The Product That Saved My Hair

My hair has gone through a history of horrible events. I think I have traumatized my hair so much over the last decade that it no longer wanted to grow or recover itself. I’ve done terrible things such as the japanese straight perm, wavy perm, dying it every shade of the rainbow, even sometimes dying 3 or 4 days in a row.. I’ve even burnt my hair over an open flame on accident several times, as well as had it all chopped off at ear length (on accident again). All of these things have made me very wary of doing anything to my hair.

But anyways, for the last several years, I’ve been trying to allow my hair to recover, but my split ends seem to never want to go away and in fact seemed to be getting worse. I tried using all sorts of shampoos/conditioners that are sulfer free, but nothing really helped. For a long time I was using Tresemme products.. until I discovered Aveda.

aveda pure abundance

Since I started using Aveda Pure Abundance, I have been receiving tons of compliments on how noticeably different my hair is. Because I have such fine hair, lots of products that I use weigh it down. But Aveda really helped give my hair that nice bounce and non oily shine. Whats also great about it is that my hair is actually growing longer!! Usually my hair is unable to look apparently longer because the ends usually break off due to the many split ends. Thankfully, Aveda was able to make my hair healthier.

– Doesn’t over dry the hair (but this means you have to wash at least 1-2 days)
– Good volume
– Doesn’t cause breakage

– A little pricey in comparison to market bought products
– Harder to find in stores/salons (I bought mine online)

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