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gallery 1988 adult swim favorites

This past Friday, I attended the adult swim gallery exhibit opening at gallery 1988 on Melrose with a few friends. The gallery featured art from various artists and their take on different shows from adult swim.

gallery 1988 adult swim flier

When I got to the gallery, there was already a long line that extended around the front of the building.

gallery 1988 adult swim front line

When we got inside of the gallery, there were so many people that it was difficult to see the art and walk around without getting bumped into or someone being in the way of what you are trying to look at. However, they did have free drinks and beer.

gallery 1988 adult swim exhibit crowd

gallery 1988 adult swim exhibit walls

The gallery had a lot of awesome work. I had a lot of favorites, but here are some of the ones that I liked. You can view all of the art here and also find out about each artist and what medium they used.

gallery 1988 adult swim favorites

gallery 1988 adult swim favorites

To be honest, I don’t really know much about adult swim, so I can’t really say much for the shows. But as a whole, I really enjoyed these for their technique, style, skill, and weirdness. I would totally love to buy some of these, since they were on sale at the show, but I can’t afford them. Anyways, happy viewing!

xoxo Sarah

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