Gallery 1988 Presents Mike Mitchell “Just Like Us”

Last Friday I went to Gallery 1988 in Melrose for the opening reception of Mike Mitchell’s art show, “Just Like Us.” The show is up from April 6-28, 2012 if you are interested in still catching it. There are 8×10 inch prints that you can purchase for $30. Each print is a signed and numbered print (out of 10-50 depending). The 9×12 inch originals cost about $325 each. Check out the flier for this show below…

Gallery 1988 Mike Mitchell Just Like Us Flier

We got to the show around 8:30pm or so. It wasn’t overly crowded and there wasn’t a line to get in thankfully. But this was one of the shows at Gallery 1988 that I enjoyed.

mike mitchell gallery 1988 just like us inside

This is what the crowd and gallery basically looked like. The opening of the art show provided free beers for everyone.

mike mitchell gallery 1988

The art pieces lined the walls of the gallery and there were also some in the middle of the gallery as well.

mike mitchell gallery 1988

It was really fun going around the gallery and looking at each art piece. Each character was very cute and it was fun to figure out who each character was. Actually, almost all of them were pretty obvious. But the way Mike Mitchell showed each character was awesome. Some were better than others, but most were awesome. The title for each piece is kinda important to know for some of them.

Oh and the way he created these art pieces is pretty cool, you should look into it.


Here are some of my favorites… But you should really check out ALL of them because they are really awesome and its hard to pick which ones I like. Thanks for reading!!


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