Sweet Lucky Number 8

mud pie birthday cake with candles

This weekend it was a friend’s birthday party that was celebrated at their home. We started off with dinner and snacks, and soon moved on to drinking. The night started off well when we played roulette and I decided to choose my favorite number, eight!

roulette lucky number eight

Crazy, huh? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the tiny ball slowing coming to a stop.. and it happened to roll into the number eight slot. I always seem to have the strangest encounters with eight, and I love it! I don’t have much to show you from the rest of the night. But what I will show you are some pictures of sweets.

birthday cupcakes

Another amazing creation from the beautiful baking queen, Celeste. She made these delicious cupcakes for the birthday boy. They were most definitely awesome, however, I can only handle a bite or two if it. The sweetness was overwhelming my taste buds. Haha, and I’m seriously afraid of getting diabetes since it runs in my family.

lime green cupcake with the letter X

Here is another close up of the cupcake that I had. I got “X” for xlicious. Yes, I know, I am lame. You can say it.

mud pie birthday cake with candles

Finally, there was also a mud pie (chocolate pudding, crushed oreos, and gummy worms). All of the candles that were stuck into the mud pie bowl looked as if you could just throw the bowl at something and it would explode. So much fire from the candles. Anyways, happy birthday Alex!

This weekend, I also went paintballing for the first time. But I’m sorry to say that I do not have any pictures to share with you. It was super fun though and I would totally do it again. I have a couple of little bruises, but nothing painful. I think as long as you know how to “hide” and be sneaky, you should be okay in paintball 🙂  Good times.


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