New Hair Color! – L’Oréal Ash Blonde

I just dyed my hair two nights ago at home using the L’Oréal Superior Preference hair dye in 8A Ash Blonde (cooler). I typically like to get anything that says ash or cool since I’m not a big fan of the orange/brassy color that comes out oh so easily with asian hair.

This is a close up of the color that I choose. Basically I just wanted to dye my roots because I realized how horrible it looked after reviewing photos of me from my friend’s wedding last Saturday. My goal in dying my hair was to get rid of the roots, and to lighten my hair color. Since I have darker hair, I choose blonde, because it has the highest chances of lightening as opposed to me getting a darker shade.

Here is the side of the box so that you can see the comparison of what color you are supposed to get. Of course the colors never turn out quite right if you do not have virgin hair.

Here are my results after dying my hair (before/after). Basically it just brightened up my color and got a little bit lighter. This is actually a horrible photo of how my hair turned out because it doesn’t really look this orange.

Here’s what the box came with… the gloves are not pictured in the photo and the comb is actually my own. Lol, bad photo. But anyways, you guys have all dyed your own hair I’m assuming, so this isn’t really anything special. Anyways, its all very easy to use with simple instructions. I think if you dye your hair at home yourself, all of the hair dye brands are basically the same items repackaged differently.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a quick snapshot that I took of myself in the bathroom after I finished blow drying my hair to see the color. See it’s not THAT orange, right?? Haha. Too bad it’s not that much lighter. Maybe next month I’ll make it lighter ash brown with some highlights.

 What color hair do you think is nice? Do you have any suggestions for me?
I’m horrible at styling hair and anything hair related. I’d love to hair (lol) your thoughts.



10 Replies to “New Hair Color! – L’Oréal Ash Blonde”

  1. I love the new hair color. it fits you perfectly. I am now your new follower. Thanks for checking out my blog and following.


    1. thanks for visiting my site janita! i appreciate the support! 🙂

  2. Hi great color. Just wondering how long do you leave the hair dye on?

    1. Hi Tina! I usually keep the hair dye on for about 40 mins after I finish applying. I think this is more than the recommended time in the instructions.. but it really depends on the condition of your hair too. Are you planning on dying your hair? Have you dyed it before?

      1. Yeah I’ve dyed my hair before. I usually use loreal preference in ultra lightening ash brown but it’s been discontinued in Australia where I am.
        Would the color you use have similar effect onmy hair, do u think?
        Thanks so much!!!!

        1. It depends on your natural hair color, the thickness of your hair, and what color your current dyed hair is. My hair is naturally black and pretty thin. If your hair is anything like mine and the color in the photo, then the results should be somewhat similar. It’s really hard to say though since everyones hair reacts differently to hair dyes (haha and I’m not a hair colorist expert).

          1. My natural hair colour is dark brown-black hair.
            And my hair colour looks pretty similar
            To the photos you have up after dyeing it with the ash blonde.
            I’ll give it a go anyway and leave it in for a half
            Hour maybe. Lol

            Thanks again!

            1. good luck tina!! i hope it turns out well! i think you should be fine 🙂

  3. uh no. it turned orange. its gonna look bad after a few wash

    1. your hair turned orange?? 🙁
      try a toner!

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