can be expensive, look out for deals or coupons to help you save anywhere from 50-80% off! (make sure to research the location first though if you are going to a place from groupon, living social, etc.)
  • ask if their clients use numbing cream, if they do, ask if they provide it or if you have to purchase it yourself
  • if you are doing laser hair removal on your face, consider bringing concealer or foundation with you to your session so that you can apply it afterwards if you plan on going out
  • apply sunblock on the location that received treatment for several days afterwards

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