FOTD: Gyaru Purikura Love

gyaru purikura hair colors

gyaru purikura hair colors

Here is another photo that I really love. I actually like the girl on the left more than the right for some reason. Don’t get me wrong, they are both super sexy however. Anyways, I am just showing you gals this photo because I really like both of their hair colors. I like the one on the left more because that’s just my preference, but I’m not sure if that’s the best idea since I need to be some what professional at my job. And yes, having your hair that color while working in the real world does not get you the same respect that you probably deserve. People just don’t take you as seriously if you are an asian woman with blonde hair. They think you’re dumb, really. But brown hair is okay.

Besides the hair color, I also like the length of the gyaru on the lef’s hair. Currently my hair is about that long, but it totally wouldn’t be if I curled it. Oh well. I love both of their curls~

I have a fetish for thigh high socks. I think it’s really hot and makes you look good, especially if you are super skinny and wear high heels and something super short. I used to dress like this until my thighs got bigger.. but yea.. not so much anymore. It’s okay though, I am trying to loose weight and I am semi-motivated. Haha, okay thats it for now.


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