Nail Ring Trend

nail ring

Currently, there is a new trend for finger nail rings. If you haven’t seen or heard of them before, check out some of these photos that will explain everything.

nail ring

nail ring

nail ring

My favorite look is the one on the right. I really love how the white nail polish looks with the gold nail rings, it’s quite gorgeous.

ebay nail ring

nail ring

The silver and copper nail rings featured above can be purchased at for $1.19 each with free shipping! I think I might just get a couple for fun and maybe deco a few of them.

I think this nail ring trend is simple and easy to do. I’m just curious about how these rings fit however.. I have small fingers. I wonder if they are snug or if they fall off easily, which can be quite annoying I would imagine. Do you like the nail ring trend?


6 Replies to “Nail Ring Trend”

  1. Wow, I didn’t know about this nail trend until I read it here on your blog…It’s actually kinda cool, I’d like to try it ^_^

    1. yay! glad that you were able to find out about the nail ring trend through my blog! thanks for reading <3

  2. I’ve seen these kind of
    rings before! But I also
    wondering if they come
    off very easily…


    1. I think I might buy a few from ebay since they are so cheap, i’ll let you know if they fall off or not! 🙂

  3. I think it so cute! Something I would/will try myself. 🙂

    1. when you do try it, make sure to take a picture and post it on your blog! i’d love to see how it is and how you like it!

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