Diablo III Inspired Look

So I pre-ordered Diablo III from Amazon.com about 2 months ago, and have been playing the game every night after work until about 3am since it arrived at my apartment this past Tuesday. The only reason I’ve actually be able to do blog posts is because I’ve been doing it at work during my lunch breaks. Or else, I totally wouldn’t have a lick of time if I did it after work, since I can’t help but gravitating towards the Diablo III icon on my computer desktop.

Here is a Diablo III inspired Revlon nail polish, NYX eye liner, and Revlon lipstick.

Revlon Nail Polish 360 Mischievous (~$4)
long lasting, dries quickly, has shine
two coats and your done (but you can get away with one)

Revlon Nail Polish 570 Vixen (~$4)
beautiful deep deep red with a dark purple tint
long lasting, shiny, and dries quickly
two coats is better than one
compliments my skin tone

NYX LipLiner Pencil Gold (~$2)
you can use this as a lipliner OR eyeliner
very pigmented, shiny, and smooth
draws on without difficulty


Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick 477 Black Cherry (~$5)
beautiful rich dark color
creamy and smooth application
long lasting and doesn’t go on my teeth
when applying, avoid smearing the edges to make the lines straight

Now.. More on Diablo III. I am loving the game so far! My main character is Demon Hunter (currently lvl. 32). I’ve also started playing with the Monk (lvl. 10) and Barbarian (lvl. 3). I’m probably only going to stick with Demon Hunter and the Monk. I’ve already defeated Diablo III on normal mode, so now I am playing it on nightmare mode. 

 Feel free to add me and play with me. My Battle.net ID is sayarim#1183.

Do any of you play any games? Or are you currently playing Diablo III as well? Let me know! I want to know if I have any readers who are gamers too.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

2 Replies to “Diablo III Inspired Look”

  1. I really wanna play Diablo. It seems it’s sold out everywhere. I guess I have a to wait a little while more. Love your Diablo inspired look!

    1. ooOo yay! Let me know if u do get the game! Then we can play together 😀

      I can’t believe it’s sold out everywhere?? Really?? That’s so crazy >.<*

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