Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover Review

mary kay eye makeup remover and cotton

First off, I must say, I have never tried any Mary Kay products before. I first heard about them about 5 years ago from my cousin who was selling some of their products for her friend who worked for them. Since then, I have witnessed this brand’s growth and how it has become more and more popular.

I recently ran out of my old Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover and decided to try the Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover (~$14 from instead. Let me tell you something, it’s way better than my old makeup remover!

may kay eye makeup remover package and bottle

This is what you get. A beautiful 3.75 fluid ounce of makeup removing magic. The bottle is so cute too! I really love that it’s this peachy color paired with black. One of the cutest, and often times sexy, color combinations ever! 

mary kay eye makeup remover packaging box

Anyways, if you check out the box/packaging, you can see that this product is for all skin types (dry to oily). It’s also perfect for sensitive skin and is fragrance-free. I totally agree with this statement because when I use this product, I don’t feel like I am harming my skin what-so-ever and there is no harsh or toxic smells. The product is also oil-free, which is true! With my old Neutrogena makeup remover, it claimed to be oil-free, but after using it, my face felt very slimy and oily afterwards. With the Mary Kay makeup remover, my face felt very clean after using it, almost as if I was using water to remove the makeup. Also, my favorite thing that was mentioned on this box is that it is suitable for contact wears. I wear contacts all the time! With Neutrogena, my contacts would get a little funky if I got the makeup remover solution too close to my eye, but with Mary Kay, I had no problems with this. It also states that it is Ophthalmologist-tested which should mean that it is safe for the heath of your eyes. Another thing great that’s not noted on the box is that it doesn’t cause breakouts.

The eye makeup remover is simple to use too!

mary kay eye makeup remover solution

On the left side of the photo, it shows that the makeup remover is divided into two different solutions. Before you use the remover, you need to shake it. After you have shaken the two solutions together, the solution will no longer to transparent and will look like the image on the right.

mary kay eye makeup remover cap/top

After you have shaken the two solutions together, you can see after removing the cap that the nozzle is similar to a squeeze bottle. This allows you to not waste the solution and have excess solution on your cotton ball. Another improvement that Neutrogena did not have.

mary kay eye makeup remover and cotton

Next you can easily squeeze the makeup remover solution onto your cotton ball or as pictured above, your cotton square. You really don’t need too much. I usually just use enough to remove my eye makeup and allow my face wash to remove the rest of my makeup off of my face.

Tip: While removing your eye makeup, avoid rubbing your eye too much.. this will cause wrinkles later in the future! Instead, gently press the cotton on your eye for a few seconds and allow your eye to absorb the eye makeup remover solution, then wipe. Your eye makeup should be mostly gone, minus a little here and there. You may also have to repeat this process a couple of times depending on how heavily you have piled on your eye makeup. To clean up the little bits of remaining eye makeup, carefully wipe it away.

mary kay eye makeup remover after the makeup is gone

Here is the results of my eye makeup. I wasn’t wearing too much in this photo, just my typical everyday makeup. One thing amazing is that this makeup remover is able to absolutely 100% remove my Majolica Majorca mascara. I have tried numerous eye makeup removers, and the only other brand that worked was Neutrogena, but now I have discovered Mary Kay, and it works even better! Go buy yours now!!

Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover Rating: ★★★★★
– suitable for contact lens wears! yay!
– for all skin types from dry to super oily, and also for sensitive skin
– doesn’t cause break outs
– oil-free and FEELS oil-free
– ophthalmologist tested, so its safe for the health of your eyes
– easy to use
– cute packaging/bottle
– affordable
– squeeze bottle tip for accurate pouring
– much better than Neutrogena’s eye makeup remover
– gets very tough waterproof eye makeup off with no problem
– would highly recommend to a friend and re-purchase fasho~

3 Replies to “Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover Review”

  1. aww~ i wanna try them too..unfortunately its not available here in thailand but i love the package and the pink coral colorer 🙂

    1. you should try ebay or amazon! i’m sure you can find almost anything on the internet these days =P

      1. yes my cousin will go there next month. so ill order it online and let it ship to her house and will have her carry them back for me..i have been wanting to try jose maran argan oil for so long too..heard a lot of good thing about it 🙂

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