Monster Jam 2012 – Anaheim Angel Stadium

diablo freestyle

On Saturday, I went to my first Monster Truck event called “Monster Jam” at the Anaheim Angel Stadium. What made this event special was that it was also the Grave Digger’s 30th Anniversary!

angel stadium

When I think of a monster truck event, I imagine lots of huge trucks driving on top of cars and smashing into things. However, the monster truck event that I attended was nothing of this sort. I was even wrong about the type of people that I expected to see attend the show.

panorama of the angel stadium

My seat in the stadium was the farthest up, but I really did enjoy the view from my seat. Most of the seats were empty, but they quickly filled up as it approached 7pm, the starting time of the show.

introduction of monster trucks

When the clock finally reached 7pm, the show began with the national anthem and pledge of allegiance.Then they began introducing each of the monster trucks that would be participating in the event.

monster jam race

The first part of the Monster Jam event was racing. Each race was a 1-vs-1 race where each monster truck would have to complete first in order to win. At first this was exciting, but it quickly got boring.


Here you can watch the final race for the championship. The race was between Mohawk Warrior and the Grave Digger.

diablo freestyle

Once the races had all finished, we moved onto the second part of the event, “freestyle.” This was a little more exciting because we finally got to see some car smashing and ramp jumps!


Here is a video of the monster truck who won the freestyle competition, Son Uva Digger (yes, this is Grave Digger’s son!!). This was a bit unexpected, since everyone thought that Grave Digger would win…

Watch this video. This is why Grave Digger didn’t win. Too bad he didn’t too, especially on his 30th anniversary. Everyone seriously expected something crazy to happen, but I guess at least his son won?

sarah yim xlicious girl

While I was at the stadium, I realized how amazing the lighting was, so I decided to do a little camera whoring. Here’s just two of the photos that I took of myself that night.

xoxo Sarah

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